Senate “Jihad Caucus” to bring 65,000 Syrian refugees to US

Senate “Jihad Caucus” to bring 65,000 Syrian refugees to US



7,900 ISIS jihadists now inside Germany Police chief says many infiltrated as refugees

Syrian refugees (Photo: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)

The nearly 1 million migrants huddled in Germany are proving the perfect cover for a growing jihadist army, says one of that country’s leading law enforcement officials.

ISIS fighters determined to carry out attacks in European cities are entering the continent hidden among migrants, a German police chief told the Austrian Press Agency.

Hans-Georg Maasen, a federal police chief, said fighters from the Islamic State have come from the battlefields of Syria and Iraq and are “blending in with the migrants and are planning ‘combat missions’ in Europe,” the Daily Mail reported.

At least two of the eight Paris attackers, who used automatic rifles, grenades and suicide vests to slaughter 130 people, had reached the city via Greece posing as refugees.

Maasen told the Austrian Press Agency his office was aware of nearly 8,000 Islamic radicals inside Germany right now.

He said some are recruiting among the migrants, and his office receives at least one credible threat of a planned terrorist activity every week.

He described ISIS fighters as “combat-hardened professionals” more dangerous than those from al-Qaida.

WND reported earlier this week that a new report from the Threat Group, an independent national security assessment firm, estimates that “thousands” of ISIS supporters are now located in the United States as well.

The U.S. has imported more than 3 million refugees since 1990, approximately half of them from Muslim-dominated countries such as Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan and now Syria. The refugees are hand-selected by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Maasen said nearly a dozen terrorists have been arrested with fake Syrian passports that are nearly identical, including the name. Only the photograph is different.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala.

As WND reported last month, Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., described in an Oct. 1 congressional hearing the thriving black market in Syrian passports. He said these passports can be purchased for as little as $200.

He then grilled an Obama administration investigator in charge of the vetting process for Middle Eastern refugees, Matthew Emrich, and asked him point-blank if the U.S. had any independent databases on Syrian refugees that it could use to cross-check their backgrounds and verify their identities.

Emrich, associate director for Fraud Detection and National Security Directorate at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services within the Department of Homeland Security, was asked by Sessions if his department had access to even a single database in Syria that could provide solid background records on refugees to confirm a refugee is who he says he is.

“Can you name a single computer database outside of maybe some of our own very small but valuable intelligence databases for Syria that you can check against? Does Syria have any?” Sessions asked.

“The government does not, no Sir,” Emrich answered.

But the Obama administration continues to stress a different narrative – that foreign refugees are “the most heavily scrutinized of all travelers into the United States” and that they are made up of “some of the world’s most vulnerable” widows and orphans.

DHS puts out ‘propaganda’ video on refugees

On Nov. 24, Jeh Johnson, the U.S. secretary of Homeland Security, put out a video and press release that hit hard on these themes, saying the majority of refugees from Syria will be women and children and that they will be subject to a “robust” vetting process.

Refugee watchdog and blogger Ann Corcoran called the DHS video a “shameful propaganda piece” that defies both logic and the facts. Even the United Nations’ own data on Syrian refugees acknowledges that the majority are men of pre-retirement age.

Watch Jeh Johnson’s video release on Syrian refugees:

The German police chief’s warnings came just nine days after it was reported that eight migrants have reached Europe using documents almost identical to those carried by one of the Paris suicide bombers.

The passport, found near the body of one of those who participated in the massacre, identified him as Syrian.

It showed he claimed asylum on the Greek island of Leros last month with the fake Syrian passport in the name of 25-year-old Ahmad Almohammad, the Daily Mail reported.

But nine days ago, Serbian police revealed they had arrested a man carrying a Syrian passport that was almost a carbon copy of the one found on the ISIS bomber’s corpse.

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Muslim world reacts to Obama’s speech (and) Radical Islamic Fundamentalism

Muslim world reacts to Obama’s latest speech


The Islamic State (Full Length)


General (Ret.) John Abizaid

General (Ret.) John Abizaid was here this past Tuesday to discuss the Middle East with our Jacksonville World Affairs Council. He was invited by the former Supervisor who lives here (General “Buster”Hagenback who led the Mountain Division into the Hindu Kush area of Afghanistan immediately after 9-11). Most of you know of John Abizaid and you will recall that he is an Arabic speaking West Point grad who studied in Amman Jordan and who spent much of his career involved with the fighting in the Middle East. He finished as the CentCom Commander commanding our forces in Afghanistan and Iraq in the critical 2005-2007 timeframe. In the wake of Paris a number of his comments were quite enlightening and prescient, so I thought I would pass them along.

