Federal government says Boston is breeding ground for U.S.-Jihad pipeline to ISIS

Federal government says Boston is breeding ground for U.S.-Jihad pipeline to ISIS
Audio: Is Boston a terrorist breeding ground?

Boston is one of three American cities that the federal government is targeting in an effort to shut down a “U.S.-Jihad pipeline”. A Cambridge mosque was recently linked to members of ISIS and al-Qaida, and a man who grew up in Stoughton is believed to be a member of ISIS.


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Great WRKO yeah good city. Good. 56176650. All of that stuff I’ve always six days six days okay my friend. A lot to talk about how many get to the strikes in Syria and the mount things the wore an air campaign taking place there but first. To the people of Boston to the people of Massachusetts. Do you need to be desperately. Urgently aware of this story. This is incredible. I mean this is just absolutely incredible. And god forbid I never wanting another terrorist attack to take place here. In Boston. But. I never won a relives the Boston Marathon terrorist bombings please don’t don’t mistake continuation perform. But we’re asking for it. And I don’t mean the country I mean in particular this city and — we are asking for it. Did denials. Of the — backs. The denial of the progressives and the liberals. On what is really taking place in Boston and a Greater Boston area is — a scandal of the highest proportion. Frankly it’s borderline criminal. Let me tell you the optional latest this is not Jeff corners Angus. This is not Britain saying yes this is not. Bill cooks he saying this. This is our own federal government. This is our own Homeland Security Department. This is our own Justice Department and FBI. Led by you don’t get more liberal and left wing and then Eric Holder. But even though liberals in Washington. Are now saying what Jeff corner has been saying for — freaking years on the air. Department saying this for two years and they’re still denying it in this state here is now — the federal government has revealed. According to the federal government I repeat the federal government. Homeland security and the FBI. Are now deliberately. Targeting Boston and two other American cities. Minneapolis Saint Paul and Los Angeles. To shut down what they are calling. It VUSG. Od pipeline. Crisis. In a desperate attempt to try to prevent or stop Americans. From joining the terrorist organization. And a big captive to ABC news in particular Brian Ross. Their investigative reporter he is the first one to our broken that story it has now been confirmed by. Multiple media outlets including local media. So now here we have — my friends. We now know. That our own federal government. The Obama administration. Our own Homeland Security Department our own FBI are wrong Justice Department. Is specifically targeting and looking at three cities. Boston. Minneapolis. And Los Angeles. Saying that we have now become a recruiting ground. In particular. For young radicalized. Muslims. Who are now training. Developing — it’s. And desperately trying to join and become part of vices whether it be here in the United States or eventually. To make fairway to Syria or Iraq. Two massacre and murder as many Christians — CDs Syrians and Iraqis possible. I guess I’ve been saying this for what we years don’t. Did in the Boston Marathon bombings shouldn’t that have taught us anything. That on 9/11. Several of the plane’s left Logan Airport. Part of the Genesis of the attack on September 11 2001. Took place here in Boston as they took over the planes from Logan as they then went into the sky. I mean I. I’m — what you need. A ton of bricks a phone — will need at that a thousand apology — is the come down on dissent from the sky. The dead bodies. The maimed crippled bodies on. April 3 April 15 2013. The day of the Boston Marathon bombing that wasn’t enough to convince you we’ve got a serious problem in the city. Something is seriously wrong. And so now. With the federal government admitting. And obviously wanted to classic examples the exit exhibit eight is. The man who has been heading. The — this is social media propaganda — — Ahmad Abu summer. The man who was originally born in France but — we now know grew up in Stockton. I attended eggs savior in Brothers Catholic high school in Westwood. Before — just — a high who was educated at the university. Of of Massachusetts UMass in Boston. Who in fact acquired a computer science degree. Much of a — our generosity and our job but let that go and then he’s using those computer science skills. To oversee the ice is is social media propaganda offensive. FaceBook. Twitter. Posting links posting videos of the — had links posting all of their threats to the United States and to the west. He’s one of their top propaganda people. There — social media expert. Born not born raised. And educated here. In the Greater Boston area. You don’t think — that you don’t think there’s a terrorist breeding ground taking place in Boston. Not according mini me I swear to you mom I’m home home. According demeaning me according to Governor Deval Patrick. Even though the federal government saying it. Even though the Justice Department saying it even though Homeland Security is saying it even though they’re targeting Boston. Even though we’ve had the marathon bombers flush buying and speed bump. Even though we’ve had this guy albums