Bethany Blankley – “85% of Congress Guilty of Treason”

Bethany Blankley – “85% of Congress Guilty of Treason”

Political analyst Bethany Blankley maintains that it’s not just the President who is guilty of treason, it’s also most of the members of Congress. She also talks about the State Department facilitating sex trafficking of minor children. Finally, she contends that Obama is a puppet.


DHS Grants DACA to Illegal Alien Charged with Murder
Rangel Hernandez
Last Friday, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Leon Rodriguez admitted the agency had granted DACA to Emmanuel Jesus Rangel Hernandez, an illegal alien now charged with the murder of four, even though a federal crime database indicated he was a gang member. (Letter to Chairman Grassley, Apr. 17, 2015;, Apr. 22, 2015; see FAIR Legislative Update, Mar. 3, 2015) Rodriguez admitted the gross error in response to inquiries made by Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) about USCIS’ approvals of gang-affiliated DACA applicants. The murders with which Rodriguez is charged took place in Senator Tillis’ hometown. (See FAIR Legislative Update, Mar. 24, 2015; Letter to Johnson, Mar. 20, 2015)

In his letter to the Senators, Director Rodriguez also confirmed that Mr. Rangel Hernandez was already in removal proceedings when he applied for DACA in January 2013 because he had been arrested in 2012 for drug possession. (Letter to Chairman Grassley, Apr. 17, 2015) But despite the drug charge and his documented gang affiliation, USCIS approved his DACA application. (Id.) His deportation proceedings were closed. (Id.) Rodriguez conceded USCIS should have checked the database and should not have approved his application. (Id.)

Director Rodriguez also stated USCIS had recently conducted a query of all approved DACA cases in the same federal database to discover gang affiliations and found 49 individuals with records in the database indicating “known or suspected” gang affiliation. (Id.) Twenty of these, he said, had records indicating gang affiliation at the time their applications were approved, another 13 had records entered after being approved for DACA, and one had a record entered during the DACA adjudication process. These cases, Rodriguez said, “are being reviewed.” (Id.) Fifteen were vetted and determined not to be gang members. (Id.) Moreover, he claimed, approvals of known gang members and gang affiliates were “in error.” (Id.) He noted that an increasing number of DACA applications have been denied because of gang-affiliation: 28 in FY 2013; 131 in FY 2014; and 123 in FY 2015. (Id.)

Senator Grassley blasted USCIS for its careless administration of DACA. (Grassley Press Release, Apr. 21, 2015) He said Rodriguez’s letter “confirms” his fear that USCIS’s review of DACA applications is wholly inadequate to protect public safety. (Id.) “It’s no secret,” he said, “that USCIS staff is under intense pressure to approve every DACA application that comes across their desk.” (Id.) Senator Tillis agreed. He said that “USCIS needs to immediately start performing detailed criminal background checks” to prevent tragedies like the murders in his own state from occurring in the future.