Brigitte Gabriel: Radical Islam: The Plan to Destroy America from Within: Infiltration

Brigitte Gabriel: Radical Islam: The Plan to Destroy America from Within: Infiltration



Feds ‘admit, under oath, that they have no idea who these people are’


Muslim immigration from dangerous nations is dramatically higher in recent years, and government assurances that immigrants are being properly screened is “a farce,” according to accomplished author and columnist Paul Sperry.

“It’s a huge surge under Obama. In the last three years, he’s averaged 100,000 new immigrants from Muslim nations a year. That is very alarming. It’s more than we’re importing both from Central America and Mexico combined. This is a big shift in immigration flows,” said Sperry, who is the author of “Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington” and co-author of “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America.”

“It’s really insane what we’re doing. No one’s really talking about it, but this mass immigration from Muslim countries poses a serious national security threat,” said Sperry, who is also a Hoover Institution media fellow and former Washington bureau chief of WND. Sperry frequently writes for the New York Post and Investor’s Business Daily.

The stated reason for the influx in recent years is the rise in refugees from war-torn nations like Syria and Iraq. The number of people accepted from Syria in particular baffles Sperry, who said there is a long standing policy of keeping Syrians at bay.

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“Syria has always been on our terrorist list,” he said. “We have had very strict restrictions on Syrian immigration. Since Syria’s become a failed state, Obama’s increased the number of refugees. By the time he leaves office, we will be importing over 10,000 Syrians into this country. This is a concern because Iraq and Syria are now controlled by the Islamic State.”

The government insists the case of each refugee is carefully scrutinized before he or she is allowed into the U.S. But Sperry said that claim is laughable.

“At the top levels of the administration, DHS and so forth, they claim that these refugees are being vetted,” Sperry said. “But it’s a complete farce. We know that from testimony from the FBI officials who are in charge of that type of vetting process for terrorists coming in under visas and these refugee programs.”

What has the FBI testimony shown?

“They admit, under oath, that they have no idea who these people are, and they can’t find out what type of backgrounds they have, criminal, terrorism or otherwise, because there is no vetting opportunities,” Sperry said. “You can’t vet somebody if you don’t have documentation, police records, etc.”

He said, “Of course, Iraq and Syria are now failed states and the police. There are no police records, so we are not vetting these folks.”

Sperry said it’s a huge gamble to let people from hostile nations enter the U.S. without any meaningful background check.

“We have no idea if they’re going to come into this country to escape terrorism or to carry out terrorism. We have no idea, and they admit as much. For all we know, they could be joining a sleeper cell here,” said Sperry, who noted that Obama has also greatly increased the number of Saudis in the U.S. on student visas.

According to Sperry, the U.S. should be feverishly dialing back its acceptance of Muslims from questionable nations. He said Western Europe is a glaring example of what happens when more scrutiny is not paid to who enters the country. Sperry cites recent terror attacks and plots in Paris, Copenhagen and Brussels as proof that liberal immigration standards and refusal to demand assimilation is a breeding ground for disaster.

“They opened the floodgates for North African Muslims,” he said. “Now they regret it, of course, but it’s too late. Europe regrets doing what we’re doing now. We’re the ones who are rolling out the welcome mat for Muslims from these hostile nations.”

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While Sperry is quick to clarify that the U.S. contains none of the no-go zones for police that are found in some major European cities, he said political figures in the U.S. are naive to think that Muslims are not effecting major change in communities across the country, including some just a stone’s throw from the nation’s capital.

“That’s just nonsense on stilts,” he said. “These politicians need to get out and go out into some of the communities just in their backyard. Alexandria, Virginia, for example, Bailey’s Crossroad. They actually call that area Northern Virginia-stan.”

Two major Midwestern cities are also cause for major concern to Sperry.

“Then you have Dearbornistan, Michigan, and Minneapolis,” he said. “We’ve brought in so many Somalian refugees that they’ve turned Minneapolis into a terror hot spot. They are very belligerent, very aggressive about asserting their culture onto the West. The Minneapolis mayor is now wearing a hijab when she meets with Muslim leaders.”

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Asserting the culture leads to a litany of other problems, Sperry said law enforcement has a tough time arresting Muslims in some areas for spousal abuse because it is allowed by the Quran if the wife is disobedient to her husband. He also said honor killings are on the rise, where fathers or brothers are permitted to murder Muslim girls for wearing Western clothing or dating a non-Muslim. Female genital mutilation is also a growing problem.

