‘Rise of Radical Islam’ – Sean Hannity Special – [COMPLETE]

‘Rise of Radical Islam’ – Sean Hannity Special – [COMPLETE]

Sean Hannity hosts this hour long special devoted to the Rise of Radical Islam. Special guests include David Webb, Brigitte Gabriel, Ryan Mauro, Lisa Daftari, Pamela Geller, and Zainab Kahn.


Is America At War With ‘Radical Islam’?

MRCTV’s Dan Joseph asks people if America is at war with ‘radical Islam’?



It’s official, President Obama and his team of “brilliant” advisors live in a DIFFERENT UNIVERSE! Are we crazy or does it seem that our President is the Captain of the Titanic polishing the brass as the screaming women and children are sliding past him into the freezing North Atlantic. Though many soft-headed lefties judge the validity of the President’s remarks by the brightness of his choppers we here at The United West call see past the radiance of his smile, a smile that bespeaks the instability of Mr. Obama, his team and the mess they are creating world-wide. On today’s show we look at the terrorist attack in Israel, the fall of Yemen and bold face lies of President Obama’s brain, Valerie Jarrett. Helping us navigate these tremendous waters are two experts from Israel, Michael Ganone and Arie Egozi.



Streamed live on Jan 19, 2015

First of all, who in their right Islamic mind would present a conference that seeks to suppress free speech, right after the Islamic slaughter of free speech cartoonists in France? Who, the supremacist Muslim Brotherhood, that’s who! In a bizarre event that featured terrorist Siraj Wahhaj and useful idiot Islamic apologist, John Esposito – the good patriots of Texas assembled, 2000 strong, to reject Islamic shariah and call all Muslims to separate the Mosque from the state, reject their tribal allegiance and integrate as true Americans who honor the US Constitution. Today’s show features our own team of Alan Kornman and Damon Rosen who covered the anti-free speech Muslim fiasco and we feature, skyped in LIVE, the brave and courageous Pamela Geller who was one of the leaders of the protest against shariah and for free speech. Finally, we skype in LIVE, Muslim leader-activist Saba Ahmed, who is given an opportunity to “defend Mohammed,” and explain why more Muslims do not follow Muslim Reformer, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser.

Hundreds rally at secret Texas Muslim event


Hundreds rally at secret Texas Muslim event
Media denied access to attend ‘Stand with the Prophet’ conference

Hundreds of protesters show up in Garland, Texas, for a secret Muslim conference Saturday, Jan. 18, 2015.

GARLAND, Texas – Hundreds of protesters were out in force Saturday at a Muslim gathering blacked out to the media called “Stand with the Prophet” whose keynote speaker, an imam from Brooklyn, has been linked as an unindicted co-conspirator with the deadly 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

The imam, Siraj Wahhaj, once remarked, “It is my duty and our duty as Muslims to replace the U.S. Constitution with the Quran.”

President Obama formally invited Wahhaj to give a “juma,” or invocation, at the Democratic National Convention in 2012, but his invitation was withdrawn after public criticism of the decision became widespread.

Hundreds or more protesters attended the rally and members of the media were denied open access to event attendees, including WND and the Blaze.

Among the protesters was commentator and activist Pamela Geller, author of “The Islamization of America,” who said she was there to expose “supremacist” control of the event, attacking what she believes was a concerted effort to keep not just press from the event but ticketed non-Muslims as well.

“A number of people who were going were refunded their money late last night and told they were sold out,” she said. “The people that were going had English-sounding names. So, did they purge people they didn’t think were Muslims? Isn’t that supremacist?”


Attendees were brought in through a barricade in cars, and only two attendees were escorted out of the Culwell Center (where the rally was being held) to talk with available press. These two persons were accompanied by an event cameraman, who followed them through crowds of protesters. One of them compared the peaceful protesters outside the event to ISIS.

“The event today is to honor our prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and also to speak out today about the fact that Muslims are not violent people,” said spokeswoman Page Spence. “We are peaceful people. We want nothing more than to be part of this culture and community. We are level-headed peaceable people who are not trying to convert every single person to our religion.”

Spence closed her remarks by comparing protestors to ISIS: “The same people who are protesting are misrepresenting the Quran the way ISIS does.”

