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Our World is changing…
…and it might not be for the better if we do not work together to stop it!

Muslim Demographics
Our support comes solely from our members.

Our members support maintain our site, and increase Citizen awareness through printed periodicals, petitioning our political leaders for passage of anti Sharia/foreign laws in each of our 50 states. It is our goal to achieve this by 2016.

We achieve great things with your help.
We petition our elected officials to repeal existing immigration laws. We are charged to create a support mechanism of concerned citizens trained to answer questions from community leaders concerned with the illegal funding and support of jihadist activities. This includes but not limited to illegal land use (Zoning) and funding of Mosques. Madrassas and challenge the demographic propriety thereof by assigning delegate State Reps (Vet/Citizen) who will monitor and report land use improprieties and other jihadist activity within their designated area.and take the appropriate legal action.

We stand with the (The Family Unit), life’s unwavering fiduciary. Once broken, it betrays, dishonors, brings pain, guilt and hardship to those left behind. We have made fatherhood extinct and therefore made extinct, (the Family Unit) thanks to social dependency.

We need you, your voice and your support.
This is where you support goes, to empower every American citizen and Veterans who stand with our current Constitutional laws of this land, through the process of education! We ask you to be a part of this movement and organization.

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