Sperry said it’s time to stop pretending America is not at war and take concrete measures to keep out people from suspect nations. He believes there’s an obvious place to start.

“They have a list of Muslim countries who are most hostile to the U.S. and the West,” Sperry said. “They rank them. We can start with those countries for a moratorium, putting some curbs on immigration from these countries.”

If the lack of solid background information were not enough, Sperry said the FBI is hopelessly overwhelmed in trying to vet immigrants already in the country, so opening the doors to hundreds of thousands more makes the nation even more vulnerable.

“Our FBI doesn’t even have the resources to get a handle on all of the ISIS/jihadist threat in the Muslim community,” he said. “Now we’re going to lay on top of that all of these new immigrants who are even potentially more radical on top of that threat matrix. I mean that’s just ridiculous.”

But is it fair to let no one in from those countries when surely a sizable percentage has no interest in attacking the U.S.? Sperry said there’s no other choice.

“We just don’t have the information,” he said. “The FBI admits they don’t have the information on the ground that they need, unless the FBI is going to go into these failed states, which isn’t going to happen. They do not have the police records, the police reports that they can make objective decisions on these folks coming in.

“It’s a pure sympathy play to let all these folks in on blind trust. We just cannot do that.”




WOW, after an amazing week of election coverage in Israel, where Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won in an unbelievable landslide, we feature several analysts from Israel who are ecstatic about the victory and one British Muslim teacher of the shariah, who is not happy at all with any Jews in Israel. Tune in to hear how Anjem Choudary dispassionately explains Islamic doctrine and how it is essential for all the Jews to leave Israel and go to another country to live, or deal with the prophecies of Islam, which has the Muslim jihadis conquering the Jews and obliterating them from Israel. Folks, this is some serious stuff, don’t miss it!
ICE Released More Than 30,000 Criminal Illegals Last Year
By Todd Beamon
More than 30,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records were released by federal officials last fiscal year — on top of the over 36,000 who were released the previous year, Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Wednesday.

The agency, which falls under the Department of Homeland Security, said it had released 30,558 criminal illegals in fiscal 2014. The figure was down from the 36,007 criminals released in 2013.

The statistics were first reported by The Washington Times.

The fiscal 2013 figures include more than 2,000 criminal illegals who were released in February 2013 under planned sequestration cuts. More than 600 were known criminals.

Sarah Saldaña, who took as head of ICE last August, said the latest number “still concerns me,” telling the Times that overcrowding would no longer be the primary reason for releasing criminal illegals.

All pending cases will now be approved by a top supervisor, she said.

“I am determined to continue to take every possible measure to ensure the public’s safety and the removal of dangerous criminals,” Saldaña told the Times.

The illegals are required to have “supervised release” — monitoring by federal authorities — but Saldaña said those efforts would be toughened to try to prevent them from committing new crimes.

The agency said many of the illegals were released because of a previous court order that prohibited authorities from holding them indefinitely if their home countries would not take them back.

Republicans have sought to rewrite the law so that serious criminal illegals could be held longer. They have also been unsuccessful in getting the Obama administration to deny visas to leaders of countries that refuse to take their citizens back, the Times reports.

Law-enforcement officials have also long slammed the Obama’s administration’s release of criminal illegals — regardless of the reason — saying they endanger Americans and effectively tell immigrants there are no consequences for their actions.

“The administration’s immigration lawlessness knows no bounds,” Stephen Miller, a spokesman for Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, told Newsmax of the new figures. The GOP senator has long battled the White House on immigration reform.

No specifics on criminal offenses were included in ICE’s breakdown Wednesday, but the breakdown for the 36,007 released in fiscal 2013 includes: 193 convicted of homicide, 426 of sexual assault, 303 of kidnapping, and 16,070 of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The agency said most of the homicide convicts released were court-ordered, the Times reports.

Jessica Vaughan, policy director of the Center for Immigration Studies, said the problem rested with supervisors.

“It’s the supervisors who are ordering the releases, and the intent of the supervision is to make sure that officers in the field are not detaining people, not the other way around,” she told the Times. “The problem is most definitely the policies, not the officers.

“Creating more levels of review and red tape is not going to solve that problem,” she said.

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‘Muslim Brotherhood princess’ used Clinton email server

‘Muslim Brotherhood princess’ used Clinton email server
Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin

At least three of Hillary Clinton’s top aides – including one with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood – used emails hosted on Clinton’s private server while she was secretary of state, according to several reports.

