‘WTF’? Terror front CAIR changes name – again. Experts say group runs ‘global criminal money laundering operation’ out of D.C.



‘WTF’? Terror front CAIR changes name – again

Experts say group runs ‘global criminal money laundering operation’ out of D.C.



Officially, the Council on American-Islamic Relations no longer exists.

The organization that’s so closely connected to the Hamas terror network that the FBI won’t let its agents use it as a liaison to the Muslim community, and yet so politically valuable to the Democrat Party that the Obama administration won’t prosecute it for terrorist activities, is now known as the Washington Trust Foundation – or “WTF” for short.

The timing of the name change, quietly filed three months ago with the District of Columbia, is suspicious.

CAIR hasn’t filed a complete tax return with the IRS in five years. But it has filed numerous requests for reincorporation with the District of Columbia.

The different iterations of the embattled organization are dizzying. Here’s a quick history:

  • 1994: CAIR incorporates as 501(c)(4) nonprofit.
  • 2005: CAIR operates as CAIR Foundation Inc.
  • 2007: CAIR applies for new 501(c)(3) status under CAIR Foundation.
  • 2009: CAIR formally renames itself CAIR-Action Network Inc.
  • 2011: CAIR also operates as for-profit “CAIR Inc.”
  • June 2013: CAIR reincorporates as Washington Trust Foundation.

Congressional investigators worry CAIR is creating shell entities to hide foreign donations in violation of federal law. Since 2008, when the FBI publicly cut off ties to CAIR, the group has struggled to raise money inside the United States and has stepped up its overseas fundraising, mainly in the Middle East.

That same year, 2008, CAIR also created an entity known as the Muslim Peace Foundation.

One of the foundation’s principals is listed as Winslow Seale, a black Muslim convert who later changed his name to Johari Abdul Malik. Malik was a close friend of the late al-Qaida cleric Anwar Awlaki, who ministered to some of the 9/11 hijackers at the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center outside Washington before fleeing the country and helping lead al-Qaida’s operations in Yemen. Malik still works at the mosque.

A 2009 letter uncovered by the Investigative Project on Terrorism reveals CAIR Director Nihad Awad solicited then-Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi for his financial support in launching the Muslim Peace Foundation. Awad also sought donations from Sudanese President Omar Bashir.

“I am concerned that Awad and CAIR may be soliciting – and receiving – funds from other unsavory foreign governments and organizations, including some that may be sponsors of terror,” wrote Republican Rep. Frank Wolf, who heads a House judiciary subcommittee, in a letter to the IRS commissioner.

Former FBI agent John Guandolo says CAIR is really “Hamas in the United States, doing business as the Council on American-Islamic Relations.”

He added that the group is “operating under a fictitious name and portraying itself as ‘America’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization’ to hide its seditious agenda as a Hamas entity.”

In 2007, the Justice Department identified CAIR as a member of the “U.S. Palestine Committee,” which Guandolo says is simply “Hamas in the United States.”

Don’t let the facts about Islam in America be covered up by slick CAIR lawyers! Join the fight to protect those who would expose the truth!

Washington-based CAIR and one of its co-founders, Omar Ahmad, remain on the government’s unindicted terrorist co-conspirators list.

American Freedom Law Center, a public-interest law firm advised by former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy, says: “CAIR has been running a global criminal money laundering operation out of the nation’s capitol.”

CAIR refused comment for this article.

AFLC says CAIR first started the “scheme” in 2005, which at the time was an IRS-approved 501(c)(4) lobbying organization.

“CAIR’s problem was that as a registered lobbying group it had to report to the IRS the source of funds received over $5,000,” the group said in a recent report. “The specific problem was that CAIR was receiving millions of dollars from oil-rich Gulf Arabs, the same sources that were also financing the Muslim Brotherhood to prepare for the ‘Arab Spring’ and even al-Qaida operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

CAIR’s expensive headquarters just three blocks from Congress were financed with millions of dollars from the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, according to the bestselling book, “Muslim Mafia.”

“To avoid reporting these millions of dollars from the dubious Islamist sources and to avoid registering as an agent for foreign sovereigns as required by federal law, CAIR created a separate company called CAIR-Foundation Inc., to serve as an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) charitable organization,” the report said.