Police instructed WND and other press representatives that they were not able to interview event attendees except behind the barricade, which actually encircled the parking area, so as to prevent any real interaction with attendees. Press requests to interview attendees with police escorts were denied.

Randy Dunning, a former Garland City Council member, told WND: “People were brought in cars, but they were cordoned off so that the media could not actually get at or talk to the attendees of the conference. In city government, we have to be totally accessible to members of the media, the public is allowed into our meetings, and everything is done in a very transparent fashion.”

When asked about the speaker, Siraj Wihhaj, and his reputation as advocating the subjection of American freedoms and government to Islamic religious codes, Dunning remarked, “Our freedom is not a suicide pact. We can’t create a situation where we have one last opportunity to use our freedom and then use that to invoke some tyranny. … But unfortunately, there are movements in the world, and I believe radical Islam is one of them, that believe in one man, one vote, one time.”

On the idea that Islam doesn’t have a “violence problem” but rather a “messaging problem,” Dunning said he was “mystified by that idea.” Dunning explained that he would want to know “why are the kidnappings and the killings happening in the first place and then we can open up and start having dialogue.”

Protestors included Jeff Higgins, a Vietnam veteran who lost both legs in service to his country. Higgins said he was concerned “Islam was gaining a foothold in Garland.”

“This is my backyard,” he explained. “We live under the American law, not Shariah law and I know that ultimately, that’s their goal, is to bring Shariah law to America. This is the first kind of, in-your-face attempt to do that. I know they’ll say this is about peace, but peace means submission to them.”

Vietnam veteran Tim Lee said he is worried about his children and the future of America.

“America was built upon God and the word of God, not Allah, not Muhammad.” He said. “The Muslim religion is a religion of death. They kill people, innocent people, little children, chop heads off, and we are going to bring this to Garland, Texas?”



Streamed live on Jan 16, 2015

Says the Plan Reagan Used to Destroy Soviet Communism’s Totalitarian Ideology Can Work Now

(Washington, DC): If there were any lingering doubts that the United States and the rest of the Free World are losing a decades-long war with the Global Jihad Movement (GJM), events of the past week should have put them to rest. Murderous attacks in Europe, warnings by MI5 of more – and worse – to come, there and perhaps here and an intercepted plot to attack the U.S. Capitol are the most obvious indicators.

Less evident, but no less portentous, is the absence of the President of the United States from the Western effort to push back – compounded by his record of accommodation to, and collaboration with, those seeking to impose “blasphemy” and other restrictions driven by their shariah ideology at the expense of Americans’ constitutional freedoms.

Such developments have moved a remarkable, ad hoc group of highly skilled national security professionals to step forward and offer an alternative approach: a strategy for actually countering and defeating totalitarians and their supremacist ideology that has been proven effective in the one environment that matters: the real world. This “Tiger Team” has been sponsored by the Center for Security Policy, an organization whose mode of operation from its founding 26 years ago has been modeled after the best of America’s military – its elite unconventional warfare units. As the “Special Forces in the War of Ideas,” the Center has pulled together, much as the real special operators would do, sixteen of the best in the business, individuals with unique and necessary skill sets for the mission at hand: Adapting the strategy that defeated the last totalitarian ideology that sought our destruction, Soviet communism.

At a National Press Club conference at 12:00pm TODAY, ten members of this Tiger Team will introduce and explain the component parts of the Secure Freedom Strategy:
• Lieutenant General William G. “Jerry” Boykin (U.S. Army, Ret.), former leader of U.S. Special Forces and Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence
• Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons (U.S. Navy, Ret.), former Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet and father of the Navy Red Cell counterterrorist unit
• Fred Fleitz, career intelligence professional who served under William J. Casey at the Central Intelligence Agency
• Kevin Freeman, Chartered Financial Analyst and best-selling author of Secret Weapon: How Economic Terrorism Attacked the U.S. Stock Market and Why it Can Happen Again
• Clare Lopez, former Operations Officer in the CIA’s Clandestine Service
• Jim Hanson, former Army Special Forces technical weapons sergeant
• Dr. J. Michael Waller, expert on information and psychological warfare, propaganda and influence operations
• Tommy Waller, combat Marine Force Reconnaissance reservist
• David Yerushalmi, Esq., co-founder and partner, American Freedom Law Center, and expert on shariah

