Islamic regime says ‘thugs’ started U.S.



Islamic regime says ‘thugs’ started U.S.

‘America was built by 13 exiled British. A bunch of hooligans’

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A mouthpiece for the rogue nation of Iran said today that the United States was founded by a “bunch of hooligans and thugs” and that international sanctions over Iran’s illicit nuclear program have actually benefited the Islamic regime.

Mohammad Reza Rahimi, the first deputy of the Islamic regime’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, blamed the West’s sanctions on its fear of Iranian progress in science.

At a ceremony unveiling two cancer medications, Rahimi praised the progress of science in the Islamic Republic and said the sanctions are ineffective.

“Why are there sanctions against us? It’s not because of our science in the nuclear field,” he said, quoted by Khabaronline, a media outlet of the Islamic regime. “The nuclear energy is not an important thing. Specially that the Islamic Republic has announced that it’s not after the nuclear bomb.”

Rahimi said the United States and Russia have the ability to destroy the earth 15 to 16 times over.

“Let us assume that we make the nuclear bomb? Will we overpass you? Which we can’t. They know it themselves. So the sanctions are because of our scientists and the progress in science. They enforced sanctions so we won’t reach the current (scientific) level, but that sped up our progress. Our enemy was the cause for our benefit.”

In displaying an ignorance of how the American colonies were formed, Rahimi said that “America was built by 13 exiled British. A bunch of hooligans and thugs. However, a sane person went there and gathered all the brains and it became America.”

“The power of America is not its F-14 and F-16 and its arms. Its science has made it superior, where 50 countries gathered and made up a bigger country. A few years ago, a U.S. official sent a letter to an Iranian official stating that there are two powers … he said it is you and us.”

A recent analysis in Keyhan, the newspaper mouthpiece of the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, refers to the West’s demands over the past decade as not allowing Iran to have a handful of centrifuges for research, to the current situation in which the West “has knelt” in front of Iran as more than 10,000 centrifuges now enrich uranium.

“During the last decade, the resistance front and Islamic Awakening (Arab Spring) led by the Islamic Republic of Iran have managed to defeat the power of Zionist Christians in four corners of the Middle East and have forced America to beg for negotiations,” the analysis said, adding that the future is bright for Iran and that America is hopeless.

In a similar comment, Gen. Hassan Firoozabadi, head of the Army’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the National Defense University that, “All that takes shape in the country must be within a path of attack on the worldwide oppressors because the oppressors are attacking the foundation of the Islamic Revolution and we must recognize the enemy and actively participate in the attack against the enemy.”

In his wide-ranging speech, Firoozabadi also said that:

  • “One billion Muslims are supporters of true Islam, and we see this in the Islamic Awakening. All-around defense means the defense of true Islam by all Muslims wherever they are.”
  • Iran will defend Syria “with all its power.” He said the Syrian opposition has no roots and is fighting for the goals of “Zionism and America.”
  • Iran will not negotiate with the United States. “As long as (America) is considered as the global arrogance, we will not hold talks with it.”

Gen. Gholamali Rashid, the deputy of the Army’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, also told the National Defense University that any new war will be different from those before.

“We have to prepare for war while in peace … where if by miscalculation the enemy takes any action … with an effective confrontation we can defeat the enemy and win the war.”

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