Hamas-linked CAIR rep stalks anti-jihad Florida professor

Hamas-linked CAIR has been attacking University of Central Florida Professor Jonathan Matusitz since last June, when details of how he told the truth about Islam and jihad were published in the mainstream media. But neither Matusitz nor UCF would back off and kowtow to the Hamas-linked thugs, so now they have stepped up the intimidation. Hamas-linked CAIR representative Samantha Bowden, although she is not now and has never been a UCF student, violated Florida law by attending Matusitz’s class without permission or authorization, in a move clearly designed to intimidate Matusitz into backing off on his truth-telling.

Matusitz has brought a stalking charge against Bowden. Bravo.

Posted by Robert on October 9, 2013 2:19 PM | 5 Comments