In John’s view the recent initiatives of ISIS is a game changer. The killings in Beirut, downing of the Russian Airliner and Paris all show a paradigm shift in their strategy. They are moving outside their territories and going on the offensive. Their goal of a worldwide Caliphate based on their ideology draws a parallel with Hitler in the 30’s. He stated what his intention in Mein Kampf. The threat was visible for years before it tore the world apart.

The old Middle East doesn’t exist anymore. The boundaries were drawn by the post WW I victors based on their own “imperialistic ambitions” and without any thought of religious and ethnic consequences.

Iraq is the perfect example. Our strategy has for years been to put the “Humpty Dumpty” Middle East back together again which is a mistake. John Commanded in Bosnia and stated that Yugoslavia had to be

partitioned to bring it into stability in the 90’s. Yet the entire West and the U.N. still persists in not even considering any initiative to do the same in the disaster that is the Middle East.

ISIS views their struggle strategically in terms of centuries; the West views it in tactical terms trying to gain stability in the short term. The Air War was cited by him as totally suboptimal. The flying missions

are not synchronized and the Intelligence Communities are not working together in any reasonable and effective manner. My son Colonel Scott Arbogast is an F-16 pilot in the Strategy Directorate of the Air Staff in the Pentagon and is in the middle of this. He sent me the following web site that corroborates some of what John was saying on the flying side (see -column/75777004/). Thus, we are not “mining the gaps”, nor are we “following the money” (foreign donors in many of our supposed allies are supporting ISIS and need to be tracked down and eliminated).

The Internet needs to be contested as it is being used by ISIS as a major recruiting and otherwise empowering tool in their strategy. Privacy concerns are limiting proper government oversight. Combined with new, powerful encryption technology that is now privately available, ISIS is able to coordinate and mask strikes such as in Paris.

John did not recommend massive “boots on the ground”. What is needed is an American led world-wide coalition that will confront the threat. Military forces, including well equipped and led ground forces, are needed to hit ISIS hard in the territories that they have taken. The ISIS timetable needs to be seriously disrupted and the world needs to see that they are clearly losing the struggle. Military action must then be followed up by a world-wide

strategy that includes education, economic, social and political initiatives. The US must lead all of this, but what is new. American leadership has been at the heart of keeping the world safe for the past hundred years. The biggest challenge will be to organize a functioning and effective Muslim coalition in the Middle East that will be able to implement a follow-up set of policies that will bring stability to the region.

Failure to do this will lead to a 21st century world that will be a nightmare for our children and grandchildren to live in. ISIS will continue to metastasize and spread their sick ideology all over the world. The Free world as we know it will be living daily with terrorism in a major way (kidnappings, suicide bombings, horrific destruction of all that we hold dear etc.). ISIS has stated that if they get their hands on weapons of mass destruction, they will not hesitate to use them in the pursuit of their goal. With the spread of nuclear weapons (see Pakistan), this should provide sufficient enough motivation for us to act.

John’s concluded that the US has no other choice than to take on this challenge. Winning heart and minds with ISIS is futile (Vietnam thinking). We must set our priorities and win this war. We need to recognize that the world of political correctness that has evolved in the West is an absolute distraction in summing up our resolve to persevere. We are in an existential battle of civilizations and must arm ourselves for the struggle that looms ahead.

Footnote from me: Although not stated directly by John, his talk has caused be to start to reflect on a number of related issues, one of which is the refugee crisis. If huge Islamic populations are settled in Europe, the US etc., in the short term we may consider that we are being good humanitarians. Granted, the large percentage of these people are fleeing the hell of the Middle East and need a hand up. However, looking at it long-range, what about the next several generations of Muslims that would be embedded into the fabric of the West. If only a small percentage of them become radicalized in the ISIS mode, the seeds will be there for a Paris exponentially raised to some n power in 2050? 2060? Case in point: it only took 8 Jihadists to cause the bedlam in Paris.

In the recent Democratic debate Bernie Sanders said the main threat in our time is Global Warming. Before we get anywhere close to this, ISIS will have warmed up the planet if we do not bring them to heel. Thanks for reading this.

