• Dave lane

    I’ve always loved this intelligent and pretty truly God fearing American lady. In this politically charged crisis on our southern border as she both defends the greatest president tirelessly fighting for all Americans constitutional sovereignties amid assaults from left and right. Further calling our career criminal Bob subversive Menendez obfuscation and technically aid and abatement to enemy insurgents all the while counter punching with the question few even brochure American black’s are are being delegitimised for the protected class of illegal aliens. The Democratic parties voter base. Noted legal and illegal demographics. In another video sustaining the vital imperative designation of the Muslim brotherhood as an FTO corroborated by the jihad in a skirt reprehensive Omar blatant and willful sedition as an urinated co conspirator of public enemy number one CAIR is Hamas,Islamic relief and Islamist organizations

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    Silly Americans, Mexico ended legal immigration 100 years ago. We have never even allow one African American to migrate and become a full citizen of Mexico. That said, any American with Spanish blood can become a Mexican citizen anytime.

    ~ Supremacist Mexican Colonization

  • https://disqus.com/home Al Hope

    The Spanish colonizers are still colonizing the Americas for their Spanish billionaires. Why? So the Spanish billionaires of Mexico can pay everyone in North American their Minimum Slave Wage of $6 PER DAY and force everyone to adopt Spanish Culture, Language and Dress.