AVAJ to Broaden Membership Base Through Education, Social Networks

PRESS: VAJ/ AVAJ: Directors & Members Embolden Mission; Focus on Social Network Outreach.

“Yes, we are a nation-wide organization with over 1000 current members, Our membership embodies a combination of the “boots on the ground” effort which is already in place and combines a current “social network with tools” which will continue to focus on education.”
~ Col Bill Duncan, Founder AVAJ

Date Released: 01/30/2012

Press Release ImageUSA- Arkansas, Little Rock/ Rogers

The organization, Veterans Against Jihad (VAJ)Foundation, empowered their membership base this month with a new website AVAJ.US. VAJ/AVAJ has taken a more aggressive approach in its outreach by using the current tools of communication via social networking. The Director of the Foundation, Col Bill Duncan of Arkansas, along with the co-founder Domenick De Rose of New York and Director of IT Vin Burd out of Massachusetts made it clear the organization has long standing roots nationwide that predate the actual incorporation of VAJ as a non-profit back in 2008.

“Yes, we are a nation-wide organization with over 2000 current members”, stated the veteran Colonel. “Our members are active and in contact daily. Our membership embodies a combination of the “boots on the ground” effort which is already in place and combines a current “social network with tools” which assists and encourages newer members to understand that our Charter will continue to focus on educating the public on the perils of Sharia Law becoming intertwined with our State and Federal laws, and that is exactly where peril lies”, stated Col. Duncan.

Some interesting background on Col Bill Duncan: “Ghost Battalion” a true story and legend of the Marines (2/1).

Duncan was the commander of the “Ghost Battalion, 2ndBn, 1st Marines (2/1) and in the early summer of 1968, it was the North Vietnam Communist forces who gave 2/1 their name, “Ghost Battalion”. The NV Communist forces were ordered to crush the American Marines of 2/1. Duncan made the quick decision to withdraw his troops overnight leaving no trace of the night route with the use of artillery at the flanks and with the closure units to the rear.

The following morning the NV Communist commander reported to his headquarters that 2/1 had vanished. The Senior North Vietnam commander protested the local NV command stating that, “no unit can vanish leaving no trace”, turned and promptly relieved the local commander of his combat assignments.

After some nine hours of silent maneuvers through minefields (2/1) returned to their operating base at .KheSanh The overall Integrity of 2/1 was a solid factor in successful redeployment with no KIA and minimum WIA.”

“The synergism of VAJ was established long ago; now the public promotion of AVAJ through social networking capabilities will serve to swell our ranks, stated Col Duncan. Furthermore, he continued, the protection and utility of our Constitution prohibits our government, local to federal, from promoting one religion over another, which remains a personal individual choice. Obedience to the Koran requires followers to practice greater importance by intertwining Islam as a form of rule, and government. They desire to establish Sharia law into a system of government that is completely antithetical not only to our way of life but our established rule of law in EVERY way! AVAJ will continue to combat this on a daily basis.”

VAJOnline.org became the AVAJ.US, because Veterans of the group found very strong alliances with American citizens who are committed to stand to stop such subversion in the USA. “When Veterans and citizens stand united to add social networking to the promotional plans, the combination will be an unstoppable force, said Domenick DeRose, co founder of VAJ, it just strengthens the ground game in place. Our mission is clear, he went on to say, we are supported directly by our membership: The funds through that membership maintains our site, increases Citizen awareness through printed periodicals, and petitioning our political leaders for passage legislation such as anti Sharia/foreign laws in each of our 50 states. We hope to accomplish this by no later than 2016 and petition our membership to achieve this.

Our objective is to be a well funded, well organized nation-wide educational foundation of American citizens and Veterans to stand for the cause of individual liberty. “We achieve that when we act in cooperation with one another thereby preserving our nation’s security, stated Vin Burd. Those who participate in the social networks do so with gusto as our many of our long term members are from the generation of eye to eye contact, we know that combining this talent with those who socially network through on-line outlets will help bring attention to citizens who need a voice, and other veterans who may desire to take a leadership role, and are looking for the right organization to align themselves. We know there are millions of people who should be aligned with us, we ask all to listen, read and take action and to become an active member.

Americans and Veterans Against Jihad can be contacted by emailing Col Bill Duncan, Director at:  billduncan48@outlook.com

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