At a news conference Tuesday at the U.N., Clinton directly addressed media about the revelation that she conducted her business as secretary of state using a private email account instead of the secure and archived government system.

Clinton_Abedin2She acknowledged she deleted thousands of personal emails and said she turned over hard copies of messages to the State Department that she deemed to be work related.

But Clinton apparently wasn’t the only one at the State Department using private email.

Weekly Standard senior writer Stephen Hayes told Fox News, “Two of Hillary Clinton’s top aides used personal email while they were employed at the State Department.”

Hayes specifically named Clinton Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, who served as Clinton’s longtime deputy chief of staff. Abedin and Clinton worked closely together for nearly 20 years.

“The State Department has evidence of this,” he said.

In another report, the gossip website Gawker claimed both Abedin and Phillippe Reines, Clinton’s communications strategist, used the private email addresses.

The London Daily Mail confirmed one of Abedin’s email addresses was listed as

Abedin’s emails would be of particular interest because she has known ties to the Muslim Brotherhood – a group that’s bent on “destroying Western civilization from within” – and other Islamic supremacists.


Hayes said, “The question, I think becomes: Were they emailing with Hillary Clinton from their personal email addresses to her personal email address about State Department business, about Benghazi, including sensitive classified information?

“Those are questions that I think (Rep.) Trey Gowdy and the House Benghazi Committee is going to want to look at very carefully.”

What do YOU think? Will Hillary’s email troubles delete her run for president? Sound off in today’s WND poll

Government watchdog Judicial Watch has filed a lawsuit against the State Department seeking all emails from 2009 to 2013 between Clinton, Abedin and Nagla Mahmoud, wife of Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Morsi.

“Now we know why the State Department didn’t want to respond to our specific request for Hillary Clinton’s and Huma Abedin’s communications,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement. “The State Department violated FOIA law rather than admit that it couldn’t and wouldn’t search the secret accounts that the agency has known about for years. This lawsuit shows how the latest Obama administration cover-up isn’t just about domestic politics but has significant foreign policy implications.”

Get the details about what really happened in one of America’s biggest foreign operations failures, in “The REAL Benghazi Story.”


Transforming America

Abedin and Clinton worked closely together for nearly 20 years. As WND has extensively reported, the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic supremacist connections not only extend to Abedin’s mother and father, who are both deeply tied to al-Qaida fronts, but to Abedin herself.

Major news media profiles of Abedin report she was born of Pakistani and Indian parents, without delving much further into her family’s history.

As WND reported, a manifesto commissioned by the ruling Saudi Arabian monarchy places the work of an institute that employed Abedin at the forefront of a grand plan to mobilize U.S. Muslim minorities to transform America into a Saudi-style Islamic state, according to Arabic-language researcher Walid Shoebat.

Clinton_Abedin3Abedin was an assistant editor for a dozen years for the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs for the Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs. The institute – founded by her late father and currently directed by her mother – is backed by the Muslim World League, an Islamic organization in the Saudi holy city of Mecca that was founded by Muslim Brotherhood leaders.

The 2002 Saudi manifesto shows that “Muslim Minority Affairs” – the mobilizing of Muslim communities in the U.S. to spread Islam instead of assimilating into the population – is a key strategy in an ongoing effort to establish Islamic rule in America and a global Shariah, or Islamic law, “in our modern times.”

WND reported Abedin also was a member of the executive board of the Muslim Student Association, which was identified as a Muslim Brotherhood front group in a 1991 document introduced into evidence during the terror-financing trial of the Texas-based Holy Land Foundation.

abedinAt her father’s Saudi-financed Islamic think tank, WND reported, Abedin worked alongside Abdullah Omar Naseef, who is accused of financing al-Qaida fronts.

Naseef is deeply connected to the Abedin family.

WND was first to report Huma’s mother, Saleha Abedin, was the official representative of Naseef’s terror-stained Muslim World League in the 1990s.

Shoebat previously reported that as one of 63 leaders of the Muslim Sisterhood, the de facto female version of the Muslim Brotherhood, Saleha Abedin served alongside Nagla Ali Mahmoud, the wife of Muslim Brotherhood figure Mohammed Morsi, Egypt’s now ousted president.

Saleha Abedin and Morsi’s wife both were members of the Sisterhood’s Guidance Bureau, Shoebat found.

Huma worked with al-Qaida front man

Abdullah Omar Naseef is secretary-general of the Muslim World League, an Islamic charity known to have spawned terrorist groups, including one declared by the U.S. government to be an official al-Qaida front.