Gordon W. Arbogast, Ph.D., P.E.
Management, Decision Sciences & Info Mgnt Dept.
Jacksonville University

ISIS Using Refugee Crisis As A Trojan Horse

ISIS Using Refugee Crisis As A Trojan Horse


14 YEARS LATER: It’s time to identify the threat

By EJ Kimball

Reports that one of the eight jihadists involved in the Paris terrorist attacks may have been a Syrian citizen, and that the attack was masterminded by one of Islamic State’s Syrian-based commanders, should give America strong pause as we debate the proposed plan to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees into our country next year.

Both FBI Director James Comey and DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson have admitted that there is no way to properly vet these refugees. There are two main reasons why we lack that capability: (1) we do not have the requisite intelligence in Syria, and (2) our government largely fails to understand or even recognize the ideological threat posed by certain foreign organizations.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.) have introduced legislation in the Senate and House that aims to tackle the latter problem. The proposed legislation calls on the State Department to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization. Citing the largest terrorism financing trial in United States history (U.S. vs. Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, 2008), the legislation would require the secretary of State to report to Congress on whether the Muslim Brotherhood “meets the criteria for designation as a foreign terrorist organization,” and if it does not qualify for such classification, then to detail which specific criteria have not been met.

The legislation would help close a threat that began receiving high profile exposure in December 2001, when the United States Government shut down the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) in Richardson, Texas. As the case was built, and ultimately resulted in a 108 count guilty verdict in 2008, evidence demonstrated that the Muslim Brotherhood had set up a network throughout the United States over nearly 50 years. The findings in the HLF trial were of such significance that U.S. District Judge Jorge A. Solis published the evidence introduced at trial to ensure its ready availability to the public.

According to the Muslim Brotherhood by-laws, its network includes dozens of organizations who collectively work toward “establishing an Islamic State”, which requires “(t)he Islamic nation” to “be fully prepared to fight the tyrants and the enemies of Allah as a prelude to establishing an Islamic State” (Chapter II, Article 2(E) and 3(E)). Most jihadi groups we are presently battling, including Al-Qaeda, Hamas, and Islamic State, share in the canonical-based Islamic beliefs that motivate attacks upon Western nations and values.

In August, I led a Congressional delegation to Israel and Egypt to discuss those countries’ combined efforts to combat Islamic State and Hamas. In our meetings in Egypt, we were asked repeatedly why the United States has designated Hamas as a terrorist organization, but not the Muslim Brotherhood, its parent organization and ideological fountainhead. We raised this issue with U.S. officials in Egypt who indicated that our support for Egypt’s former Muslim Brotherhood-led government still resonates among our regional allies.

The Cruz/Diaz-Balart legislation, if passed, will greatly improve U.S. relations with allies in the Middle East, particularly those who are increasingly reluctant to trust in our commitment of support. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, all of whom have already designated the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, have been looking for American leadership in their campaign against jihadist groups who target us all.

America’s response has lacked vision and resolve, and the region is consequently gravitating toward Russian leadership. This effect is easy to comprehend considering that Russia has already demonstrated its own understanding of such threats, including by designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.

With an established Muslim Brotherhood network throughout the United States friendly to the ISIS ideology, and dozens of U.S. citizens confirmed to have traveled to the Middle East, joined ISIS, and returned to the U.S., the elements are in place to carry out attacks similar to Paris here at home. The Islamic State video released the morning of Monday, November 16, announcing that Washington, D.C. is on its list of targets, is a threat that the group can likely carry out anytime and anywhere as it did in Paris.

Time is on our enemies’ side. They have patiently built their U.S.-based network over decades and will strike at a time of their choosing. The American people’s response to radical Islamic terrorism has been to demand its prosecution anywhere it threatens our national security and interests. The Cruz/Diaz-Balart legislation will provide a necessary boost to our government’s efforts by helping to clearly identify and expose the ideological mother ship of the modern jihadist movement, which threatens the very existence of western, liberal society today. Sadly, our government has been hesitant to name them, but the fact is that we know who they are. It’s time we finally go after them.

Kimball is the director of U.S. Operations for the Israel Allies Foundation, a 501c(3) nonprofit organization. He served as staff director of the Congressional Anti-Terrorism Caucus from 2006-2008.