CAIR itself stopped filing any federal tax returns from 2008-2010 and allowed the IRS to withdraw its status as a 501(c)(4), converting itself to a regular for-profit corporation called “CAIR Inc,” a “C” corporation.

CAIR also ceased all of its operations and became simply a holding company, transferring, at least on accounting books, all of its employees and equipment to CAIR Foundation.

“The result is that CAIR (Inc.), the for-profit, now receives millions of dollars from foreign Islamist sources every year, acting in effect as a foreign agent for these foreign governments, but only has to report the amounts of its income and not its sources,” the report says.

“CAIR then transfers these monies to CAIR Foundation (or Washington Trust Foundation) as ‘loans’ or grants, and CAIR Foundation (or Washington Trust Foundation) then only has to report its source as ‘CAIR,’” and not the actual Mideast source, it adds. “The result is a criminal money laundering operation that allows CAIR to funnel millions of dollars from dubious foreign sources into a lobbying group fronting as a charity without the legally required disclosure of sources.”

Discover the stunning truth about widespread Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in the United States, in “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America.”

WND has obtained CAIR Foundation Inc.’s latest IRS filing. It is a partial return for the calendar year 2011, covering only the period from Aug. 9, 2011, to Dec. 31, 2011. The final page of the return, in fact, requests an extension from the IRS.

“Additional time is required to obtain information necessary in filing a complete and accurate return,” states CAIR’s accountant Joey Musmar.

The filing states the organization solicited $3,964,990 in gifts, grants and other contributions that “were not tax deductible.” An annual fundraiser raised a net $106,879.

At the beginning of 2011, CAIR’s liabilities exceeded its assets by $940,279.

It also owed “CAIR Inc.” a total of $722,261 for “charity consulting.” This amount is listed as a “loan.” CAIR Inc. is listed as a “C Corp.”

CAIR insists its undisclosed IRS Form 990 tax returns for 2008-2010 exist. Yet it still won’t produce them, despite repeated requests from WND, as well as Politico, USA Today and other national media. According to the IRS, nonprofits must make their tax returns available to the public upon request.

CAIR Foundation, which operates out of a Washington address of 453 New Jersey Ave., lists Todd Gallinger, director of chapter development, as its contact for such matters. Public requests for the missing Form 990s can be directed to him at (202) 488-8787 or tgallinger@cair.com.

During the years CAIR failed to disclose its donors to the government, it solicited funds from Libya, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, UAE and other terror-sponsoring foreign governments, according to “Muslim Mafia.” CAIR is not registered as a foreign agent.
Yet according to the Center for Security Policy, CAIR has since its founding in 1994:

  • Received at least $2,792,203 in contributions, income and money from foreign principals in the form of 11 distinct transactions;
  • Received a $2,106,251 mortgage loan from a foreign principal for its Washington headquarters;
  • Secured the promise of at least $54,500,000 in pledges from foreign principals;
  • Met and coordinated with foreign principals on at least 35 occasions;
  • Engaged in more than 100 political influence operations on behalf of foreign principals in the United States, including the head of the Saudi-based Organization of Islamic Conference, a 56-nation bloc of Muslim states that is aggressively lobbying the U.N. and U.S. to implement blasphemy laws criminalizing free speech critical of Islam.

This foreign activity and influence is all the more troubling given the fact that the FBI has established that CAIR is controlled by the Egyptian-based, Saudi-funded Muslim Brotherhood, which created a network of U.S. front groups like CAIR to not only support Hamas, its Palestinian branch, and raise money for terrorists inside America’s Muslim community, but to ultimately overthrow America and establish Islamic law here.

“They’re having great success of implementing Shariah law,” former FBI agent Guandolo warned. “I could give you a thousand examples.”

“CAIR’s criminal financial operations raise a whole host of questions that the IRS and the Department of Justice should be investigating,” said Robert Muise, AFLC co-founder and senior counsel.