some rock. The leader of the ice is propaganda wing — guard the Islamic Society mosque. How many convicted terrorists have gone through the Islamic Society mosque in Boston Cambridge. One. May be it’s a coincidence. Troll maybe it’s bad luck. But now eight. Now eight. A woman known as lady al-Qaeda. Should be key. Educated at MIT. Was convicted for all of — sentenced to eight years in prison because she was applauding and seeking to. Launch devastating chemical weapons attacks on people in New York. My — Tariq Mohammed. We found had amassed a huge arsenal of weapons and in — was planning along with Abu summer. To literally target the Attleboro mall. The emerald square mall. — massacre civilians at that mall. And then wait for the first responders to come in particular police officers so they could kill as many cops as possible I go to that — My children go to that mall. Were always in the kid’s section. When you see somebody yelling daddy daddy daddy that’s probably my — My wife goes to that mall. My friends scored that mall my neighbors Gordon got malls. The founder of the Islamic Society mosques the very man who founded it later turned out to be part of al-Qaeda. I think I’m sorry what are you need to. What do you eat and wait what he is seriously what do you need you need ice is marching down down pound balls — Do you named the parade of ice is wearing all black with a black flag going right down boils constraint for these liberals to admit you’ve got a problem in this state. Check out. Many me. As well as our own police commissioner of these guys are on when it comes to denial mall buy you a talk about a head buried in the sand. There’s nobody better than a mini me. The Liberal Democrats in the state of the moon bats and now even the police commissioner. Even the police commissioner there’s not a sudden home while with. A — we have a good community outreach show were building partnerships so we have community policing. A mold problem here what — everybody is getting all excited about become mom now. And change because of four people died in 260 were wounded in many maimed and crippled. It just a year now people what does — — — as a problem. We won’t just to give all these terrorist squad the Islamic Society mosque as just — Out I don’t know why — Daylight clam chowder I don’t know what it is what these jihadist and somehow they end up coming to Boston — slumping — think this year. There’s no problem here. Look at the denial. How many of the senior people in the liberal democratic establishment. Roll it — As ice is ratchets up its propaganda recruiting young people around the globe to take part in scenes like this. Here in Boston there’s a new effort under way to prevent all of that a pilot program with the government aimed at developing relationships. To counter recruitment and extremism. Officials say Boston was shows and because of the history of progressive approaches to violence prevention and intervention not because of his so called Jihad pipeline for recruitment that’s been suggested in recent. Reports — irregular. Confidential and classified briefings on the intelligence that’s available to all of the intelligence forces. And dad there isn’t any reason. For me to believe look for the experts to believe. That Boston UC terrorism breeding ground. Well people from Massachusetts and across the country of travel to Syria and supported terrorism like Ramadan with some rock. Reasons Snowden and now potentially linked to social media for ice says. The special agent in charge of Boston’s FBI sent a stern message today. Saying there’s no information to suggest there’s a structured network or mechanism to move people into the battlefields from Boston no no indication. That they come from any particular part of the country — keep in mind I think a lot of their recruiting is via the Internet. Only thing — alone. Long. Learn it’s on the Internet. Long. That hung in there may be looking at Boston — — home home. Targeting Boston for the Jihad pipeline and our home. They seem by the way a lot to be coming from Minneapolis is a huge Somali community but Hong. On — I would look at sheriff corner all whole life thinking Luke rejoining ice Shaw — freeze on the Internet quite often. Then then all — You mean now have official confirmation. And got our own government our own FBI our own Homeland Security Department. Is looking at three specific cities. Boston. Minneapolis. My god you think and Los Angeles. We’ve had a terrorist bombings here less than two years ago. Logan Airport was used in the 9/11 attacks. We have you Islamic Society mosque in not which not one not — not three not even five but as well that we know of eight terrorists. Have been going into that mosque for years. They. That we know. And you’re telling me this city doesn’t have a problem. You — telling me. We’re not becoming a — the breeding ground. Who listened to meaning me again. Check you wanna talk about utter denial you wanna talk about frankly criminal stupidity. I think seriously. — mound and his nine I got reports I don’t remember I get the report and don’t — all right. Don’t choke his — — stake — my leadership. Role in Britain. We get regular. Confidential and classified briefings on the intelligence that’s available to all of the intelligence forces. And dad there isn’t any reason. For me to believe — for the experts to believe. That Austin — — terrorism breeding ground. No — — not all wandered no evidence. That that back that they’re just I was it to Chechen and a lot correcting problems. That day went to school and got benched all under — pressure that goes map and see here. That and do we give out well for every week he and we’re very happy state does not problem. My friends the corner country poll question of the day. Do you fear and imminent terror attack here in the homeland. If you believe the answer is yes a 686 say. Few believe the answer is no text and B 68680. It’s brought to you by the greater — senior services. Providing a wide range of social services for you when your finally. Visit www. GO SS dot net for more information. My friends we are now being looked at as a US IGG — pipeline. For my — recruiting and training. Are we jihadist pipeline or do you agree with many need there’s nothing to see here. Jeff you’re up next thanks for holding welcome. They can just. First you’re expertise needed era could rhetorical than real question. We’re — that are liberals city sanctuaries. — opponent so please don’t — them that they always are in greeting some sort of guess. The — to. You know it’s it’s almost non religious. No — good religion something going on it all just kept the Greek debt because he could get Jim. But don’t have time I don’t and other singles tour I’m there — other west — — that you — this administration. — — always all the — at the top Obama is that they say I’m sorry you are. It’s my all or will do it — the next time. In this site. That that their policy never to take any blame on any thing on anything not not great impact and actually almost people might. No I didn’t think that it doesn’t that seem to be a — also got to sort it out where they’re all the way out from dropped out too. Don’t know — — the bottom unique to what seemed like. I just — you — — look first of all you may know that on both points Franklin. Look notice. It’s Boston number one. Minneapolis number two Los Angeles number three bad though are now according to our own government. The USG RD pipeline for rice’s all of them liberal. All of them Sanctuary Cities. All of them run by corrupt Democrats but let that — let that — Jeff. When you look at meaning you look at Obama you look at Eric Holder you can run down all list. — bunch — what they are are classical narcissistic it’s. They take accountability. For nothing. It had this man stands there and tells us. After the Boston Marathon bombings which by the way the Chardonnay has attended the local society mosque in Cambridge but again what a coincidence — them let adult. They’re small problem. But it didn’t week. — serious commitment to local six love to give give give because of their guilt and they’re ignorant — they give people their food their phone. There because their apartments — think they engage in those. But by a marathon — they gave them their pressure — — — used EDT cash Doug I don’t pressure cooker. I slowing up every one because that big gave them that money could kill that little boy. MM now put pressure go to and they — court but no you don’t hear that — — And thank you for that call Jeff. Brochure up next thanks for holding go ahead Bruce. — just always use more or you. Also there are just — get up public out there watching like beaten here — strange and the I was reflecting like how much the Liberal Democrats and and you know about so I’m more concerned about global warming an actor received. People have read — the most — a lot of — up. Not — now I agree that they’re protesting all over the country about man made global warming I swear to nugget of his later in the show. You’ve got the dear leader after he announces the strikes and Syria. Saying this is gonna be a multi year war by the way they’re talking 36 months three years we’re gonna be in Iraq and Syria. And then shows that. Two hours later she’s at the United Nations and nobody says that the UN. Our greatest crisis that we face did he say ices them all. Did he say radical Islam mall. Teresa. Climate change. Nice climate change. Now notice. Texas. Is not on that list. South Carolina is not on that list. Well Wyoming Montana South Dakota Idaho they’re not on that list. How come it’s only liberal cities. That are these pipelines. For G artists. How come it’s not conservative cities you know why. Because if you live in a conservative state — a conservative city they cracked down on new Dell what you were imprisoned. Dave ward of closed that Islamic Society mosque of this was in Dallas taxes — thing would have been closed. Ten years ago six point five on the great WRKO. The federal government is now deliberately targeting three cities. They believe are now the most important USG hardy pipeline for ice this training and recruiting fighters. My friends. Boston is AG hardest to breeding ground. I say yes meaning he says no. What do you say all of your calls at 80. John you. Hi John. — — — — — Higher on our sites George actually I think — telling — George is it fair okay I’m sorry about the I know you’re talk about this but. I hit Britain paramilitary particularly — that took America. Get to a point where you have to realize that the people hate us. They hate — in no matter what we do try to pacify that it’s not going to happen and that’s what percent of them out of a billion people. That’s a major issue for the governor — the president but think that we’re going to be able that you so touchy Feely