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Streamed live on Feb 12, 2015

DEFEAT JIHAD SUMMIT (Also, Arie Egozi update from Israel)

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The Center for Security Policy presents this remarkable event in Washington on 11 February. An international summit where the truth will actually be told about the real and growing danger facing our country and the rest of the Free World, a truth that is basically taboo in official circles these days.

All other things being equal, this practice of air-brushing out of presidential pronouncements, national strategies and the Obama administration’s public events any accurate depiction of the enemy or its ideology will be much in evidence at the “Countering Violent Extremism Summit” to be held at the White House on 18 February.

In the belief that the American people deserve better and, specifically, that they have a need-to-know who it is we are fighting and why, a small but representative sample of patriots and freedom fighters drawn from the United States, Canada, Europe, Israel and Australia will be joining forces for the “Defeat Jihad Summit.”

This invitation-only event will be conducted in a roundtable discussion format involving some 35 distinguished counter-jihadists. Among the eminent participants will be: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, Representatives Steven King and Mike Pompeo, Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders, Danish free speech advocate Lars Hedegaard and Britain’s Lord Malcolm Pearson.

In the course of the program, we will explore the reality that we confront not simply the Islamic State or al Qaeda, but what is truly a Global Jihad Movement – and the totalitarian, Islamic supremacist ideology that animates it: shariah. We’ll examine rigorously the adequacy of the measures taken to date by the United States and other Western nations to contend with this threat. And we’ll consider alternative strategies that may be considerably more effective in defeating jihad.

In that regard, we commend to you the Secure Freedom Strategy the Center for Security Policy rolled out on 16 January. It is modeled after the one President Reagan used to destroy the last totalitarian ideology that sought to vanquish us: Soviet Communism and the “Evil Empire” it begat. (A two-page paper outlining the Strategy’s highlights can be at

  • Edgar Goulet

    Hi, this Country has a Constitution that worked, follow the rules of are Forefathers and were all good.
    Those who changed it are Our Domestic Enemies who are Criminals and the bad guys like Terrorist.
    Look at who these People are, lawyers, lobbyists, Politicians, State Attorney General’s denying Us these Statutes and Amendments with permission from former Prosecutors who are appointed By the Pubic Unions who choose Our Elected representatives of their choice, destroying families, lives and Culture, Patriotism, and Trust for Profit, in order too secure their interest in mob security and pensions with secret back room contracts behind Our Backs, that make us future taxpayers responsible, with
    No say.
    While Our Troops are sent all over Hells gates for energy and investor profits with Our Blood, while were too busy trying too stay alive in any place or Country of their choice, except in the most important place here at Home, where these Domestic Enemies have been undermining everything from jobs too technology, immigration, while disarming the security of all Americans, and telling us what we should eat and what religion is best for us.
    For a Country with the best trained and equipped Gang members, minus their leaders who for the most part are Traitors except for those who were dismissed of course, who are Heroes in my eyes.
    Why can’t we take names here at home as we do elsewhere, and keep Our Enemies Out of Our Country and stop educating these Foreigners just for profit after they stated that they didn’t have Our best interest at Heart, are we stupid or something, Hello, is anyone at Home?
    Were just sitting around like in Nam, waiting too get attacked on the Enemies terms, when we know who and why and where those responsible are working or residing, while they are making plans, new laws too further insure that Your Liberty and Freedom will be dictated by Our Enemies Domestic Or Foreign if we cannot clean Out Our Own House, as someone else will do it for us.