‘What difference does it make?’ Exclusive: Joseph Farah explains why Benghazi matters



‘What difference does it make?’

Exclusive: Joseph Farah explains why Benghazi matters

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Why did the Obama administration not prepare for a likely attack on the Libyan mission in Benghazi on 9-11-12 in light of the direct, video threat from al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri released 24 hours earlier?

Why did the Obama administration not respond in any way to the attacks on the Benghazi mission as they were unfolding?

Why was no rescue effort initiated?

Why were no contingencies in place to deal with such attacks?

Why did the Obama administration’s talking points on the Benghazi massacre change 12 times?

And why did former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in her sworn testimony to congressional investigators show such contempt for accountability, such indifference to human suffering and such arrogance of leadership by asking the reprehensible and insulting question “What difference does it make?”

It’s been eight months since those terror attacks in Benghazi – and the Obama administration is still stonewalling the truth.

But, as Rep. Trey Gowdy noted this week, “There’s no statute of limitations on the truth.”

Neither is there any statute of limitations on coldblooded murder.

Nor is there any statute of limitations on accessory to coldblooded murder.

Nor is there any statute of limitations to negligence that leads to coldblooded murder.

That’s why Benghazi matters.

That’s before we even get to the question of what the Obama administration has done or is doing to ensure there is not a repeat of Benghazi next Sept. 11 or even tomorrow.

There is no doubt among the sane, rational, objective, informed American public that a monumental and systematic cover-up of the Benghazi scandal has been conducted by the Obama administration.

That’s why this congressional investigation must continue and must be expanded. Perhaps an independent counsel needs to be appointed, because culpability now points directly to the top – not just to Hillary Clinton but to Barack Obama, who literally slept through the slaughter of a U.S. ambassador, other civilian personnel and U.S. military personnel.

Americans need to hear the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about Benghazi. No more lies and half-truths can be acceptable. No more spin can be acceptable. No more stalling can be acceptable.

Americans don’t want to hear members of Congress tell them that people just die, that those involved understood the risks they were taking. That kind of suggestion is as insulting to our intelligence and demeaning to the memory of the victims of the terrorist attack as anything I’ve ever heard.

It’s obvious the Obama administration was thinking about one thing as the Benghazi attack took place and in its aftermath – the November election results.

To paraphrase a refrain familiar during the previous administration, when it was inappropriately used by those who supported Obama: “Obama lied, people died.”

In this case, it’s the absolute, unvarnished truth.

The American people need to turn up the pressure on their elected officials for closure on this scandal. Too often, in Washington, members of Congress get distracted by other matters. Too often, in Washington, members of Congress get cold feet and timid in pursuing the truth – even on the gravest matters of national security and matters of life and death. Too often, in Washington, elected officials put election cycles and personal political interests ahead of ensuring that government doesn’t make the same mistakes over and over again.

It’s time to demand the truth – and let the chips fall where they may.

What was the Obama administration up to in Benghazi?

What possessed the Obama administration to make such bad choices?

What secrets was the Obama administration keeping that cost the lives of those brave Americans?

It now appears that Benghazi was another “Fast and Furious” scandal on the international stage.

Somebody or somebodies – and not some sacrificial lamb – need to be held to account for the human carnage and the damage inflicted on America’s honor.



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