type program in order to infiltrate the much — this. It would crash. It absolutely ludicrous. I I see it one day that they’re going to release a chemical. You on the election impossible chlorine bomb and it doesn’t take much to do it it just didn’t in Syria. Opening the door to be demolished look at the quad and residents. I don’t care book while the world will carry a ball then go to — that — Like what the mall. I know on John please — George — about George no I’m with you but remember that story at the Corbin reservoir. Where you are these so called exchange students from the Middle East many of them from Saudi Arabia. Claiming somehow in the middle of the night at midnight. They wanted to drive all the way out to shoot just are urged to look at the trees. To look at how we filter our water here additional much — like — — — so much water — Saudi Arabia they don’t know what to do with that the CEO we filter our water. No one has properly explained to mean what really happened that night I believe it was a trial run. And luckily — local cop a couple of other people noticed they complain to the police the police then came. And they were arrested for trespassing I believe they’re all gone now but let that go. Luckily abided by sheer chance we’re able to discover that. And now the governor is trying to tell us. We had eight terrorists convicted terrorists. Goal through the Boston is the Islamic Society mosque in Boston or in Cambridge. We know that. We tried the marathon terrorist bomb next we know that. Logan was used in the 9/11 attacks we know that we know that ahead of — social media wink. Was not only raised installed and educated in Boston. But is clearly part of the Islamic Society mosque we know that. The federal government is saying were breeding ground. The Justice Department is saying were breeding ground. I’m the only one who sang we’re not a made a breeding ground. The governor and the moon bounce. Going classified me. Available to all of the intelligence. And dad there isn’t any reason com for me to believe — for the expert. — — — 638 here on the great WRK — The federal government is now targeting Boston as well as in Minneapolis and Los Angeles. These three particular cities in the United States has shut down. What the FBI and Homeland Security are now calling. The USG. — pipeline to license. They’re trying to stop Americans from joining nicest. Training for rice is being recruited for rice’s. And what I find just a good news is just it’s incredible. Did the Boston Marathon terror bombings happen or get a lot of — Was that not an act of terrorism was that not an act of Islamic extremism. Do we not have terrorist going in and out of the Islamic Society mosque. Did the planes — not fly from Logan Airport. Is their head of Al — crisis is propaganda social media — Abu Osama Al Ahmad Abu summer. Was he not raise them — baby not sort of stalled in public car he was he not educated at UMass Boston. — — not attend the Islamic Society mosque again you see a pattern here. And learn how to channel is — ground. How long from now mammal lived and I’m gonna do is deny reality unified in Miami Tony Bennett doesn’t exist I’m meaning me. And I wanna be a resident of sixteen an old saying my state is a — is breeding ground and find it. This is prophetic. And I — every Q a couple of the tax X 8680 dishes from 339 Jeff. My husband works at Logan. TSA line is — snail’s pace I told him to be on the lookout and carefully watched any of quote always end quote. His response quote there are plenty of them around and quote of course. Everybody knows that — are we kidding. And I believe one of the reasons in fact let me read the attacks I think — that as many of you — are usually hit the nail on the head. It’s because we’re such a generous welfare state. It’s no wonder we’re becoming such a breeding ground. There — pieces from 774. Jeff they also come to Boston because we placed third in this country and handing out such well a generous welfare entitlements. I honestly thought we were first. I didn’t know we were oh my god who could be first and second I figure what Washington DC. And. I don’t know what the other one could possibly be. Because nobody hands out food stamps and — cards and section eight housing and Social Security disability and you welfare. Mike you want to welfare queens and — This is the place. And so think about it. You can’t walk a terrorist attack if you’re holding down a full time — it’s very difficult to watch — working. You gotta get to work you don’t work you come back from work are tired of global — bullet — bomb. I Baghdad ma’am I was doing instructional — — Mohamed. Mohammed Yule ball would you need global but no I’m too tired I’m gonna — — I watched Richard it’s stripe I elected rector and watched TV. It too tired. So. It’s no accident. Flash bang and speed bump were on welfare. I — — on welfare they’ve got hanging. They’ve got nothing but time. Mean — paid for cash — problem rule for over their head you about it. — and get an Obama phone you could call. Your fellow terrorist buddies and coordinate attacks will play — here and the people’s republic of packs a truce it’s. And you’re telling me he would a straight face. With all of this overwhelming evidence. That we are now becoming clearly a jihadist breeding ground. That’s suddenly and personal problem here. Guests. If this was — — — I’ve got to understand event that the