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr., who formerly acted as the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy under President Reagan and now is president of the Center for Security Policy said of this effort:

President Obama recently justified his abandonment of decades of U.S. policy towards the despotic regime in Cuba on the grounds that, if it hadn’t worked, it needed to be changed. It is beyond dispute that the policy he and his predecessors have pursued towards the Global Jihad Movement, its ideological wellspring – shariah, and its sponsors and enablers is not working. In this case, we actually must make a change.

President Reagan’s successful counter-ideological strategy, formalized in his National Security Decision Directive (NSDD) 75, is one that has worked in the past. In the professional judgment of some of America’s finest national security professionals, as adapted in the Secure Freedom Strategy, the NSDD 75 approach can work now as well, if employed decisively against today’s totalitarian ideology and its adherents.

Duke University Uproar – Muslim Call To Prayer To Sound Every Friday – Trouble With School – F&F

Duke University Uproar – Muslim Call To Prayer To Sound Every Friday – Trouble With School – F&F


National Security

Jihad Watch: Bank just latest plan for caliphate

Chad Groening   (OneNewsNow.com)

An author and terrorism expert says the Islamic State terrorist organization is operating more like a country, most recently by opening a bank.

The Washington Times recently reported that Islamic State claims it will have approximately $250 million left over at the end of 2015 from a $2 billion budget. The extra money will go to help fund their war against the West and western allies.

According to United Press International, the group announced the opening of its own bank, called the Islamic Bank, which is making loans and taking deposits.

Spencer, Robert (Jihad Watch)Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch, says the Islamists are exchanging currency and handling passports.

“And all these things have been issued, or in the process of being issued, and I’m sure we’re going to see more. They’re in it for the long haul,” Spencer tells OneNewsNow.

That’s because the Islamic State believes it’s restoring the caliphate in territory in Iraq and Syria that’s larger than Great Britain.

“And they’re going to keep advancing and continue to try to amass more territory,” says Spencer.

The Times story said the Islamic terrorists have gotten their millions of dollars from oil, from weapons sales, and by imposting taxes on the people they conquer.


FBI: Ohio Islamist planned to bomb U.S. Capitol, kill officials

Associated Press
CINCINNATI (January 15, 2015) – A 20-year-old Ohio man’s Twitter posts sympathizing with Islamic terrorists led to an undercover FBI operation and the man’s arrest on charges that he plotted to blow up the U.S. Capitol and kill government officials.
AP video buttonChristopher Lee Cornell, also known as Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah, told an FBI informant they should “wage jihad,” and showed his plans for bombing the Capitol and shooting people, according to a criminal complaint filed in federal court in Ohio Wednesday. The FBI said Cornell expressed his support for the Islamic State.

Cornell’s arrest came only days after a grand jury indictment charged another Cincinnati-area resident with threatening to murder House Speaker John Boehner.

Boehner spokesman Michael Steel said in a statement Wednesday: “Once again, the entire Congress owes a debt of gratitude to the FBI and all those who keep us safe.”

The complaint against Cornell charges him with attempting to kill officers and employees of the United States.

Cornell was arrested Wednesday after buying two semi-automatic rifles and about 600 rounds of ammunition, authorities said.

The public was never in danger, said John Barrios, acting special agent in charge of the FBI’s Cincinnati division.

A phone message and an email were left Wednesday for attorney Karen Savir, a federal public defender listed in court records as Cornell’s attorney. A working phone number could not be found for Cornell’s family.

His father, John Cornell, told The Cincinnati Enquirer in a story for Thursday’s editions that his son was a “momma’s boy who never left the house.” He said his son endured frequent incidents of abuse as a practicing Muslim.

“Everything you’re hearing in the media right now, they’ve already painted him as some kind of terrorist,” John Cornell told the newspaper. … “They’ve painted him as some kind of jihadist. … (Christopher) is one of the most peace-loving people I know.”

