To All VAJ/ AVAJ Members.

The time has come to further the educational goals of the AVAJ. Our membership has been one that has had direct discussion amongst ourselves for years. That aspect will surely continue. In order to reach our educational goals we have started using a “website” geared to those educatiol goals that represets a more social aspect. We want and need to reach younger veterans, more American citizens and create dialog between us all.

While we will all be able to continue to speak back and forth by email as we always have, the article alert notifications will come to you directly from our website AVAJ.US. If you wat to receive just one email a week as a collection of things that have occured or receive them individually as thay happen ..YOU can adjust this to your personal taste by follow the instructions in the email. Our website is privately hosted and is as secure as it as always been. AVAJ.US will never share your web address with anyone. Soon you will receive an email from AVAJ.US for our updated news letter, and we ask you to follow the confirmation instructions so we can send you our links to the articles we know will insterest you.

In addition you will now see that we are conected to Facebook, and Twitter and other social websites. We can also add video, photos and audio to our articles, from radio programs, citizens and veterans who may have video that is in keeping with our goals that may be shared with you.

Your membership in our website does NOT cross to the social networks. In order for you to be involved on the social networks you would have to decide to join. If you do AVAJ.us will be there.

Therefore, if you have been a steadfast member of the AVAJ, your membership will be included on the AVAJ.us website. We know you may have heard some nasty things about social networking, and while some of them are true, the vast majority of problems associated with social networking are caused by the useer themselves not knowing how to button up their own information. Our members make their own choices to be there or not, but in order to grow in membership and educate our younger veterans and citizens it is time to grow and to grow we need to use the new communication tools available to us.

We hope you will come and join us everywhere AVAJ/VAJ is represented on the internet. However, our website shall remain and our conversations will continue. We hope you will pass along those news/articles and links to more people as it will be a lot easier to forward to your friends by email too. Those who subscribe to the news letter will become members, and those who register as members will be subscribed to the news letter. This will simpliy our communication and help build a strong AVAJ to educate tomorrow’s America citizen, our sole goal.

You may Register Here: http://avaj.us/wp-login.php?action=register

Yours Truly, AVAJ Officers & Trustee’s