With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations – Extended Cinematic 1080p

With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations – Extended Cinematic 1080p

French composer agreed that video is “full of lies”: 1 day later 128 civilians were murdered by Islamists in Paris. Keep your homes , your family and loved ones safe if you live in Europe. I wish you all the best of luck for the future, we are facing harsh times.

Editing takes a lot of work and time, if you want to support me, you can do it with Bitcoins/BTC at

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.”

– Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106-43 BC

You are witnessing what will be shown to future generations as the reason for the fall of an Empire.

At current immigration levels and disappearing birth rates native Europeans are destined to become a minority in their own countries within decades. This is already the case for many of Europe’s largest cities.

Europeans have effectively lost their right to exist as cultures and nations in their own homelands and are facing extinction.

Millions of young Muslim men leave behind their family, pay thousands to criminal traffickers to reach the land they have been promised by European politicians illegally.

Dubbed by the media as “refugees”, they cross through 6-10 safe countries to reach wealthy nations like Germany or Sweden where they hope to receive a better life at the expense of the taxpayer.

Only a fraction of them are Syrian, as they enter unfiltered, without any documents and without any legitimate right to claim asylum. Women and children are rarely seen, except in the cherry-picked sob stories of the media.

Any indigenous resistance of Europeans who refuse to hand over the countries of their ancestors to often radical and criminal Muslim foreigners is labeled “hateful”, “racist”, even “Nazi”.

The level of cultural, moral and political subversion with egalitarian and Marxist ideologies has reached levels the KGB would never have dreamed of. Equality and tolerance are lies that serve none but a few.

The Left, mainly orchestrated by Zionist interests, is destroying our countries from the inside. Patriotism, the most basic and fundamental trait of any nation that wants to survive, has become something to be ashamed of.

Feminism has destroyed family values and birth rates. Healthy nationalism has been replaced with a culture of guilt, self-hatred, apathy, degeneracy and pathological altruism. We are told to embrace “diversity”, in reality this simply means instead of just being a global minority, Europeans are supposed to become a minority in their own countries as well. No civilized society can keep up with the birth rate of third world immigrants, especially when the main goal is integration rather than assimilation. Parallel societies breed poverty, crime and radicalism.

Multiculturalism has never, at any time in human history, worked anywhere. If you believe otherwise, you’re delusional. In fact it’s the primary reason for every major conflict.

The crimes committed by the EU against the European peoples are directly in violation of the 1948 UN genocide convention, Article II: (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Because of this injustice, far-right parties everywhere in Europe are gaining astonishing amounts of support, becoming the biggest parties in some countries.

Any European that does not rise up to defend his country from foreign invasion because he’s too scared of words does not deserve it.

We are still at a point where you will not get imprisoned for your political opinion in most European countries, but this will change very soon. Do not be apathetic, do not be weak. Be someone that can be proud to call himself European.

Rep. Peter King: Paris attack should be wake-up call for US

Rep. Peter King: Paris attack should be wake-up call for US


Paris attacksPresident Francois Hollande on Saturday promised a “merciless” response to a wave of attacks by gunmen and bombers in Paris on Friday. Latest updates indicate129 dead and 352 injured, with 99 in critical condition.

Four gunmen slaughtered at least 87 young people at a rock concert being held at the Bataclan concert hall. Dozens of survivors were rescued, and bodies were still being recovered on Saturday morning. The Christian Post notes 40 more people were killed in five other attacks in the Paris region, including an apparent double suicide bombing outside the Stade de France national stadium, where Hollande and the German foreign minister were watching a soccer game between France and Germany. It is now known a suicide bomber wearing an explosive vest was blocked from enteringthe Stade de France soccer venue.

It was the worst such attack in Europe since the Madrid train bombings of 2004, in which 191 died.

In the aftermath of the coordinated attacks, reports are emerging that one of the terrorists was a Syrian refugee who arrived in Greece just last month. One of suicide bombers outside the Stade de France had a Syrian passport on his body. Greek journalist Yannis Koutsomitis tweeted the country’s Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection has confirmed that the terrorist was “registered as refugee on Leros island in October.” Police declined to give the terrorist’s name.

This comes as a blow to Angela Merkel and other European leaders who allowed a flood of hundreds of thousands of migrants despite the potential threat from ISIS to infiltrate the west. Merkel responded to the massacre by calling for people to express “tolerance” towards the migrants and respect for “the right of everyone to seek his fortune and live.”

