Refugee Resettlement

Ann Corcoran on Refugee Resettlement


Mall of America Threat: Somali Migrants Are Here Under the ‘Refugee Resettlement Program’

The media is widely reporting a terror threat against the Mall of America by Al-Shabaab, a Somali Muslim terror group. None of them are reporting why the Mall of America in particular would be a target.

Minnesota has its own Little Mogadishu which, aside from the usual welfare fraud and crime, also hosts supporters of Al-Shabaab.


ISIS “agressively” recruiting from Minnesota

ISIS and Al-Shabaab successfully recruited dozens of teens and young adults from Minnesota. Poppy Harlow finds out why and what’s being done to stop it.

  • Edgar Goulet

    This isn’t what everyone thinks it is, just what we are told it is.
    The fact of this matter is obvious to Me, as We Americans Slaves have become too fat, lazy, and worthless as far as what We can do, so We are being replaced by new stock of people who have nothing and would be glad to have anything is much better than what they have, so it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to have figured this one out. We have become harder too Handel and expect everything for nothing as we have become too dependent on this system of Wolves using the sheep for making them money, as it’s not happening, so we are the ones who are too expensive too keep, while always complaining but the Unity that once made us strong is gone, as were at each other throats as if we we dogs eating other Dogs.
    No one said very much while the laws were being changed, thrashing Our Constitution, that was the Glue that was had too be followed too a tee, wasn’t challenged or criticized and now Our enemies who we couldn’t defeat are replacing us instead. The Veterans were used and Abused, and now we are even more expendable, as the last line of Defense and a threat to this plan.
    The police are next after they have done their work thinking that they will remain as if they are secure, but they are leaving too as their cost is too High and they are hated, not trusted, and not like by most people except themselves.
    It is thanks too them that is makingball this possible as they are Defending this System of Corruption knowing very well who the real criminals are, but the Unions are loving the big money just too look the other way and deny the people and their only real Bach up Brothers, Veterans who they mistreated and Abuse because of Fear of the experience and harder training these Veterans posessed which gave the Police an infeareoraty complex, and you could see and feel it.
    These two groups merging into one with all the people are the only hope and possible hope we have other than a Wish and a Prayer that is.
    May God be with all of you because this isn’t going too be Pretty when this Shit Hit’s the Nuclear fan, God Bless America