A Message from The Colonel…

By Col Bill Duncan, USMC

The practice of Muslim Multiculturalism, as experienced by many EU states would ALSO see America’s culture dead. German Chancellor Merkel said: “German multiculturalism has utterly failed. We are German’s – not Muslim; their Islamic practice has ruined the fabric of our society”. Muslim’s living in Germany have been told to go home. Same is true for Austria.

American’s must be alert to the danger of this life style which is the face of a determined Mideast political agenda supported by Muslim groups living and working under Shari’ah Law. Muslim’s who follow the Koran and submit to the extreme nature of Shari’ah Law as taught by Imams to control each neighborhood by demanding non-Muslims to submit to Islam or die. We, as American’s must stand strong under the Constitution of our land to stop Foreign Law which permits introduction of this dangerous life style.

A warning for all states – Protect your State’s Constitution by voting for a full agenda that would stop Foreign Law from being practiced in your state thus establishing an endorsement to protect the US Constitution.

Example: Texas: Rep Harvey Hilderbran (R HD53) challenged the current threat of Foreign law to America with a great move to ban Foreign Law under TX as HB911. How great, the bill passed the House and now Gov. Perry is expected to gain successful passage out of the TX Senate by including HB 911 in the TX Tort Reform Bill, May / June 2016 / 2017…Col Bill Duncan, USMC 

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    Thank You! Col. Duncan, for reminding us of this impending threat which is eating the fabric of other civilized nations. Kudos to those texans who elected such great Americans as Rep. Harvey Hilderbran who stands firm in recognizing this threat and sees fit to follow through with action not words. And now all Texas needs is to have it become law so that America can see once and for all a law has been passed for just such an imminent threat.  

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    Looking forward to having you on as a guest tonight Colonel Duncan.  We encourage others to join us live at 9pE at http://PushBackNow.com/live

  • http://strmmedia.com/ Tamara Heater

    Thank you for your life long committment to leadership, you are a remarkable man with intense information every American should know!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Myrick/100000524107198 Joe Myrick

    I am afraid that stopping this will require more than creation of legislation. These people are agents of darkness, who are easily able to blind their activities from our nations members, who in this day & time are not themselves trained to be agents of the light. Satan disguises himself as an angel of light, and since our nations members have been blinded by both their sin & the delusion that goes with it, they are victims of the enemies deceptive plan. I am very active in trying to educate our nations members of what is occuring, and the largest threat to my success is the Television set. Our members are not reading, & studying either history or the Biblical message, while our enemy is very active in a worldwide campaign of indoctrination. This poses a serious problem for our very existence. Has our own God given us over into the hands of his own enemy as he did with Israel, for need of cleansing them of chaff? I am so inclined to believe that this is the case. Jesus said, as recorded in Matthews gospel chapter 24, that in the latter days the deception would be so great that if possible it would even deceive the elect, that time would have to be cut short or no flesh would be saved. The Book of Revelations states that we would be overcome by this evil, for a period of time. Revelation chapter 13 vs. 7. What God has determined to be, will be. Jesus invited us to pray in the Lords prayer, that thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We need understanding of what has occured in past time, both here on earth, as well as in heaven, to understand what we should place our hope in. We need to allow our Gods word to be a lamp unto our feet & a light unto our paths, while God works out his will on this earth. Let us usher it in, while obtaining the neccesary understanding of how we stand during this required time, for God to seperate the weeds from the wheat. Our nation needs the Word of God, of which they have little or no interest. This means great trouble for us. Please see to it that you draw near to God, making it further possible for God to draw near to you. Jesus is the pathway. We are required to fight evil all the way until we breath our last. It is our duty, but we need to know fighting techniques, both spiritual & physical. We are also required to please God, and to please God we must have faith. We are to love the Lord with our minds, and our hearts & our soul. What is it to love the Lord? This is just what our nation has no interest in, because it has no knowledge of what it means.