• Dave lane

    With Saudi Arabia and the EU along with 3 other Muslim nations already designated ikhwan aka the Muslim brotherhood as a terrorist organization , it is an ever increasing source of disillusionment America has not designated as an FTO. The conflation of apathy from the uninformed general public and the Obama administrations willful treason and sedition that public enemy number one CAIR is Hamas dictates policy. The existential threat in their own words” Allah is our objective,the prophet is our leader,the Qur’an is our law,jihad is our way,dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope” the MB allegiance. To those whom arbitrarily laments the false narrative and Islamist propaganda of” Islamiphobe racist ethnocentric ” views check out both declassified internal documents or the brothers” an explanatory memorandum for the general strategic plan for north America” and the Muslim brotherhood manifesto for further edification. The answer is so damn simple both even an underachieving second grade grammar school dropout and yours truly can surmise