“The obvious question to be asked now is whether the IRS can get past its politically motivated witch hunt of the tea party and pro-Israel groups and whether the Department of Justice will finally prosecute CAIR and its founders for their direct and indirect involvement in the material support of terrorism,” Muise added.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Help fight CAIR’s legal attack on WND’s author. WND needs your help in supporting the defense of “Muslim Mafia” co-author P. David Gaubatz, as well as his investigator son Chris, against CAIR’s lawsuit. The book’s revelations have led to formal congressional demands for three different federal investigations of CAIR. In the meantime, however, someone has to defend these two courageous investigators who have, at great personal risk, revealed so much about this dangerous group. Although WND has procured the best First Amendment attorneys in the country for their defense, we can’t do it without your help. Muslims ‘draw line in the sand’ in D.C.

Georgia: Alpharetta ignores residents & zoning, approves mega mosque

Georgia: Alpharetta ignores residents & zoning, approves mega mosque

Community and planning boards are as powerful as we have allowed them to be.
When they go unchecked, graft and corruption prevail. Money talks. This particular
Mosque went from 25 to 600 members why ? because Muslim Immigrants become
Liberal constituents. Liberal constituency means sustaining and making more powerful
an already out of control liberal agenda.
Posted on September 27, 2013 by creeping

Via City of Alpharetta approves mosque expansion – CBS Atlanta

Alpharetta City Council Monday night unanimously voted to approve a proposal to expand a mosque.

The Islamic Center of North Fulton, located at 1265 Rucker Road, has been fighting to expand their mosque since 2011.

The city of Alpharetta voted not to change zoning laws that would allow that expansion back in 2011. Since that time, members of the mosque said they have worked with the surrounding neighborhoods and the city to approve their new proposal.

The mosque had 25 members in 1998, and now that number is close to 600 members.

Supporters said the mosque needs to expand to support its growing congregation.

“The mosque should be expanded to accommodate the growth of the community,” said Yusuf Mohamed, a mosque member.

Opponents complained a bigger mosque would create bigger problems.

They have prayer calls. That’s a disturbance. It’s a noise issue, and the traffic, of course,” said Silk Walker, a resident who lives near the mosque.

“We are literally shoulder to shoulder,” Moiz Mumtaz said.

Mumtaz is the chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Islamic Center of North Fulton.

“We have no space. We make rows and have to kneel down and bow and get up again. That is the tiny space we are in right now,” Mumtaz said.

The center wants the city to change one rezoning condition imposed in 2004, which would allow the center to build two new buildings: a main, 6,300-square-foot building and a 1,600-square-foot communing hall.

The Alpharetta Planning Commission earlier this month voted 6 to 1 to recommend approval.

“Everybody is a winner here,” Mumtaz said.

One of the biggest problems, according to Mumtaz, was the size of the original proposal. Mumtaz said the new design is roughly 6,000-square-feet smaller than what they wanted to build in 2011.

“We are all making compromises,” Mumtaz said. “I think the city was more careful about what they were doing and heard those concerns, and we also want to forge forward rather than get stuck in one place.”

Unfortunately, compromise is not an Islamic term and to Muslims it simply means we’ll get what we want later. And if we don’t we’ll have the DOJ threaten another lawsuit.

What CBS and other media aren’t telling readers is what really happened. Sources who attended the meeting report this:

The news grossly has characterized what went down.

ALL voting members of the council gave summations that included that the reason they were voting for this was because of the pressure of the federal lawsuit pursued by the mosque and represented by mosque zoning lawyer and specialist Doug Dillard. Dillard is responsible for the forced mega-mosque in Lilburn, GA as well.

The Muslims in attendance were 99% male and over half of them did NOT raise their hand for the pledge of allegiance.

The people of Alpharetta fought a good fight with excellent points about the minaret, zoning restrictions thwarted, past agreements disregarded etc. The Muslims had no such strong arguments and relied heavily of talk of multiculturalism, and the greatness of diversity, and extended talk of the dreadful building (they have chosen) to be in up to now.

They have NO source of funding cited for their construction and expansion.

Councilman Kennedy noted that he had records of the Muslim board meeting in 1998 before they got the zoning permit in which the board member urged restraint in asking for the original two residential buildings. He said that they would wait till the time was right to ask for expansions and larger structures, contrary to what they told Fulton County in 1998 and to the neighborhood in 2004.

The news media have assaulted what really happened in the city hall last night. We spoke well. We had all the key points about their breaking of agreements and laws. But our city folded like a deck of cards.

