We Must Stop The Advance of Jihad Now

America Must Awaken from Political Correctness

Wake Up America

I believe that most American Muslims are freedom loving decent people that love our country. They practice what they believe is a good and peaceful religion. They respect our Government and obey our laws. I respect that. They should be able to practice their religion in peace.
However, I think that many of them turn a blind eye to the political and extreme agenda of Islam. Muslim fanatics want to impose their radical beliefs on everyone. They want the entire world to submit to their interpretation of the will of Allah. Their view does not recognize any government nor democracy. It goes against everything that the free West holds dearly.

Jihadists are willing to impose that will through any means, to include violence and murder. Islam is much more than a religion. It is a political force using a diety to achieve its ultimate goal of world domination. A world ruled by hypocritical, evil and power seeking men. Pretty much like a cult, but on a grand scale. This is certainly not what we need in our beloved free country. Eveyone in the USA is free to practice their religion as long as such practices do not impose on or interfere with the freedoms of others.

Our government allows for religious freedom, but special accomodations that interfere with or obstruct the public good should not be allowed. Nor should the law be “bent” or ignored to appease any religion. Yet this is rampant all over Europe. It is happening more often here in the USA because of weak law enforcement, left wing judges, ignorant socialist bleeding hearts and unchecked acceptance of “political correctness.”

America must wake up to the radical Islamic agenda and all of its tactics. Jihadism and “creeping Sharia” is an enemy to our free Constitutional Republic. Please wake up and study the facts, not as I state, but as stated in the Koran and by Muslim leaders throughout the world. It’s time most Americans take their heads out of the sand, open their eyes and wake up!

Personally, I have no hatred for anyone, including Muslims. I pray for them. I think that Islam is a religion that suppresses and enslaves the mind and spirit. It has no place in a free and liberated society. And by studying the life and reading the teachings of Mohammad, one can say that he was not a man full of goodness and love. One could argue that he was in fact evil. Just saying.

Pray fervently, but act decisively. STOP JIHADISM NOW!