The complaint alleges that an FBI informant began supplying agents with information about Cornell last year. The informant and Cornell, who lives in Green Township, first began communicating through Twitter in August 2014 and then through an instant messaging platform separate from Twitter, according to the complaint.

“I believe we should meet up and make our own group in alliance with the Islamic State here and plan operations ourselves,” Cornell wrote in an instant message, according to the court document.

The two met in October in Cincinnati and again in November, the complaint states. Cornell told the informant at the November meeting that he considered the members of Congress as enemies and that he intended to conduct an attack on the Capitol, according to the complaint. The document says Cornell discussed his plan for them to travel to Washington and conduct reconnaissance of the security of government buildings including the Capitol before executing “a plan of attack.”

Cornell planned for the two to detonate pipe bombs at and near the Capitol and then shoot and kill employees and officials, and Cornell had saved money to fund the attack, according to the complaint.



Bill Maher blasts liberals’ for denials re: Paris massacre

Bill Maher blasts liberals’ for denials re: Paris massacre

By Michael F. Haverluck, OneNewsNow.com

HBO’s liberal “Real Time” host, Bill Maher, candidly spoke out Wednesday on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” blasting the Leftist media for skirting around calling the jihadist assassination of 12 French citizens at Charlie Hebdo an Islamic terrorist attack — and noting the depravity of “mainstream” Muslims applauding the massacre.

With the dozen Muslim killings fresh on the news, the self-proclaimed liberal addressed the massacre to the audience for what he believes it truly was: a jihadist attack by merciless Islamic terrorists on infidels for dishonoring their religion’s founder and prophet.

“It’s not a presume [sic] — no, no it’s Muslim terrorists,” Maher told Kimmel and his studio audience on ABC. “This happens way too frequently. It’s like … Groundhog Day, except the groundhog kept getting his head cut off.”

As a political commentator, TV host, writer, producer, actor and stand-up comedian, Maher showed his appreciation and admiration for the four French journalists boldly doing their jobs despite previous Muslim attacks on satirists. “Let’s also give some credit to this newspaper,” Maher pleaded with the crowd.

How is this not a Muslim attack?

While the three masked jihadists fired rounds from their AK-47 assault rifles at the Charlie Hebdo magazine headquarters in Paris, France — yelling “Allahu Akbar” (meaning their god [Allah] is greater) and screaming that they are “avenging the prophet” (Mohammed) — 12 French were slain, including four of the publication’s top editors and two police officers. Their vengeance was aimed at paying the publication back for satirical cartoons it published depicting the Muslim prophet Mohammed. After the incident, one of the three suspects turned himself in. The other two gunmen were killed earlier today when French police stormed a printing plant north of Paris where they were holding hostages.

Maher insists that no matter how offended Islamists might be by political cartoons, tolerating such heinous acts of revenge are despicable and unpardonable and should not be shielded under the veil of politically correct religious tolerance or marginalized as a random unorganized terrorist attack.

“For the crime of being satirists — for the crime of drawing cartoons — this has to stop, and unfortunately, a lot of the liberals, who are my tribe (I am a proud liberal) [are saying the attack was not Islamic in nature],” Maher proclaimed. “No, I’m not turning on them [liberals], I’m asking them to turn toward the truth as I have been for quite a while.”

So what kind of liberal denials is Maher talking about? Look no further than former Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairman Howard Dean, who said the Charlie Hebdo assassins are not Muslim despite their Islamic chants.

“I stopped calling these people Muslim terrorists,” Dean expressed on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” about the jihadist murderers of a dozen Parisians. “They’re about as Muslim as I am. I mean, they have no respect for anybody else’s life — that’s not what the Koran says. Europe has an enormous radical problem. I think ISIS is a cult. Not an Islamic cult. I think it’s a cult.”

Such reasoning reflects the common montage frequently proclaimed by President Barack Obama, who has consistently insisted that ISIS (the Islamic State) “is not Islamic,” declaring Islam to be a “religion of peace.”

The liberal host could not see how his fellow leftists could rally behind a group in the name of cultural tolerance — one that stands against the very principles of freedom of speech and expression that liberalism champions.

“I’m the liberal in this debate … I’m for free speech,” Maher continued. “To be a liberal, you have to stand up for liberal principles. It’s not my fault that the part of the world that is against liberal principles is the Muslim part of the world.”