And unfortunately the city of Alpharetta will never be the same and will only become more Islamic.

As we noted here, Georgia: “Compromise” reached after Feds intimidate city that denied mosque expansion:

Is it really a compromise when the community overwhelmingly does not want the expansion, when the city ruled against it and a court upheld the ruling only to have Obama/Holder step in (likely after being contacted by Muslims) and force the mosque on residents?

It is not. And there’s only one winner. The Muslims.

Pakistan church bomb: Christians mourn 85 killed in Peshawar suicide attack

Pakistan church bomb: Christians mourn 85 killed in Peshawar suicide attack

in Peshawar
The Guardian

Pakistan’s worst-ever attack on beleaguered Christians prompts warning by bishop for future of minority in Muslim countries.

Relatives mourn bombing victims, Peshawar, Pakistan 23/9/13

Victims’ relatives outside the historic All Saints’ church, the day after suicide bombers killed at least 85 people there after the Sunday service. Photo: Arshad Arbab/EPA

With its Mughalesque features, gleaming white dome and minaret-like towers, the All Saints’ church in Peshawar has been a symbol of interfaith harmony ever since it was built in 1883.

As in a mosque, worshippers remove their shoes before entering the historic building, where biblical quotations are emblazoned on the walls in English, Hebrew and Persian scripts.

Some of the congregation were in bare feet as they filed out of the Anglican church on Sunday morning straight into the blast zone of one of two suicide bombers from a Taliban faction that has vowed to kill non-Muslims until the US cancels its lethal drone strikes in the country.

A day later and a blood-soaked jumble of shoes still lies in a pile on the right-hand side of the tall wooden doors where female worshippers usually congregate.

According to a tally based on information from local officials, 85 people were killed and more than 100 injured, although one doctor who arrived at the scene moments after the blast believes that even more died but their bodies were recovered by relatives before they could be accounted for.

Whatever the number, it was Pakistan‘s worst attack on Christians, sparking impassioned, country-wide protests.

Christians are a tiny and politically weak minority in Muslim-majority Pakistan who suffer from prejudice and sporadic bouts of mob violence. But Sunday was the first time that bombs had been used to such deadly effect on worshippers.

It bore the hallmarks of similar attacks by sectarian terror groups whose attacks have caused huge casualties among Shia communities. And Sunday’s atrocity was claimed by the Jundullah branch of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), a group that has orchestrated attacks against Shias. On Monday, the TTP’s main spokesman denied any involvement.

In the streets and lanes of Peshawar’s old city, where All Saints’ is located a short distance from one of the historic gates of the city walls, all of the tightly-knit Christian community knows or is related to one of the dead.

“He had made a promise to God that when he got better he would go to church,” said Joel Fakhar, the 20-year-old son of a man called Khalid who returned to the church after months of serious illness had kept him away.

Their 52-year-old father had been looking forward to it, particularly the period after the service when the congregation spills out into the enclosed courtyard to chat.

“He was looking forward to seeing his friends,” said Joel.

On Monday the bodies had all been removed from the area where hundreds of worshippers milled around in the moments before the blasts, but dark, blood-soaked patches remained. The walls of the church and surrounding buildings were pockmarked by shrapnel, the windows blown in.

“It’s not safe for Christians in this country,” said Mano Rumalshah, the bishop emeritus of Peshawar, who was standing in the courtyard, comforting sobbing parishioners who clasped his white robes.

“Everyone is ignoring the growing danger to Christians in Muslim-majority countries. The European countries don’t give a damn about us.”

Others echoed the bishop’s warning, saying that Christians would only be safe if they left Pakistan. But others vowed to remain and show they were not afraid.

Many analysts predict that the attack will torpedo efforts by the government to negotiate with the TTP and other militant groups – a policy agreed at a meeting of all the leading parties earlier this month.

On Sunday the prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, said during a visit to London that the government would be “unable to proceed further” with talks following the Peshawar attack.

Some diplomats think the government’s offer of seemingly impossible negotiations with a loose coalition of violent Islamists intent on toppling the state was a strategy designed to demonstrate the futility of talks and build public support for a military crackdown on terrorist sanctuaries.