“We believe in the right of everyone to seek his fortune and live, to the respect for the other and tolerance,” said Merkel. “We know that our free life is stronger than any terrorist. Let’s give the terrorists the answer by living our values confidently. And as we affirm these values throughout Europe. Now more than ever.”

Numerous experts have warned “that rolling out the red carpet to migrants from the Middle East would substantially heighten the risk of terrorists being able to cross into Europe, although such concerns were dismissed by many at the time as fearmongering,” noted InfoWars.

ISIS is claiming responsibility for the Paris attacks. In an online statement in Arabic and French which authorities say appears to be genuine, the attacks are called a “miracle” carried out by “eight brothers wearing explosive vests and assault rifles.” The statement called Paris the “capital of abomination and perversion.”

The Guardian reports security analyst Charlie Winter said he has seen huge amounts of ISIS propaganda and he believes the statement is definitely from the group, though it was “put together hastily” and it is not clear whether the attacks that killed 127 people were directly ordered by ISIS or only inspired by the group.

European pushback against migration is increasing.

Hollande’s promised “merciless” response may not be enough for his angry fellow citizens.

Far-right National Front party leader Marine Le Pen issued a call for “urgent action” on Saturday, saying, “Islamist fundamentalism must be annihilated, France must ban Islamist organizations, close radical mosques and expel foreigners who preach hatred in our country as well as illegal migrants who have nothing to do here.”

Polls have indicated Le Pen’s past strong speeches against immigration are helping her campaign in the 2017 presidential race, reported Reuters. Prior to the attack, she was considered likely to win regional elections in northern France in December and to make it to the second round afterwards, although not winning the run-off. It remains to be seen if the Paris massacre boosts her support further.

“It is absolutely necessary that France regains control of its borders,” she said – a message likely to resonate with French voters worried over the recent massive influx of Muslim migrants.

In a little-noticed story from a German newspaper, Bavaria’s state premier Horst Seehofer told a party conference there was “reason to believe” that a 51-year-old man arrested last week with several weapons in southern Germany was linked to the Paris attack.

The article reports Seehofer explicitly linked the arrest to the refugee crisis, saying it “shows how important it is for us to have some clarity on who is in our country and who is travelling through our country.” He reiterated his call for reinforced controls at Europe’s external borders as well as at each European country’s national border.

Poland’s future minister for European affairs said his government will not accept EU-mandated quotas for refugees following the terrorist attacks in France. Upwards of 50,000 Poles protested on Wednesday against the European Union and unfettered migration.

Even Sweden is saying “enough” to migrants and began imposing border controls on Thursday. A line of at least 20 police officers is being permanently present on the platform of the Hyllie train station, meeting every train which comes over the Oresund bridge from Denmark.

The Telegraph reports the breaking point politically for Sweden came on Monday “when Anna Kinberg Batra, the leader of Sweden’s centre-right Moderate Party, called for Sweden to send back any asylum-seeker who had stepped foot in another EU country en route, a draconian application of the EU’s original regulations. ‘If we do not act now, we will have a collapse in the system,’ she warned.”

Meanwhile a high-speed train undergoing a test run in northeast France derailed on Saturday. The train burst into flames and split apart before plunging into the Marne au Rhin canal, killing at least seven people and gravely injuring 11. A spokeswoman said there were no immediate indications the crash had anything to do with the Paris attacks the day before.

In England, a terminal at Gatwick Airport was evacuated “for the protection of the public” this morning after a gun was found. Police confirmed a man from France was being questioned. He was described as “landside” at the airport and “had not checked in or passed through any passport or security checks.” He was seen acting suspiciously before throwing a package in a garbage can.

England has upped security in the wake of the Paris attacks. “The police have stepped up their security measures on a precautionary basis and UK border force are working with their French counterparts in light of the tighter border controls in France,” a spokesman said.

At least two Americans are among those injured in the Paris attacks. Cal State Long Beach is reporting a 20-year-old design student named Nohemi Gonzalez was among those killed.

Yet on Friday, the Obama administration moved to increase and accelerate the number of Syrian refugees who might be admitted into the United States by opening new screening outposts in Iraq and Lebanon.

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Radical Islams Children & Inside ISIS Documentary

Shocking Video – Radical Islams Children

This horrific video precedes ISIS, warning the world of how cheap a child’s life is in radical Islams fight with the West. Today we see ISIS Children trained with automatic weapons and groomed as suicide bombers. ISIS and radical Islams vision for children goes against every American instinct and value.

