Your Vote Does Count!

Your Vote Does Count
Posted by Domenick
September 25, 2012


In a few short weeks, Americans will make the single most important decision, since we declared our independence from England, over 235 years ago. On November 6th, we the people, will vote into office, the next President and Commander In Chief of our United States Of America. Most of us know, how much is at stake, but few realize the permanency this election will have, if the wrong decision is made.

The wrong decision, will INSURE, Obama’s LIFE TIME selection of the next succeeding supreme court justices. Like Sotomayor and Kagen, they will share the same Shari’ah law apologia,as well as Obama’s progressive socialist ideology. An ideology and schools of thought, that will surely be advanced and in short order, made into law.

The wrong decision, will allow future changes in our economy. Unfair taxes on the rich, and middle class. He will expand UNFAIR collective bargaining powers to labor unions, thereby inhibiting growth, production and free enterprise. He will make changes in civil, religious and other first amendment rights. He will make changes in education, health, welfare, gun control, control of births,, changes in our military. Everything that we have fought and died for, including our constitution, will be at risk and on the table, “HIS TABLE”.

The wrong decision will allow the President to repeal Constitutional constraints on the executive branch, thereby taking away or limiting the power given to congress under the Constitution. The President will be free to do what he wants and when. Is this the America we want ? What I have described is not mere speculation, but probable reality. What makes me so sure ? (A) because he has already made some of these foretelling changes and made them WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF CONGRESS. And (B) because at least two supreme court justices, WILL MOST LIKELY, HAVE TO BE APPOINTED, ON HIS WATCH. You don’t have to be a constitutional lawyer nor do you need a degree in political science, to figure out what he intends to do and how he intends to do it. Obama wants to replace our capitalist system with SOCIALISM period ! .


Don’t be confused by thinking that because your state is traditionally, either a blue or red state, your vote won’t count. IT DOES COUNT so, if you want your candidate to win and don’t vote, you’re giving your state’s assigned ELECTORS, one less vote for your candidate, THE ELECTORS, MUST VOTE IN ACCORDANCE WITH HIS OR HER STATE’S POPULAR VOTE.

God bless America !