But Maher could not look past his leftist colleagues just not getting it, such as CNN commentator Sally Kohn, who recently made light of the Charlie Hebdo killings by turning the attack toward conservatives.

“Since 9/11, right-wing extremists (incl anti-abortion, anti-gov) have killed more Americans than Islamic extremists,” Kohn tweeted Wednesday.

Islam … really a religion of enlightenment and peace?

Maher pointed out the injustices and atrocities most of the world looks past out of so-called religious tolerance — or out fear of being avenged or being deemed as politically incorrect.

“There have been studies … We have facts on this, [such as Muslims’] treatment of women,” Maher asserted. “They studied 130 different countries. Seventeen of the bottom 20 were Muslim countries. In ten Muslim countries, you can get the death penalty just for being gay. They chop heads off in the square in Mecca. Well, Mecca is their Vatican City. If they were chopping the heads off of Catholic gay people, wouldn’t there be a bigger outcry among liberals?”

He maintains that zero tolerance should be afforded to a religious group that slaughters people in the democratic world for just doing their job — all because their religion, which most liberals call a “religion of peace,” calls for the execution of those who don’t submit to Allah or disrespect his prophet, Mohammed.

“So to bring it home to us, because we are satirists … and I deal with this subject particularly … it’s kind of scary that some people say you cannot make a joke,” Maher added. “That’s off-limits. We saw this with [North Korea’s] Kim Jong-Un.”

No excuse

Publicly proclaiming to be no lover of religion, Maher concedes that they’re not all the same and that he particularly detests some basic religious precepts much more than others.

“[I] know most Muslim people would not have carried out an attack like this,” Maher expressed to Kimmel. “But here’s the important point — hundreds of millions of them support an attack like this. They applaud an attack like this. What they say is, we don’t approve of violence, but when you make fun of the prophet, all bets are off.”

And he insists that it is not just the supposed “extremist” Muslims who advocate blood for not honoring Mohammed.

“That is mainstream in the Muslim world … When you make fun of the prophet, all bets are off,” Maher contends. “It’s also mainstream that if you leave the religion, you get what’s coming to you — which is death. Not in every Muslim country, not in the majority, but this is a problem we have to stand up to.”

Maher notes a big difference between Muslims and some other people groups he champions as a liberal, making the distinction that Islamists are the oppressors wielding their unchecked tyranny.

“And again, I’m the liberal in this debate … I was brought up in a liberal family,” Maher concluded. “The reason we were liberals is because we were against depression. I was a little kid when my father told us We’re with Kennedy and against the Southern governors who stand in the doorways and don’t let black kids go to school. And all my life I’ve been for people who have been the downtrodden, the oppressed, the minorities. I’ve been for blacks, gays, women, Mexicans, whoever it is.”


Copyright OneNewsNow.com. Reprinted with permission

Can America stop Paris-style terror from coming here?


Can America stop Paris-style terror from coming here?
Pamela Geller proclaims, ‘We are the soldiers in this war to defend freedom’

French mourners following the attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris

As France reels from two bloody terrorist attacks in as many days, Pamela Geller warns this is just the beginning and unless Americans take action, “Such attacks are coming here.”

In an exclusive interview with WND, the author of “Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance” painted a dire picture of the Western future. Even after the most devastating terrorist attacks in French history, Geller judged that “no European nations are doing anything against Islamization at this time, and I don’t see any indication that any will in the near future.”

Get Pamela Geller’s “Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance”

The attacks were sparked by caricatures of the Islamic prophet Muhammad deemed offensive by many Muslims. As WND has reported, Islamic nations have been trying for years to impose a worldwide prohibition on criticism of their religion and their prophet through the United Nations.

With so many people so deeply invested in the goal of a global ban on criticism of Islam, Geller says the murder of the satirists at the French magazine Charlie Hebdo will not halt the drive to end free speech.

“There is absolutely no evidence that they’re backing away from efforts to impose ‘hate speech’ laws,” Geller told WND. “In fact, just [earlier this week] a Canadian imam called for the criminalization of satirical cartoons of religious leaders.”