Nonetheless the policy has been angrily criticised, with many arguing it is tantamount to appeasement.

“How can you talk to people who are killing civilians?” said Tahir Naveed Chaudhary, chairman of the Pakistan Minorities Alliance. “We are just wasting time and we will lose more people. This is a message that the government must take concrete steps against terrorists.”

He had harsh words for Imran Khan, the opposition leader whose party controls the provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the north-western province that is home to much of the country’s militant violence.

Khan has strongly promoted his solution to militancy, which includes ending Pakistan’s support for the Nato mission in Afghanistan, withdrawing troops from the autonomous tribal areas and striking a deal with the Pakistani Taliban.

On Sunday he suggested the church attack was a deliberate effort by unnamed forces to scupper talks. He also linked militant violence to US drone strikes, prompting his many critics to accuse him of making excuses for terrorism.

“By going soft on these people he is showing that he is pro-Taliban,” said Chaudhary.

But, in a sign of how hard it will be to persuade a sceptical public that tough action is required against militant groups, some victims of Sunday’s bombing said they agreed with Khan.

“It’s because of the drones and the US war on terror,” said Amir Masih, a 25-year-old lying in a cacophonous ward in the city’s Lady Reading hospital packed with survivors recovering from severe injuries, emergency surgeries and the grief of losing friends and relatives.

In addition to his badly injured wife in the adjacent bed, Masih’s two sons and daughter were killed.

“We have no choice,” he said. “We have to negotiate with them.”


————-Personal Note—————
“May Muslims in the U.S. promoting a peaceful Islam. The U.S. government is promoting Islam through videos, advocacy, public schools through Common Core, and through our arm forces. Yet, no one is asking the right questions.  We as Americans must distinguish between Islam and Muslim.  Islam is the ideology and Muslim is the person.  So, the questions we must ask, what does Islam teaches about non-Muslims? What does Islam say about how to treat Christians and Jews? What does Islam say about which method of violence a Muslim can use to deal with non-Muslims?  What does Islam say about the individual freedom and women’s rights?
These are the questions we America and American must ask.  Once they find the answers, they will come to the conclusion that Islam in its core is not peaceful, tolerant of other religions, promotes equality of women, and the only way to Islamic paradise is Jihad (Killing the infidels, that is the non-Muslims).  We must ask the Muslims who are in America this question, if Islam is the only true way and the truth, why would their deity command them to commit such barbaric acts to convert or punish the infidels? If Islam is the truth, shouldn’t it stand on its own merits?”

Egypt: No immediate move to dismantle Brotherhood

Sep 24, 4:03 PM EDT

Egypt: No immediate move to dismantle Brotherhood

Associated Press

CAIRO (AP) — Egypt’s military-backed government on Tuesday signaled it was in no rush to dismantle the Muslim Brotherhood, preferring to wait for a ruling outlawing the ousted president’s group to be upheld by a higher tribunal.

The group rejected Monday’s court verdict and vowed to appeal it. But with much of their leadership in prison and public opinion appearing to run strongly against them, analysts said the Brotherhood can do little more.

In New York, meanwhile, U.S. President Barack Obama said that future support for Egypt would depend on its progress in pursuing democracy.

In the nearly three months since a coup ousted President Mohammed Morsi after millions took to the streets demanding his removal, the government has rounded up around 2,000 top leaders, mid-level organizers, and rank-and-file members of the Muslim Brotherhood, from which he hails. Many have been charged with inciting of violence.

Hundreds have been killed in government crackdowns on protest camps and demonstrations, while Morsi supporters have attacked churches and police stations in retaliation.

The media depicts the interim government as waging a war on terror, and public opinion appears to support the crackdown as well as extraordinary measures, like a state of emergency and a nighttime curfew, that the state says is necessary.

Monday’s court verdict, which orders that the group be outlawed and its assets confiscated, was widely seen as a dramatic escalation in the campaign against the Brotherhood, a prelude to the draining of its funding and the closure of its elaborate network of social services, schools and hospitals. These have been crucial to the group’s effort to build grassroots support, and are credited with a major role in its election victories.

On Tuesday, Egypt’s state-run news agency reported that the Cabinet has “postponed taking any decisions” to implement the court order, deciding instead to await “final court rulings out of respect for the judiciary.”