The institute founded by Huma Abedin’s father reportedly was a quiet, but active, supporter of Naseef.

The institute bills itself as “the only scholarly institution dedicated to the systematic study of Muslim communities in non-Muslim societies around the world.”

Clinton_Abedin5Huma served on the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs’s editorial board from 2002 to 2008.

Documents obtained by Shoebat revealed that Naseef served on the board with Huma from at least December 2002 to December 2003.

Naseef’s sudden departure from the board in December 2003 coincides with the time at which various charities led by Naseef’s Muslim World League were declared illegal terrorism fronts worldwide, including by the U.S. and U.N.

The MWL, founded in Mecca in 1962, bills itself as one of the largest Islamic non-governmental organizations.

But according to U.S. government documents and testimony from the charity’s own officials, it is heavily financed by the Saudi government.

The MWL has been accused of terrorist ties, as have its various offshoots, including the International Islamic Relief Organization, or IIRO, and Al Haramain, which was declared by the U.S. and U.N. as a terror financing front.

Indeed, the Treasury Department, in a September 2004 press release, alleged Al Haramain had “direct links” with Osama bin Laden. The group is now banned worldwide by U.N. Security Council Committee resolution 1267.

There long have been accusations that the IIRO and MWL also repeatedly funded al-Qaida.

In 1993, bin Laden reportedly told an associate that the MWL was one of his three most important charity fronts.

An Anti-Defamation League profile of the MWL accuses the group of promulgating a “fundamentalist interpretation of Islam around the world through a large network of charities and affiliated organizations.”

“Its ideological backbone is based on an extremist interpretation of Islam,” the profile states, “and several of its affiliated groups and individuals have been linked to terror-related activity.”

abedin2In 2003, U.S. News and World Report documented that accompanying the MWL’s donations, invariably, are “a blizzard of Wahhabist literature.”

“Critics argue that Wahhabism’s more extreme preachings – mistrust of infidels, branding of rival sects as apostates and emphasis on violent jihad –laid the groundwork for terrorist groups around the world,” the report continued.

An Egyptian-American cab driver, Ihab Mohamed Ali Nawawi, was arrested in Florida in 1990 on accusations he was an al-Qaida sleeper agent and a former personal pilot to bin Laden. At the time he was accused of serving bin Laden, he also reportedly worked for the Pakistani branch of the MWL.

The MWL in 1988 founded the Al Haramain Islamic Foundation, developing chapters in about 50 countries, including for a time in Oregon until it was designated a terrorist organization.

Huma_AbedinIn the early 1990s, evidence began to grow that the foundation was funding Islamist militants in Somalia and Bosnia, and a 1996 CIA report detailed its Bosnian militant ties.

The U.S. Treasury designated Al Haramain’s offices in Kenya and Tanzania as sponsors of terrorism for their role in planning and funding the 1998 bombings of two American embassies in East Africa. The Comoros Islands office was also designated because it “was used as a staging area and exfiltration route for the perpetrators of the 1998 bombings.”

The New York Times reported in 2003 that Al Haramain had provided funds to the Indonesian terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah, which was responsible for the 2002 Bali bombings that killed 202 people. The Indonesia office was later designated a terrorist entity by the Treasury.

In February 2004, the U.S. Treasury Department froze all Al Haramain’s financial assets pending an investigation, leading the Saudi government to disband the charity and fold it into another group, the Saudi National Commission for Relief and Charity Work Abroad.

In September 2004, the U.S. designated Al-Haramain a terrorist organization.

In June 2008, the Treasury Department applied the terrorist designation to the entire Al-Haramain organization worldwide

Bin Laden’s brother-in-law

In August 2006, the Treasury Department also designated the Philippine and Indonesian branch offices of the MWL-founded IIRO as terrorist entities “for facilitating fundraising for al-Qaida and affiliated terrorist groups.”

The Treasury Department added: “Abd Al Hamid Sulaiman Al-Mujil, a high-ranking IIRO official [executive director of its Eastern Province Branch] in Saudi Arabia, has used his position to bankroll the al-Qaida network in Southeast Asia. Al-Mujil has a long record of supporting Islamic militant groups, and he has maintained a cell of regular financial donors in the Middle East who support extremist causes.”

In the 1980s, Mohammed Jamal Khalifa, Osama bin Laden’s brother-in-law, ran the Philippines offices of the IIRO. Khalifa has been linked to Manila-based plots to target the pope and U.S. airlines.