Geller declares in her book that “the gravest threat this Islamization poses is the restriction of the freedom of speech.” While European countries and Canada already have laws against criticism of Islam under the guise of “hate speech,” President Barack Obama has shown a willingness for years to expand such laws to the United States and other nations around the world.

According to Professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University, “The Obama administration shockingly supported Muslim allies trying to establish a new international blasphemy standard” in 2009.

Following the terrorist attacks on an American facility in Libya and the murder of the American ambassador on Sept. 11, 2012, President Obama intoned that the “U.S rejects efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others.”

At the time, Geller argued Obama effectively was “sanctioning Islam’s blasphemy laws, which forbid criticism of Islam.”

As WND reported, only two weeks later, President Obama told the United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 25, 2012, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

And after the latest attacks in Paris, President Obama carefully tailored his speech so as not use the words “Islam,” “radical Islam,” “Muslim,” “jihad” “or “Shariah” when condemning the shootings.

Shariah expert Joy Brighton called President Obama’s speech “Shariah compliment.”

As WND reported, the United Nations followed President Obama’s lead and refused to link the attacks to Islam.

Pamela GellerPamala Geller

Americans haven’t yet seen the same kind of street-level Islamic terrorism or widespread political intimidation that exists in France, but the “only significant difference is that the Muslim population of France is so much bigger than the Muslim population of the U.S.,” Geller claims.Geller warns that free speech restrictions are only a matter oftime in the United States: “If things don’t change, [radical Muslims] will succeed in imposing them here, because the mainstream media is already doing their bidding – not showing the [Charlie Hebdo] cartoons, etc.”

That may not remain true for much longer, as a recent study from the Center for Immigration Studies shows that immigration from Islamic nations has dramatically increased during Obama’s time in office even as immigration from Europe and Israel has declined. A 2011 study from the Pew Research Center shows the Muslim population in the United States is expected to more than double over the next two decades.

This larger Islamic population will add new strength and resources to the already powerful Muslim lobby in the United States. Geller’s “Stop the Islamization of America” contains a detailed history of the background, funding and activities of many of the “mainstream” Muslim groups operating in the United States, including the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, the Muslim Students Association and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Geller believes that these and other Islamic organizations have a lot to answer for in the aftermath of the attacks. Instead of forthrightly condemning the murders, Geller charges “they’re doing what they’ve always done: deflecting attention away from the attacks to a fictional ‘Islamophobic backlash’ and defaming and discrediting anyone and everyone who stands up and opposes jihad terror.”

In the aftermath of the attacks, American government officials told reporters that “eliminating the threat is impossible” and that the potential for Paris-style attacks in the United States “is the new normal.”

In contrast, Geller has recommendations about what needs to be done if the United States is to defend itself from the threat of Islamic terrorism.

“We should monitor the mosques and demand that Muslim groups renounce the aspects of Islam and Sharia that are violent and supremacist and in conflict with Western principles of freedom and human rights,” Geller says. “This has to be backed up by honest, transparent and inspectable programs teaching young Muslims to reject this understanding of Islam. The French government should do the same.”

Geller is a leading organizer against Islamic supremacism through her group the American Freedom Defense Initiative. Following the Islamic terrorist attacks on the Boston Marathon in 2013, AFDI issued a “Platform of Defending Freedom” aimed to prevent terrorist attacks, including surveillance of mosques, a ban on the foreign funding of mosques and a moratorium on Muslim immigration into non-Muslim nations.

Geller is largely pessimistic about the ability of European nations to respond to the terrorist threat.

After all, she says, “There were several jihad attacks in France in the last few weeks, all of which were dismissed by French authorities as manifestations of ‘mental illness.’ ‘Mental illness’ is becoming epidemic in France.”

One possible exception is the rise of Marine Le Pen’s National Front, a party invariably described as “far right” in the mainstream media. The National Front takes a strong stand against mass immigration and is perceived as an opponent of Islamization.

Geller notes, “The National Front may benefit from these attacks if they can articulate to the French people what the jihad threat is and why it must be combatted. It must also effectively counter the leftist smear that all opposition to jihad terror is really just ‘racism.’”