ISIS 2015 – ISIS War News – Inside ISIS – Full Documentary 2015

The Islamic State, a hardline Sunni jihadist group that formerly had ties to al Qaeda, has conquered large swathes of Iraq and Syria. Previously known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the group has announced its intention to reestablish the caliphate and has declared its leader, the shadowy Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, as the caliph.

The lightning advances the Islamic State made across Syria and Iraq in June shocked the world. But it’s not just the group’s military victories that have garnered attention — it’s also the pace with which its members have begun to carve out a viable state.

Flush with cash and US weapons seized during its advances in Iraq, the Islamic State’s expansion shows no sign of slowing down. In the first week of August alone, Islamic State fighters have taken over new areas in northern Iraq, encroaching on Kurdish territory and sending Christians and other minorities fleeing as reports of massacres emerged.


Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, mayor of Baltimore, almost gets teary eyed when she talks about the need to rebuild her city with immigrants and refugees.

It’s an issue that’s close to her heart, but the argument she uses is not new. It’s the same line that is touted by the mayors of other cities, mostly in the Rust Belt, like Baltimore, Minneapolis, Detroit and Pittsburgh.

They crave a steady flow of new immigrants and refugees, they say, because their economies depend on it. Too many of the native-born middle class whites have long since departed for the suburbs.

Baltimore, for instance, has lost a third of its population since 1950. Detroit has lost almost half of its population, and Pittsburgh has also struggled.

The Economist magazine gave a large chunk of space in its latest issue to Rawlings-Blake and her vision of a multicultural Baltimore.

“For more than a decade, Maryland’s largest city has been used as an entry point for refugees, with federal agencies led by the State Department sending 700-800 there each recent year from such troubled places as Nepal, Iraq and Eritrea,” the article states.

But Baltimore has had trouble even retaining the refugees sent its way from United Nations camps in the Third World.

About two-thirds of refugees sent to Baltimore moved on after a few years, according to the Economist.

In fact, a coalition of 100 immigrant-supporting cities seem to be in competition with each other to see which city can offer the most services and benefits to attract foreign-born residents.

They help them find jobs, overcome language barriers and work around employers’ demands for birth certificates or drivers’ licenses. There are also grants to help them get set up in a business venture.

So it’s no surprise that Rawlings-Blake is one of the 100 U.S. mayors asking the Obama administration to send her city a fresh wave of Syrian refugees. She is one of 18 mayors who have written a letter to the administration expressing their desire for more refugees. The 18 mayors who signed the letter represent a total of 100 mayors with Cities United for Immigration Action.

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner is among those inviting Syrian refugees to her city, but it appears her constituents are not so excited about the prospect, judging by a recent letter to the editor published in the local newspaper that received 114 reader comments, most of them against the mayor.

The letter at Syracuse.come was titled “Mayor, how will we fund refugee resettlement?”

Syracuse has received so many Muslim refugees over the past decade that it recently converted one of its largest Catholic churches into a mosque, a project that was approved by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and funded by U.S. tax dollars, Robert Spencer reported in his blog Jihad Watch.

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto is also waiting in line for Syrian refugees, 97 percent of which are Muslim, and the vast majority of those being Sunni Muslim, the same sect adhered to by ISIS, al-Qaida, al-Nusra Front, the Free Syrian Army and other factions trying to bring down the regime of secular dictator Bassur al-Assad.

The security risks of importing Syrian refugees have been stated and restated by the FBI Director James Comey and his top counter-terrorism lieutenants.

But the mayors, in their letter to Obama, make a special point to play down the security issues focusing instead on what they see as economic benefits.

“The drive and enterprise of immigrants and refugees have helped build our economies, enliven our arts and culture, and enrich our neighborhoods,” states the mayors’ letter to Obama.

“We have taken in refugees, and will help make room for thousands more. This is because the United States has developed a robust screening and background check that assures us that we know who we are welcoming into this country. With national security systems in place, we stand ready to support the Administration in increasing the numbers of refugees we can accept.”

The “national security systems in place” for Syrian Muslims have been publicly exposed as a sham by Comey, who testified before Congress less than two weeks ago that the U.S. government has no capacity to screen Syrian refugees.

Pittsburgh’s Mayor Peduto is also one of the 18 U.S. mayors urging President Obama to accept more than his proposed number of 10,000 Syrians this fiscal year.