The IIRO has also been accused of funding Hamas, Algerian radicals, Afghanistan militant bases and the Egyptian terror group Al-Gamaa al-Islamiyya.

The New York Post reported the families of the 9/11 victims filed a lawsuit against IIRO and other Muslim organizations for having “played key roles in laundering of funds to the terrorists in the 1998 African embassy bombings” and for having been involved in the “financing and ‘aiding and abetting’ of terrorists in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.”

‘Saudi government front’

In a court case in Canada, Arafat El-Asahi, the Canadian director of both the IIRO and the MWL, admitted the charities are near entities of the Saudi government.

Stated El-Asahi: “The Muslim World League, which is the mother of IIRO, is a fully government-funded organization. In other words, I work for the government of Saudi Arabia. I am an employee of that government.

“Second, the IIRO is the relief branch of that organization, which means that we are controlled in all our activities and plans by the government of Saudi Arabia. Keep that in mind, please,” he said.

Despite its offshoots being implicated in terror financing, the U.S. government never designated the MWL itself as a terror-financing charity. Many have speculated the U.S. has been trying to not embarrass the Saudi government..


Huma’s mother represented Muslim World League

Saleha Abedin has been quoted in numerous press accounts as both representing the MWL and serving as a delegate for the charity.

In 1995, for example, the Washington Times reported on a United Nations-arranged women’s conference in Beijing that called on governments throughout the world to give women statistical equality with men in the workplace.

The report quoted Saleha Abedin, who attended the conference as a delegate, as “also representing the Muslim World League based in Saudi Arabia and the Muslim NGO Caucus.”

The U.N.’s website references a report in the run-up to the Beijing conference that also lists Abedin as representing the MWL at the event.

The website posted an article from the now defunct United States Information Agency quoting Abedin and reporting she attended the Beijing conference as “a delegate of the Muslim World League and member of the Muslim Women’s NGO caucus.”

In the article, Abedin was listed under a shorter name, “Dr. Saleha Mahmoud, director of the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs.”

WND confirmed the individual listed is Huma Abedin’s mother. The reports misspelled part of Abedin’s name. Her full professional name is at times listed as Saleha Mahmood Abedin S.


Hillary praise

Saleha Mahmood formerly directed the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs in the U.K. and served as a delegate for the Muslim World League, an Islamic fundamentalist group Osama bin Laden reportedly told an associate was one of his most important charity fronts.

In February 2010, Clinton spoke at Dar Al-Hekma College in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where Abedin was an associate professor of sociology at the time.

Clinton, after she was introduced by Abedin, praised the work of the terror-tied professor.

“I have to say a special word about Dr. Saleha Abedin,” Clinton said. “You heard her present the very exciting partnerships that have been pioneered between colleges and universities in the United States and this college. And it is pioneering work to create these kinds of relationships.

“But I have to confess something that Dr. Abedin did not,” Clinton continued, “and that is that I have almost a familial bond with this college. Dr. Abedin’s daughter, one of her three daughters, is my deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin, who started to work for me when she was a student at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.”

“STRIKE IRAN NOW” – Admiral “Ace” Lyons

“STRIKE IRAN NOW” – Admiral “Ace” Lyons

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IRAN – A Time To Attack, Dr. Matthew Kroenig

IRAN – A Time To Attack, Dr. Matthew Kroenig

Published on Mar 2, 2015
(Part 1 of 3) The United West presents a three-part special series on the Iran Nuclear crisis entitled, “BOMBS AWAY.” Today we feature – nuclear expert Dr. Matthew Kroenig author of the ground-breaking book IRAN – A Time To Attack, which dispassionately address the various options that will prohibit Iran from obtaining thermonuclear weapons. Dr. Kroenig, who is one of America’s top experts on Iranian nukes and who worked with the Obama Pentagon, has reached conclusions in his “must-read” analysis which are generating significant worldwide controversy. Tune in as Tom Trento and Dr. Andy Bostom discuss the Iran nuke crisis with Dr. Kroenig.


Iran Launches Large Scale Military Drills

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard launched a large-scale naval and air defense drill Wednesday near a strategic Gulf waterway, using a replica of a US aircraft carrier as a target. Video of the drill appeared on Iranian state television.

DHS hides crucial fact on ‘terrorist influx’

DHS hides crucial fact on ‘terrorist influx’
Mall attackers recruited from 1 state in particular

author-image Leo Hohmann About | Email | Archive

Al-Shabab terrorist on propaganda video seeking to inspire lone-wolf attacks on malls, including the Mall of America in Minnesota.Al-Shabab terrorist on propaganda video seeking to inspire lone-wolf attacks on malls, including the Mall of America in Minnesota.

