Exposing the Islamic Agenda in U.S.A

Unchallenged assault on the church and America

There are Ungodly Forces that have been challenging our country:

  • Communism
    Political correctness
    New Age
    The most aggressive of all is Islam

Islam in Europe

  • 52 million Muslims in Europe.
    If Turkey gets accepted by EU: + 64 million.
    In England, Muslims are demanding to have their own parliament according to the Shari’ah Law.
    Muslims are gaining ground in the political arena.

The Problem

American Public & Churches are“Asleep”

Imminent “Storm” Attack

  • US Churches & Public unaware of the Islamic Agenda.
    Public & Pastors are misinformed / unequipped .
    Liberal Media says Islam is “ Peaceful Religion . ” “ It is not a religious war .” “ We worship the same God .” “ Islam is tolerant .”
    Congregations / Public oblivious.

Evil Islamic Agenda

Four-pronged Attack Strategy


  • Plan underway to financially destabilize US.
    Investing in Fortune 500, pooling financial resources, etc.


  • Exploiting Democratic system to advance Islam.
    Running for political office, lobbying, advancing legislation.


  • Creating religious material to create an Islamic “cover story”.
    Producing propaganda videos, books & literature.


  • Full scale attack in progress from Congress to local schools.
    Advancing Islamic curriculum/agenda starting at elementary schools through the universities.


Islamic Shari’ah Financing

  • Purchasing High Tech Companies
    Fortune 500 Companies Shari’ah finance activity
    Dow Jones Islamic Index was established in 1999
    Islamic Banks & Insurance Companies in the U.S.
    Islamic Hedge funds since 2007
    Islamic Mortgage Companies (Fanny &Freddy) since 2002
    AIG Islamic Shari’ah financial activity
    US Treasury Dept. hosted a seminar 11/08


Using Democracy Against US and Lobbying Congress& Senate

  • Council on American-Islamic Relations
    American Muslims for Jerusalem
    US politicians taking funds from Terrorist Org (American Jihad, Steve Emerson)

Using US freedom and Political correctness

  • Portrayed themselves as victims
    Promoting legislature (Anti hate crime)
    Politicians & Media afraid to speak out
    Establishing Terrorist training camps in US

Islamic Lobbying Impact

  • Muslims running for local and state office.
    Since Nov 2006, two Muslims have been elected to Congress.
    Congress opened session with Islamic Prayer – 1993.
    Congress/White House celebrating end of Ramadan -1996.


Elementary Classroom Assault

  • Text Books being influenced by Islam.
    9 th Circuit Court of Appeals allows California 5 th – 7 th Grade students to become Muslims for 2 weeks.

University Assault

  • Islamic center on virtually every major campus.
    Tulsa University became the first to build a Mosque on its campus in 2002.

Military and Prisons Assault

  • US Soldiers targeted for conversion.
    US Prisoners – 20% of the incarcerated are Muslims (Blacks & Hispanics).


Islam “Religion of Hate”

  • Covert Operations
    Producing “Religious” Propaganda
    Literature “What did Jesus Really Say”
    Christians’ activity tracked on Islamic websites.
    Islam is the most visited Internet religion.

Correct Definition – Jihadism NOT Terrorism

Does the U.S. Know Who the Enemy Is? Since 9/11 the U.S. has been waging a so-called “war on terror,” which is a term that is misguided and dangerous. It is misguided because it has not given us the identity of the enemy or the real reason why we are fighting. It is dangerous because this ignorance will lead our armed forces as well as our domestic forces into a wild goose chase and treat enemy combatants as normal criminals with rights.

There is a need for correction in definition. If a man comes into your home and ties your hands and threatens your life with a gun and steals everything in the house, that is terrorism. He is driven by materialistic gain from such action. So the U.S. should not be dealing with terrorism because it is hard to point to who is a terrorist. Is it the Colombian drug lords? The gangs of L.A? The government of Sudan in Darfur?

The real enemy of the U.S., Christianity, Judaism, and the entire civilized world is JIHADISM. Jihadists are well educated, trained, and willing to die for an ideology that promises them eternal life with sensual rewards. The U.S. Secretary of State claimed in January that the real cause for terrorism is poverty, but most if not all of those who attacked the U.S. on 9/11, Ft. Hood, and the CIA agents in Afghanistan were highly educated. Some of them were even doctors.

JIHADISM is driven by Islamic theology, the life of Muhammad, and Shari’ah law with its goal to dominate the whole world under the banner of ISLAM. The only way we can fight this enemy is with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a spiritual and religious war, which Muhammad began 1400 years ago. We have to be on the alert and protect our religious liberty, our constitution, and our way of life.

Plan of Action  

  1. Congress must outlaw Islamic Shari ‘ah Law in America.
  2. Outlaw all Islamic Terrorist Organizationsin the U.S. including but not limited to Hamas, Hezbollah, The PLO, Al Qaida and Muslim Brotherhood.
  3. Thoroughly screen all levels of Government Employment to Muslims, with any ties to radical groups seeking to subvert our Constitututional Republic.
  4. Muslim Military personnel will not be assigned to serve as combatants in the Muslim arena, with the exception of adjunct services such as interpretors, medics, and the like.
  5. Seize all banks, Insurance Companies (all financial institutions) which directly or indirectly support Jihadist groups.
  6. Seize assets in The USA from countries who support or who have supported Jihadist groups.
  7. Monitor Mosques and close all those who preach Killing non Muslims.
  8. Deport all foreign Jihadists and prosecute those who are citizens of the U.S. in a military court.
  9. Profile all Muslim Airline passengers who will in advance, prove the legitimacy of their travel.
  10. All Jihadists are enemy combatants and will be tried under a military court.
  11. Close our borders.

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