Detroit has also put its order in for at least 4,000 Syrians, with the plea to Obama coming from Michigan’s GOP Gov. Rick Snyder and Democrat Mayor Mike Duggan.

The 18 mayors said they would work to find space for refugees in their cities.

Peduto said he has asked four resettlement agencies — Northern Area Multi-Service Center in Sharpsburg, Jewish Family and Children’s Services in Squirrel Hill, Downtown-based Catholic Charities of Pittsburgh, and AJAPO Refugee Immigration Services in the Hill District — to determine whether Pittsburgh has space for 500 Syrians.

The smallest city on the list of 18 is tiny Clarkston, Georgia, a tiny town of 7,555 people east of Atlanta.

By 2010 the local high school had students from more than 50 countries; a local mosque had 800 worshipers; and by some estimates, half the population was from outside the U.S. Only 13.6 percent of its population is White, and only 13.1 percent is Hispanic and 58 percent black. The remainder are foreigners from the Middle East and Asia.

Economic benefits of refugees real or imagined?

Ann Corcoran, a blogger at Refugee Resettlement Watch who has followed the refugee movement since 2007, said the economic benefits of immigrants are often vastly overstated because they rarely take into consideration the cost of building new schools, hiring new teachers and special language coaches and translators.

“You know they’re not going to count the remittances that these immigrants send back home to their families, and I don’t think they include the school costs, so the only money I can see is the welfare money coming in from Washington, and of course that’s just going from one taxpayer pocket to the other,” Corcoran told WND.

Refugees immediately qualify for federal benefits such as food stamps and Medicaid, and 73 percent of refugees receive federal food stamps while nearly a quarter live in pubic housing, according to the Congressional Research Office study. Among refugees from the Middle East, the number on food stamps is even higher, at 91 percent.

2011 study by the Center for Immigration Studies shows that what the mayors’ hopes of reviving their cities through the importation of Syrian refugees is likely to be a pipe dream.

“A longstanding part of U.S. immigration policy has been to admit persons for humanitarian reasons. As these individuals are fleeing persecution, they are likely to be the immigrants least prepared for a new life in this country. Moreover, refugees have somewhat more generous welfare eligibility than other legal immigrants. Thus, those admitted on humanitarian grounds would be expected to have the highest welfare use rates,” wrote Steven Camarota, author of the CIS study.

Table 2 shows welfare use for households with children headed by an immigrant from a major refugee-sending country.


table 2 immigration costs chartWhat’s more, Camarota said it’s not enough to argue that most immigrants work. Because they lack skills they most often work in low-wage jobs that require them to supplement their incomes with welfare assistance.

“While advocates of expansive immigration often make this argument, it does not reflect the way the welfare system actually works. Moreover, it is not enough to point out that most immigrants work. Work and welfare often go together as our welfare system, particularly non-cash programs, is specifically designed to help low-income workers with children. On the other hand, it is a mistake to see high use of non-cash welfare programs by immigrant households as some kind of moral defect. It is also a mistake to compare today’s immigrants with those that arrived 100 years ago during the prior great wave of immigration. Welfare simply did not exist in the same way in 1910. Thus prior immigration is not relevant to the issue of current welfare use.

“When thinking about this issue, it makes more sense to acknowledge that spending on welfare programs is a part of every advanced industrial democracy, including ours. Moreover, we have to recognize that less-educated workers will earn modest wages in the modern American economy. Therefore, our immigration policies simply need to reflect these realities.”


immigrant welfare table graphicCorcoran said if the mayors of these 18 questions are asking Obama to bring more Syrian refugees to the U.S., they should step forward and take them, all of them.

Obama has committed to taking 10,000 Syrians over the next year, but the mayors say that’s not enough. Their letter says they “have joined forces to call on President Obama to welcome additional refugees beyond the number his administration has agreed to accept.”

The refugee resettlement agencies that work with the mayors have asked Obama to take 100,000 Syrians by the end of his term in office.

Which makes Peduto’s offer of accepting only 500 seem paltry and disingenuous, Corcoran said.

“It seems to me that if 18 mayors ask for 100,000 that means each of their 18 cities gets 5,555,” Corcoran writes.

She said all the activists resisting the refugees in places like Twin Falls, Idaho; Spartanburg, South Carolina; St. Cloud, Minnesota; and Fargo, North Dakota, “should be saying, ‘send our allotment to the 18, including to Baltimore.’”


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