Ibrahim el-Sayyed, a senior official of the Brotherhood’s political arm – the Freedom and Justice Party – said the group will appeal the verdict although it rejects it.

“This is an attempt to terrorize (group) members, ” he told The Associated Press. “Nothing will stop us,” he said, alluding to previous crackdowns on the Brotherhood throughout its 85-year history. He said Brotherhood-affiliated hospitals and schools would continue to work.

But others said the movement’s options were few. “The Brotherhood is dying,” says Ammar Ali Hassan, a scholar of Islamic movements. “The ban order was welcomed by the people after the group lost public support … Now their hands are tied and there is little they can do.”

The Brotherhood, founded in 1928, was outlawed 20 years later and again in 1954 by the late President Gamal Abdel-Nasser, who imprisoned and executed several of its top leaders.

The Brotherhood’s fortunes rose dramatically in the wake of the 2011 ouster of autocrat Hosni Mubarak. It quickly formed a political party and won a series of elections, including the 2012 ballot that brought Morsi to office. However, its legal status remained hazy. In March, it registered as a non-governmental organization, but its entire network was not brought under the association’s aegis.

The verdict ordered a ban of the group itself – including the official association it registered earlier this year – as well as “any institution branching out of it or … receiving financial support from it.”

Egypt’s official MENA news agency said Minister of Social Solidarity Ahmed el-Borai, who is in charge of registering NGOs, has presented a bill to “disband” the Brotherhood as a non-governmental group.

Several other courts are looking into similar suits. Egypt’s Administrative Court is also looking into the legality of the group’s registered non-governmental organization. The court is holding its next session on Nov. 12.

Meanwhile, security forces continued a campaign against Islamist strongholds that have resisted the interim government’s authority. On Tuesday, special forces conducted house-to-house raids in search of wanted suspects in the village of Nahya, just west of Cairo.

Officials said they were looking in particular for those behind the brutal killing last month of 15 policemen in the adjacent town of Kerdasa that followed the deadly crackdown on the pro-Morsi protest camps.

Meanwhile on Tuesday, a spokesman for the 50-member panel tasked to amend the 2012 Islamist-backed constitution suspended by the July 3 coup said a subcommittee has made “big and core changes” to trim the powers of the president.

Among proposed changes, Mohammed Salmawy said, the president’s oath of office will include a clause saying he respects the constitution and the law.

“The oath includes a clear clause on (him) protecting the constitution, and if he violates it, therefore, it is a breach,” Salmawy told reporters.

According to the official Al-Ahram daily, other amendments included that the president is no longer supreme commander of the police as it has been customary, a change that is designed to protect the force from being manipulated by the head of state.

Meanwhile, in New York, Obama said that future support to Egypt will depend upon “Egypt’s progress in pursuing a democratic path,” hoping to maintain a constructive relationship with the interim government in Egypt while avoiding choosing sides.

Obama told the U.N. General Assembly that the U.S. will continue to offer support to Egypt in areas such as education, which benefits the Egyptian people. But he says the U.S. has held up the delivery of certain military aid.

The U.S. provides Egypt with about $1.5 billion a year, mostly in military aid. The president’s top national security aides have recommended suspending much of the money.

In an interview with the pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat, Egypt’s Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy said Cairo’s relations with Washington were currently “turbulent” and the Egyptian public has adopted “unprecedentedly negative views” on the United States.

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Twin terror! Church bombed, mall attacked At least 135 dead in massacres in Pakistan, Kenya



Twin terror! Church bombed, mall attacked

At least 135 dead in massacres in Pakistan, Kenya

WASHINGTON – Just a day after Muslim terrorists stormed a shopping mall in Kenya, killing at least 59, the Taliban is suspected of orchestrating a suicide bomb attack on an historic church in Pakistan, killing at least 75.

Hundreds more were injured in the attacks that began midday yesterday in Nairobi, Kenya.

The latest attack this morning in Peshawar, Pakistan, occurred as hundreds of worshipers were coming out of the church in the city’s Kohati Gate district after services to get a free meal of rice offered on the front lawn, said a top government administrator, Sahibzada Anees.

