U.S. featured in ISIS propaganda video

U.S. featured in ISIS propaganda video
Logo emblazoned on tents in background of ‘Blood of Jihad’

ISIS, the army of Islamic terrorists that has taken over large portions of Iraq and Syria and now threatens Baghdad, has released a new “Blood of Jihad” propaganda video featuring the United States’ name on tents in the background.

The video, the subject of a CNN report, shows recruits crawling through simulated barbed-wire training, lining up to take a kick to the chest and more. One section shows a soldier crawling, under fire, to fetch a “wounded” compatriot.

In the background is a row of tents emblazoned with “US.”

Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies told CNN: “Throughout this entire video what you have is this staged set of exercises. This really isn’t a training exercise. It’s a video.”

When a reporter suggests it’s propaganda, Cordesman responds, “Exactly.”

At the Political Outcast blog, the author notes not only are the “tents clearly stamped with the letters US,” but it also “appears they may be using U.S. weapons.”

The analysis said the problem of ISIS goes “back to the Syrian so-called rebellion … the ‘civil war’ in Syria [that] has largely been funded by President Obama.”

The U.S. has helped support Islamic rebels in Syria who are fighting to overthrow the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Blogger Tad Cronn wrote that news outlets “around the world have carried, and critics of the Obama administration have long been aware of, reports revealing that the ‘civil war’ in Syria has largely been funded by President Obama, and that the administration for years was smuggling arms, personnel and money to the rebel groups.”

“It’s the personnel that have proven most problematic, as many of them were al-Qaida-linked mercenaries, and as their numbers grew in Syria, they spread into Iraq, taking U.S.-provided equipment, training and money with them to form the backbone of ISIS,” he wrote.

Also, there have been many reports that members of the Iraqi military, outfitted by the U.S., dropped equipment and fled in the face of an advancing ISIS.

The blogger pointed out what the crisis looks like to Americans.

“It’s possible that once Iraq falls, the target will be Syria and an eventual merging with Turkey to create an even larger caliphate,” he wrote. “From the editorial suites of the New York Times, it may look like the president is doing his patriotic duty to combat a terrorist threat, but from the cheap seats it looks like the Obama administration is using the U.S. military to overthrow Iraq, after so many Americans gave their lives to offer that country a chance at democracy.”