Ultimately however, Geller believes it will be the attitude of ordinary Westerners that will determine whether “jihad terror” can be defeated and free speech can be preserved.

As she told WND, “We are the soldiers in this war to defend freedom. The real fight for freedom isn’t a military struggle. It’s a war to defend our free societies. All of us must fight in this war, or we will certainly lose.”

Get Pamela Geller’s “Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance”

Article printed from WND: http://www.wnd.com

URL to article: http://www.wnd.com/2015/01/can-america-stop-paris-style-terror-from-coming-here/

FRANCE: Jihad Wins – French Lose

FRANCE: Jihad Wins – French Lose

Streamed live on Jan 9, 2015
On this Jumpin’ Jumm’ah Freaky Friday our attention is turned to the developing attacks in Paris, France. As various terrorist cells go operationally jihad, Tom Trento centers in on the systemic failures of elected officials, both in France and America, to properly and professionally make the obvious connection between the doctrine of Islam, the behavior of the jihadi and the consequent death of innocent Westerners. The question is raised, will France learn a lesson about confronting the take over of its country by Islamic supremacy or will the bad guys have another tactical success in their march to building a world Caliphate? HINT: French President François Hollande went out of his way to state that the attacks from Islamic terrorists had NOTHING to do with..Islam!
Tune in and find out!

Experts: Islam must be confronted, not coddled

National Security

Experts: Islam must be confronted, not coddled

Chad Groening   (OneNewsNow.com)

A former Justice Department attorney says despite the declaration by the perpetrators of this week’s terrorist attack in Paris, President Obama and others on the left continue to deny the Islamic connection to the massacre.

In the wake of Wednesday’s horrific murder of 12 people at a Paris newspaper office, liberals – including President Obama – have once again refused to acknowledge that the attack was “Islamic terrorism.” Obama just referred to the attack as “terrorism” – which J. Christian Adams, a former Justice Department attorney, finds perplexing.


“The perpetrators say they’re doing it in the name of Islam,” Adams points out. “So you have to confront the Islamic component one way or another because the murderers themselves are saying that it is Islam and they’re muttering Islamic prayers as they’re doing the murders.

“So let’s figure out why Islam seems to be the trademark for so many murderers around the world.”

Adams, who now serves as legal editor for PJ Media, also finds it ridiculous that former Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean said the Paris terrorist killers were not Muslim, but members of some kind of cult.

“Folks like Howard Dean and the president have a seriously difficult time identifying evil. I think they’re actually uncomfortable with the entire notion,” he suggests. “It’s [the terrorists themselves] who are saying I’m doing this in the name of Islam – it’s not conservatives accusing them of that. They’re confessing as they do these things, so obviously there’s a problem. How it gets resolved remains to be seen.”

Adams says the barbarians who believe they are acting consistent with Islamic teaching are a threat to civilization now and in the foreseeable future.

European backlash against ‘Islamisation’

In the days before the attack in France, rallies were taking place in neighboring Germany by thousands of citizens frustrated with the way the Islamic influence has been allowed to grow in the country. While Chancellor Angela Merkel denounced the protests in her own country as “racist,” she described the Paris attack as “an attack against the values we all hold dear, values by which we stand, values of freedom of the press, freedom in general, and the dignity of man.”

National defense analyst Robert Maginnis believes the terrorist attack in Paris is just the latest example of why there is a growing backlash against the Islamisation of Europe. The senior fellow for national security at the Family Research Council points to a major undercurrent throughout Western Europe against the failure of the Muslim populations to integrate into the culture.

Maginnis, Bob“So as a result you get these Islamic ghettos that are all over Western Europe that don’t allow the policemen [to come in], don’t use the language, don’t allow the culture – and there is a backlash,” he tells OneNewsNow. “It’s been brewing for the last two decades, and I think it’s intensifying even now.”
Maginnis admits he’s worried about the Islamic problem growing worse in the United States with Barack Obama in the White House for two more years.

“We’re at the mercy of Mr. Obama and his appointees, who have purposely turned a blind eye to the threat that is growing within our borders due to certain immigrants [as well as] the threat that is outside our borders – [specifically] his tepid response to ISIL in Iraq and Afghanistan,” he states.