The Muslim Brotherhood has been alive and well for many years inside America. There are Muslim Brotherhood mosques in Pennsylvania and other states. What does the election of a Muslim Brotherhood leader from Egypt mean to the Muslim people of Egypt and to America? The Muslim Brotherhood leadership know that they must act slowly because the world is watching them and they want to come across as a member of the world scene that seeks peace for the world. This is simply a pseudo set of actions for them. In reality they will be instilling Sharia aspects to their society. It will take a few years before Egypt will look like the Taliban in Afghanistan. The ones that will suffer the most will be the women and children. Sharia brings this aspect to any country that has Islamic as their guiding doctrine. Sharia calls for the marriage of girls as young as six years old. Mohammed married Aisha when she was six, and he is the example to Muslims. Women in Egypt will suffer more in regards to honor killings and dis-figuration. Thousands of young girls and women are attacked every year with acid thrown on their bodies and especially their faces. The adult Muslim men are trying to show other women that if they do not follow Sharia law 100%, they to will be the victims of acid thrown on them. For years I have studied Islam and although on the outside it appears to be a peaceful religion, this is as far from the truth as you can get. Islam is very violent and innocent women and girls suffer from its ideology. Thousands of innocent people are killed every year in the name of Islam. In America we will see Sharia being applied throughout our country. If Mr. Obama wins the election in Nov 2012, our country will likely never recover from his actions that are more aligned with Islamic values than values of the U.S. Constitution. Let’s pray for the girls and women who will suffer under Sharia law and for our country. Review the photographs below and show them to your elected leaders. Let them know you do not want Sharia in America.
Dave Gaubatz



  • http://strmmedia.com/ Tamara Heater

    As American citizens we must ban together and make it eternally clear, that while we tollerate all people we will not tolerate internation versions of law interferring in American law, and Sharia is no exception!  Sharia will not be tollerated! It will not be tolerated as a dual system. Furhermore  It sure as heck will not replace our current laws…. The dual system the UK displays is a set up for their takeover!