governor saying that if this was final hole I can understand the governor — that but here. 6172666868. Laura Europe next thanks for holding go ahead — Oh good morning Jack hi — I’m I’m — the market or and I got a green tree. Well. All the stuff going on many meaning he’d gotten direct reports are — can’t read because you’ve been on vacation. And no wonder why we’re breeding ground because. Kamal are we giving them that’s indication that pick out who want to go back their country. Picking up the tab and they come back and use it against our. Our analysis in our — incredible. Look did you see the story about those three Afghan soldiers you know the ones they found that Niagara Falls did you hear the latest. I swear to you god as my witness I’m not making this up — according to multiple media reports. Dole’s losers. Before they headed up north to Niagara Falls. Stopped off — a I’m is it mash Peter mash. Mash forgive me they mash. I script I swear to you. A piece of — this stuff off had a match we strip club. We give them some spending money. Good seeking go to LC decides I’m sure they’re told C decides to absorb the best of American culture I sort of miracle. It would OK we Gore’s short mean. We eat McDonald’s. Hair. A bolo bolo — equivalents oh my god this is America. Political booster club you — every bed in Afghanistan. Sure they know all not a — — say what you want Muslims bullet — their normal. — — But you get stalled from the window at Mikey almighty god Mohammed oh my god. This issue isn’t naked all my god. Dots with these clowns are doing on our dime. And just thank the lord ever stop that man faults. And I gotta say one more thing reform go to the blazing performance. I have I should mr. — C on the way into work I wanna share this with quality. I just find it incredible. — really almost my mind bending. How quickly we’d forgotten in this city an — escaped. The Boston Marathon terrorist bombings. You have a candidate. For governor. A Democrat Martha — Who actually says she opposes the death penalty for flash tank for — parts and no problem. You have the federal government the Obama administration. The Treasury Department openly saying that what took place in Boston on bad — it. April 15 2013. I swear was not an act of terrorism. Because there wanna hand out insurance money. You have bill mark. A comedian. Marks and ridicules the Boston Marathon terrorist bombing. And I’m trying to lead a campaign to boycott them and they’re saying I’m the crazy one. I mean have we forgotten already. And I want to tell you what’s going on here it’s like the Roman empire. And our former circus is is based. You give people — Boston strong. You give them a catchy slogan or catchy francs. Irate over Boston’s strong and they go to a couple of sporting events whether it be the patriots are the Celtics. Or that or the Bruins and they’re they are what they are with search T shirts and their little cards and their lockers and Boston square Boston strong — Boston’s strong. And suddenly before you know it. The — thinks forgotten. And what you’re seeing indistinct. Is what liberals try to do everywhere to erase the past and he — reality he says if if I pretend it wasn’t terrorism. And fight for and it wasn’t G autism. And if I just pretend that there aren’t any islamists around us — I just prepare and prepare and pretend. Boston strong — the strong Boston’s strong and were strong also struck. Then it just. Doesn’t happen. They didn’t happen. If we pretend it wasn’t terrorism that’s what — me that’s effectively what mini me has done. If we pretend it wasn’t terrorism after awhile people will believe it wasn’t as. Ron Europe next go ahead Ron. Teasing chuck — totally amazing every once in denial but I got a question or a person match the the mall I want shock that deal was not so long ago and I had a — least a half a dozen. I have to admit women — what the other walk around dressed completely in all act which sunglasses on additional would have faced. It’s just scary. Ron I got to ask you this is are those the rent some outlet malls or you’re talking about the Attleboro ma. Talk about the not that are most quick nearly all let’s assume that there is a very big influence of Muslims met here since. So we’ve scary meets certain years you walking around the world asylum if they Tom I mean my questions you would what everybody thinks I look. I mean mission god knows this very McCain but I mean I don’t know what the. — manager Brian I think Ronde got money. Now I just you know what — I got a look I’d love to look into this. Look I can tell you — okay my wife goes to the boss that the around them outlet malls we often are at the emerald square the Attleboro malts. When I’m at the Attleboro multi what I find surprising or can’t play in the kid’s section I’m always the kid’s section in my little option enable okay that’s that’s — I cannot tell you how many Muslim women IC. There it’s not the burka they’re not covered head to tell their cover up to the — and they have that with the call the key job just the — And if it’s every so we segregated the manner in one corner all talking amongst themselves always in Arabic. OK yeah — a normal plan. That’s all I keep hearing. And the women are all segregated and there’s like an army of kids I mean an army. And I’m going up and down the mall whatever you are too little shopping her — by myself a sandwich or whatever. And I just see them