About Robert Philip Dean

Robert is a member author of AVAJ and is the Founder and Executive Director of the American Patriot Alliance. As a Marine Corps combat and Public Affairs veteran, Robert has seen the cultural and religious differences that have caused the current strife between the United States and Middle East countries, as well as those individuals who are attempting to usurp the Constitution and overthrow the Country. Robert has several years' experience dealing with political and military issues on the local, state and national levels where he was successful in helping Conservative candidates win election to the House and Senate. He currently focuses his Alliance on enforcement of the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) Act, illegal immigration/border security and guarding against foreign groups attempting to undermine the Spirit of American Exceptionalism. Robert graduated from George Washington University with a Bachelor degree in Political science and currently resides with the farm animals in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The APA Responds to Rep. Allen West


As members of America’s armed forces, unarguably the most disciplined and effective defense force in the world, we do NOT exact revenge, but rather justice against the enemy, however vile and disgusting… even when that justice seems grossly insignificant under the circumstances. It is not our position to make judgment against the enemy ~ we leave that to the will of God. Our responsibility is to arrange that meeting in the most expeditious manner. And we do this for a reason…~Robert Phillip Dean
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