Homeland Security Chief Jeh Johnson warned that a Somalia-based terrorist group is encouraging “independent actors” to carry out attacks in Western countries, with the Mall of America in Minnesota among the specific targets, but he failed to mention that the U.S. continues to import hundreds of high-risk Islamic refugees from Somalia every month.

The U.S. State Department’s refugee-resettlement program has placed more than 100,000 Somalis into U.S cities and towns since the early 1990s – all of them Muslims hand-selected by the United Nations refugee agency. And Minnesota has become the most popular destination, with secondary hotspots in Maine, Ohio, Colorado and southern California. More than 800 new refugees from Somalia arrive in the United States every month, according to Refugee Resettlement Watch.

The constant influx has earned parts of Minneapolis the nickname “Little Mogadishu.”

Johnson told CNN Sunday that terrorist groups such as Somalia-based al-Shabab are “relying more and more on independent actors to become inspired” and “attack on their own.”

But he made no mention in any of his interviews on Sunday morning news shows of the program that brings these potential “independent actors” to the U.S. in the first place.

Johnson said there was a need for a “comprehensive” approach to fighting the ever-present threat posed by terror groups, including al-Shabab and the Islamic State or ISIS.

One would think that cutting off the spigot of Islamic immigration would play a role in any truly comprehensive approach, said Islam expert Robert Spencer, who runs the JihadWatch blog at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

To talk about tackling the problem without addressing the refugee pipeline is disingenuous, Spencer said.

“The government’s ‘concern’ about these threats is completely undercut by the Obama administration’s immigration policies,” said Spencer. “More than 800 Somalis a month are entering the country.”

The latest attempt to inspire so-called “lone-wolf” attacks came Saturday when a video was posted on the Internet featuring an al-Shabab terrorist who appeared to be a Somali wearing a scarf over his face and speaking in a British accent. He urged like-minded Muslims to carry out attacks against shopping malls in their home countries.

The Somali terrorist provided three examples of what he believes would make wonderful targets – the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, Canada, and the Oxford Street shopping area in London.

He showed a picture of the Mall of America with GPS coordinates.

Christians targeted in 2013 mall attack in Kenya

The video showed six minutes of graphic images and the terrorists celebrating the 2013 Westgate Mall attack in Nairobi, Kenya, which killed 67 people. In that attack, many of the shoppers were asked if they were Christian. If they said yes, they were summarily executed.

The deputy director of the FBI’s counter-terrorism unit, Michael Steinbach, told a congressional committee on Feb. 11 that it is virtually impossible for the U.S. to screen out terrorists from the U.N.’s Syrian refugees camps because Syria is a “failed state” with no reliable police or intelligence data. The same could be said for Somalia, which has been wracked by civil war since the early 1990s. Yet the U.S. has been accepting a steady stream of refugees from that country since 1992.

Spencer said the U.S. government can’t claim “concern” about jihadists carrying out lone-wolf attacks but then fail to shut down the main pipeline into the country, which is the refugee resettlement program.

These immigrants did not just magically appear on U.S. soil, as many of the major media reports would suggest. They were brought here with the full support of the White House and Congress, and there is thus far no indication that anyone wants to rein in the refugee program even though there have been widespread abuses, such as in 2008 when the State Department admitted that up to 20,000 Somalis lied on their refugee applications to get into the U.S., making false claims of American family members.

Others have been caught sending aid to al-Shabab or leaving the country to go fight for the al-Qaida offshoot. Spencer said there is no fool-proof way to determine whether Somali refugees have any allegiance to al-Shabab.

“The government could have imported as ‘refugees’ the very people who could carry out a jihad attack at the Mall of America,” he said. “The duplicity is as astounding as the indifference of the Republicans and the mainstream media.”

Problems assimilating

Minnesota now has the largest population of Somali-Americans, estimated at from 50,000 to 80,000, concentrated mostly in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. The Somali community has had problems integrating into the mainstream of American society. They have called for foot baths at colleges, demanded halal foods at schools, hospitals and prisons, and filed lawsuits against employers who don’t accommodate their special needs related to dress codes or prayer times.

About 70 percent of the 900 cab drivers at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport are Somali men. They have repeatedly refused to transport dogs, both pets and guide dogs for the blind, as many news outlets have reported, including WND.

