Panelist on Radical Islam

Heritage Foundation Panelist on Radical Islam

Sean Hannity Grills Heritage Panel Questioner – ” Why Won’t You Condemn Radical Islam

(Fox News) – Sean Hannity squared off tonight with Saba Ahmed, the Muslim women whose question at a Heritage Foundation panel this week set off a huge media firestorm (and let to accusations of Islamophobia among the panelists), over radical Islam and the treatment of women in countries that practice Sharia law. Hannity repeatedly and unsuccessfully pressed Ahmed to specifically condemn these horrible laws that oppress women and gay people with horrifying punishment. Brigitte Gabriel, one of the panelists at the Heritage event, was on Hannity too and accused Ahmed of distracting the panel with an irrelevant question. Ahmed talked about herself and how no one’s forcing her to wear her head scarf, but Hannity confronted her about women elsewhere being forced to do so.