Are We Giving Home Security a Bad Name?

I feel like an apple being grated away, too much, too fast. My skin has been infiltrated; the meat of my existence is being intruded upon; soon my center core will be damaged and the seeds of my future will disappear beyond repair. You might say, “What the hell is he talking about?”
What I am trying to do is logically put some of the changes being made, in my country, in the proper perspective. For one, I am looking at the “Illegal Alien” issue; I am trying to make some sense of it all. I am looking at the rational of “Alarm Systems” that we put in our homes to prevent illegal entry. These systems sound an alarm when someone is trying to enter one’s home without permission. When the alarm is actuated and heard, the proper authorities are notified. The offender is scared off or apprehended, tried, and put in jail. These offenders are generally US citizens.
Why isn’t this procedure used for people entering our country illegally, without permission? We are a free republic with individual rights; we are the crucible of the world, a melting pot for all who wish to come here. Even the crucible has had the slag removed before it is poured out into a mold.
Eugene A. Santoro