Report tells radicals how to burn America


Report tells radicals how to burn America

‘There are more houses built in the countryside than in the cities’

A new report from CBN reveals that an al-Qaida publication is advising would-be terrorists how best to start forest fires to burn America.

The English-language magazine, called Inspire, is published by al-Qaida in Yemen and a recent edition offered an article called “Open Source Jihad.”

It includes pictures, diagrams, explanations on how to start fires to obtain the most damage.

CBN analyst Erick Stakelbeck said the extreme detail provides reason for concern. The information, he said, is “all designed to cause the maximum amount of carnage and death.”

The article said, “In America there are more houses built in the countryside than in the cities. It is difficult to choose a better place than in the valleys of Montana where the population increases rapidly.”

The report noted fire Battalion Chief Jane Hutchinson said the ideas were not farfetched.

The article also provides information on how to use guns.

Wrote Stakelbeck, “Al-Qaida loves publicity of any kind, and the fact that Inspire is in the news and making headlines surely galvanizes them and makes them think they are having an impact. In a perfect world, I and others would just ignore Inspire,” he wrote.

“But as things stand, I don’t think that would be a wise move. We need to know our enemy and its strategy, and the AQ mag lays it out in chilling detail. As you’ll see, it is extremely slick and well produced – the perfect diabolical recruiting tool to attract disaffected, young American Muslims.”