While there has been widespread media coverage recently about the national-security risks associated with bringing in a new wave of refugees from Syria, little has made its way into the establishment media about the thousands of Somalis who have already come to America, and continue to come despite increasing signs of radicalization. Dozens of Muslim youths in Minnesota have fallen prey to radical teachings both in mosques and over the Internet, with approximately 25 documented cases of Somalis having left Minnesota to fight for al-Shabab over the past five years, according to the FBI.

At least a dozen other Somalis from Minnesota have left or attempted to leave to go fight for ISIS, WND reported previously. Still others have been arrested, charged and convicted for sending financial aid or other support to foreign terrorist organizations.

Pamela Geller, author of “Stop the Islamization of America” and the AtlasShrugged blog, is another critic of the government’s refugee program.

“I’ve been warning about our refugee resettlement programs for years. In my book, I detail how these programs give preferential treatment to Muslims, even over Christians and other non-Muslims who face Muslim persecution,” she said. “There is no telling how many actual and potential jihadis we have brought into this country as ‘refugees.’”

Pressure from CAIR, ISNA

Any attempts to address this national-security issue have been undermined by groups such the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, and the Islamic Society of North America, or ISNA, she said, adding that these groups are continuously pushing for what she calls “Islamic supremacy.”

“Rep. Peter King’s hearings on these matters were widely derided in the media and attacked by Islamic supremacist groups,” Geller said.

The problem is that most media companies care what groups like CAIR and ISNA think of them, Geller said, even though these organizations have no credibility and were found to have direct ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood during the Holy Land Foundation terror-funding trial of 2008-2009.

“The mainstream media are no longer a news-gathering industry but an activist organization aligned with the Obama administration and the jihad force,” Geller said.

Local residents concerned

Debra Anderson, a resident of Minneapolis and an activist who has fought the growth of mosques in the area, said the latest threat by al-Shabab is terrifying for local residents.

“If they’re comparing it to the Westgate Mall in Kenya, oh my God, they tortured most of those people before killing them, they tortured them,” Anderson said. “When, not if, it happens here it is going to be ugly, really ugly, and we need to have some preparations in place.”

Waleed Edreese al-Meneese

In the same city where Mall of America is located, Bloomington, is the Dar Al Farooq Islamic Youth and Family Center. This mosque is led by radical imam Waleed Edreese al-Meneese, who is a Ph.D. on the faculty of the Islamic University of Minnesota and the American Open University in Washington, D.C., teaching Islamic studies and Shariah law.

For the past nine years, Meneese has been a member of the Permanent Fatwa Committee of the Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America as well as a member of the Board of Trustees of the North American Imams Federation and the American Muslim Jurists of America, an organization that instructs other imams and has been known to teach a literal interpretation of the Quran on everything from female genital mutilation to death for apostate Muslims.

“The Middle East is sending their best imams here to proselytize and convert,” Anderson said.

In fiscal year 2014 the U.S. admitted 9,000 Somali refugees. In the first four months of fiscal 2015 the U.S. admitted 3,536 new Somali refugees, or 884 per month.

See the pattern of Somali resettlements into the U.S. in chart below. The refugee program has been operating in its current form since the Refugee Act of 1980 was signed into law by President Jimmy Carter.




A Call to Stand Against the Evil of ISIS and radical Islam by Dr. Robert Jeffress

As God’s people, we must be willing to stand up against evil in the world. We are in a battle between light and darkness. On Sunday, February 22, I called on President Obama and Congress to do whatever is necessary to eradicate the evil of ISIS and radical Islam, and I’m calling all Christians to stand with me on behalf of our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world being tortured and martyred for their faith. Will you stand?

Click Here to Contact Your Member of Congress and Demand Action


Dr. Jeffress Tells The Truth About Islam

Islam using terror? Or Organized Terror using Islam? Which is it?

Important Message from Living Oasis Ministries

Islam using terror?   Or
Organized Terror using Islam?
Which is it?

One must wonder what happened to common sense and reason. As you watch our leaders in Washington DC, you come to the conclusion that there is no common sense. The rule now is CONFUSION in DC.
Text Box:
I know I know, these are very strong and offensive words to some. But, reading and watching what our president, his cheerleaders in the Democratic Party, and advertisers in the media are saying, a person must come to the conclusion that our president does not have America’s best interest at heart. That means you and me.  Even Rudy Giuliani believes that the president does not love America.

The president has been very busy trying to convince the American people that ISIS is misunderstood. Islam is not to blame for the rise of ISIS, Obama claims. 

