The Grand Jihad, & Failure of US Leadership

Democrat leaders testify:

As many Muslims come to America to escape Sharia law, they find Democrat leaders, James Clapper and Hillary Clinton testifying in congress in 2010 that the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Egypt is mainly secular and harmless. They claimed that it is good for Egypt and democracy that the Muslim Brotherhood participates in the democratic process during the Arab Spring of 2010.  Well, it does not seem to work very well does it?  Egypt already been taken over by the MB with over 70% of the parliament membership. We are already seeing the effect of the MB infiltration into our nation, as we are Loosing freedom of speech in U.S. universities.  We are also seeing American institutions are bowing down to Islamic Sharia in America such as “The American Bar Association For Jihad”.  What a great “welcome to America” when the leaders of the country of refuge aligns with the barbarians you had fled.

Some History as narrated by Bill Whittle for Encounter Books

Due to Obama and His Behavior Towards Egypt;  Egypt is already showing signs of anti-American policy that will not be beneficial to American National Security.  So much for Obama kissing the Islamic hands to make them like us.  Every American must ask:

Why is Obama promoting the Muslim Brotherhood?

To those who voted for Obama and those who had doubts about the direction he is taking America, the events in Egypt should shed some light on to the answer to this question. The Muslim Brother hood was outlawed in Egypt by Mubarak for sometime ago now. So, they decided to forgo so-called “violence” in Egypt. They did not have much clout politically, but they did to a certain extent have a presence among the population. The current events in Egypt did not give them much platform until the American president gave them the platform they dreamed of.

In 2009 ‘Obama met Muslim Brotherhood members in U.S.’ He also arranged to meet with 11 members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo when he gave his apology speech.

Last week, Obama did what no American president will ever do. That is inviting a Jihadest terrorist organization to have a chance to run a country that was America’s close ally by saying that Muslim Brotherhood needs to be at the table. Clinton cautiously welcomes Brotherhood talks, it is interesting how the State Department use the word cautiously. I guess that will ease people’s mind that this group will be nice if we approach them “Cautiously.”  Read more

WAKE UP AMERICA…. Obama is taking America down the wrong path. VOTE HIM OUT in 2012