pushing the — with 345. Kids around. And then trust myself is there some kind of a local Muslim community I’m not aware of and then what occasion when I join my wife that I never buy anything — — have been sharper but I like to keep my wife company indicates commonly make an afternoon out of it. There. Dirt covered head to — a ransom outlet malls its head too — exactly what Ron said just put the sunglasses. The little slits in the sunglasses. They got to be saudis or — Far — or whatever because. They are spending money. I mean I’m talking high end designer dresses I’m talking jewelry I — — pare spending money. And it’s the same thing. I feel like Yemen Pakistan and now I don’t want develop a conspiracy theory but I swear to — Our goal adopt my boy in Minnesota I’m surrounded by Muslims. I come to Boston. I’m surrounded by muzzle its. I head off to the Foxboro went from area I’m surrounded by Muslims. I mean I’m telling you pretty sure I think Foxboro with my luck is going to be ground zero in the next islamists the — It’s almost like I’m — — like — — golden follow me. Kevin Europe next go ahead Kevin. The trap and as we get to and all that that you wish lists and then of course the country. Although my lessons gloat so completely high holidays. — What’s — bad. Isn’t what I mean you’re not writing that T. It’s a wave which just not a — the ball. OK don’t read the malls and whatnot. Click — you go in that put Hillary Clinton. And that’s like to draw on we’re concerned parents blocked everything is done he’s just increased the immigration numbers. She won’t sleep on the Middle East so they — changing the dynamics of our society. And — can also — If it’s a shame we can’t even laughed about it debt decent we have — — — soldiers. They came here to train — at Fort Bragg. But here in a lot to chew sets. Goes to the proxy — big political party lady in that — That’s the same thing what then 9/11. Okay Obama is the — Went — strip clubs the night before. — thank you for that call I don’t normally I take — T a few times but I don’t normally take that — I have not noticed honestly the few times they’ve taken that I have not noticed they are a number of Muslims now I could be wrong. And Deborah and he was just telling dishes on the air and my headphones. On my phone talkers I can’t tell sometimes. You have Brittany says she’s taken the T quite often and you haven’t noticed that either right Brittany. Now I’m getting tax that apparently playing — has a huge Muslim community. I know that Sharon now has a mosque. Which is affiliated with the Islamic Society mosque in Boston and Cambridge. Like that all we need that all that’s a dog that’s that’s the kind of diverse city we need all of Sweeney that’s perfect. I — just this just you know I feel so enriched by all of this you have no idea is because when I see islamists as a piece. I say stop nit — When I see the women had direct them outlet malls covered head to all with the sunglasses on — say look at the peace look at other respect their women law. This is such shut our contribution to American feminism. Robbed Europe next thanks for holding go ahead rob. Good morning — Project on aren’t involved in one on the project sick ground zero in New York City. They’re more involvement brings real watch twice a week. And I have to tell you in the last two weeks they — really XP police activity especially in the last two weeks. Has escalated. And hold in many area. Now. I actually used architecture photos where and when I tell you about your moral police — talking there are hundreds of police. Surrounding that area. And they actually have these audience that has. Like built in scissor lips if you’re familiar with and constructions such as looked — chopping down do you work and Syria and so forth and — — lipscomb out of the root for these audience. In this sharpshooters. And here on every corner. Now also are going to attend station on the way down from Boston and when I can tell you just I am not comfortable going into Penn Station in the police presence we are the last two weeks. Has escalated written out to have national got these huge task in track. And some New York State Police now it’s National Guard. And it’s another almost security at all dressed in black security and peace size fully automatic weapons. So. So I try to get now the New York City iron workers other toughest guys in the world and these guys a look in order — oldest. In everybody’s seen it seemed very. They’re not constable instinctual than common. And even how did detectives in New York City are now all plain clothes in there and you foremost goal back just surrounding that area. Chambers street DC church street brought right. It’s I’ve never seen police presence at — — just. Rob I think the sense something I’m not trying to scare people but I’m just being candid. I get the sense something’s up do you. Absolutely just something result I gotta tell ya I just feel it it’s creepy I’m looking over my shoulder. And we knew it also. When you get lost — station. Beat the number of those people the magnitude of congestion. It certainly is a perfect opportunity where I’m actually considering pulling off this project because I I and that. I’m a very vigilant person but — comes to where you draw the line we don’t want — subject to show any unnecessary risk into me. I think it’s getting that point. Rob thank you very much for that call. My friends are you a.