Here are the president’s talking points if you have missed them:

  • He is telling us that ISIS caliph Al-Baghdadi is not a religious leader.
  • ISIS is not Islamic and perText Box:  verting Islam.
  • ISIS is no better then the Christians during the Crusades.
  • We should not blame ISIS because of our past sins as a nation and as Christians.
  • ISIS fighters are terrorist, but NOT Islamic terrorist.
  • America’s fight is not against Islam. Even though Islam is at war with us.
  • ISIS needs jobs to stop being jihadists according to the State Dept. spokeswoman Mary Harf.
  • Islam is in the fabric of America and its founding.
This kind of apologetics for Islam and its thugs is very dangerous to our national security and freedoms. Dangerous because the president is sending a clear signal, we will not fight your plans of expansion. We will welcome your fighters among us if they shave their beards and “promise us” they will stop violence.  We will not stand up for the Christians and Yazidies who are being beheaded. The American president is on your side Islam and he will advance your political ambitions in America in spite of the American people disapproval.  That is what Islam and its fighters are hearing Obama saying. This is very dangerous and detrimental to our nation and liberties.

Some might have hope in the Republicans to stop such treason. We should not have much trust or faith in the current Republican leadership. They sold their voters out. They already promised Obama that there would not be an impeachment. Of course the president will continue the current course of changing America into a communist country.

Text Box:

There was a caller on the radio, self-proclaimed communist, who explained that “Communism was not a success as an ideology from the ground up, it must have capitalism to be successful.” That means, the Communists in the America have been working very heard to fundamentally change our nation into communist nation utilizing the wealth generated by Capitalism. I know, this is a little far to accept, but it does not surprise us. We would recommend you watch Agenda:Grinding down America to help put things in prospective.

It is an insult to the reasonable minded American intelligence to continue to proclaim that ISIS is not a threat. That ISIS has no foundation in the Quran for their actions. Let’s look at their Quran and see what it claims:
  • Text Box:  They [whom Allah has thrown out of the way] but wish you should reject Faith, as they do. Seize them and slay them whenever you find them (Qu. 4:89)
  • Fight those who do not profess the true faith (Islam)  till they pay the jizya (poll tax) with the hand of humility (Qu. 9:29)
  • “Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.” (Qu. 9:5)
  • When you meet the unbelievers in the Jihad strike off their heads and, when you have laid them low, bind your captives firmly. Then grant them their freedom or take ransom from them, until War shall lay down her burdens. (Qu. 47:4)
  • Here are more references: Qu. 5:33-34; Qu. 5:51; Qu. 5:57; Qu. 5:64; Qu. 9:30. There are a whole lot more references from the Quran and Islamic traditions.

Simply put: Kill the idolaters (NON MUSLIMS) in any brutal way possible until the world submits to Allah.

Can you imagine Poland saying to the Nazis as they are being invaded, “We are not at war with you?” To deliberately deny and make excuses to an evil force that has been driven by an anti-Christ spirit is welcoming an invasion of the free western world.  Our president and all the liberals in America must understand that there is evil in this world that must be confronted at home and overseas. This is something liberals deny to America’s peril.

Word of encouragement
Our hope is not in this world, U.S. Constitution, 401K, and Wall Street. Our hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ. He is seated at the right hand of the Father in Heaven, Matt. 26:64 and He is in control and will come back again for His own. The Scripture is very clear that in the latter days, evil will grow, men will grow cold 2 Tim. 3:2 , and Satan will reign for a while. The Scripture also tell us that we need to be Gods ambassadors to people who are lost 1 Pet. 2:5-9 and destined to go to Hell Rev. 20:15. We must combat Islam with the gospel of Jesus Christ through our witness to Muslims in our nation. God is allowing Muslims to come to our nation and the church has a great opportunity to witness to them.  We must be equipped to answer Muslims objections to the gospel. Speak to your pastor and have him contact me to sponsor a training conference to equip your church.  Join our effort to equip the global church by becoming a partner with LOM HERE.

You must remember always, we are fighting a winnable war through Christ Jesus.

In His service
Elijah Abraham

About Living Oasis Ministries

Living Oasis Ministries is a ministry of ANM, a non-profit organization that informs and educates Christians on how to combat radical Islam with the Gospel of Christ.  Through seminars, public speaking events, private instruction and apologetics, Living Oasis Ministries is dedicated to defending the Gospel and the U.S. constitution.   Please donate HERE