“There were blasts and there was hell for all of us,” Nazir John, who was at the church with at least 400 other worshipers, told the Associated Press. “When I got my senses back, I found nothing but smoke, dust, blood and screaming people. I saw severed body parts and blood all around.”

Blood stained the floors and white walls of the All Saints Church in the worst church attack in the country’s history. The floor was littered with bodies and plates of rice.

The suicide bombers detonated their explosives almost simultaneously, said police. Authorities were recovering body parts in a grisly effort to identify the victims and their ages.

The blasts killed more than 60 people and wounded 120, said Arshad Javed, top health official at the hospital in Peshawar where the victims were being treated. The dead included several women and children, said Sher Ali Khan, another doctor at the hospital.

The hospital ran out of caskets and beds for the wounded.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

“This is the deadliest attack against Christians in our country,” said Irfan Jamil, bishop of the eastern city of Lahore.

Meanwhile, the death toll is rising in Kenya, where Saturday an al-Qaida terror affiliate attacked a shopping mall in the capital city of Nairobi, killing at least 59 and wounding hundreds with gunfire in a coordinated attack.

Israeli military advisers are reportedly involved in routing out the terrorists, who are still holding hostages inside the mall.

Attackers released five hostages around 1:30 a.m. local time – about 6:30 p.m. Eastern. However, they are refusing to negotiate with Kenyan authorities and reported to be digging in for a long siege.

Two gunmen are reported dead. Kenyan Cabinet Secretary of the Interior Joseph Ole Lenku announced in a press briefing shortly that the government believed between 10 and 15 gunmen were still inside the Westgate shopping mall and described the situation as “delicate.”

About 293 civilians have already been treated for injuries, but authorities are running out of blood for transfusions. The wounded range in age from 2 to 78, according to police.

Al-Shabaab, an al-Qaeda-linked terror group based in Somalia, claimed responsibility for the attack and vowed not to negotiate with Kenyan authorities. It claimed that “all Muslims” were escorted from the mall before the attack — suggesting that its targets were people who were all non-Muslim.

“The Mujahideen are still strong inside Westgate Mall and still holding their ground,” the group said late Saturday via Twitter. “All praise is due to Allah!”

Police tweeted that the attackers “have been isolated and pinned down in a room by security forces.” And Lenku hinted that the worst should be over.

“Our security forces have taken control of the situation,” Lenku said.

“Attackers of Westgate shopping mall have been isolated and pinned down in a room by security forces in the ongoing operation,” the national police said on Twitter.

The U.S. State Department has confirmed four Americans were among the wounded. It condemned “this senseless act of violence that has resulted in death and injury for many innocent men, women, and children.”

The U.S. embassy said it was in contact with local authorities and offered assistance. Some British security personnel assisted in the response.

“The United States condemns in the strongest terms the despicable terrorist attack on innocent civilians today at the Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi, Kenya,” a National Security Council spokesman said in a statement.

“We extend our deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of those who have been killed or injured, including the American citizens who were injured and the staff of our Embassy in Kenya who were tragically affected by this attack. We also commend the courageous response by Kenyan security personnel and first responders, including the Kenyan Red Cross, who stepped forward to help their fellow citizens,” the statement said.

“The perpetrators of this heinous act must be brought to justice, and we have offered our full support to the Kenyan Government to do so. We will continue to stand with the Kenyan people in their efforts to confront terrorism in all its forms, including the threat posed by al-Shabaab. This cowardly act against innocent civilians will not shake our resolve,” the statement said.

Kenya’s president, Uhuru Kenyatta, blasted “the despicable perpetrators of this cowardly act (who) hoped to intimidate, divide and cause despondency among Kenyans and would like to (create) a closed, fearful and fractured society.”

“Westgate Mall lends itself a serene and safe environment away from the city centre,” the mall’s official website states. The mall has more than 80 stories and restaurants.

The attack began at noon Saturday.

“They had grenades, and it was really, really loud,” one eyewitness told CNN, adding that he noticed tear gas in the corridors as well. “All of us felt like they were close.”

As people texted family and friends outside the mall, word spread that nobody could be trusted – and, even if the good guys could be sorted from the bad guys, the barrage of intermittent gunfire made any escape seem futile at times.

Sara Head, a Washington resident, experienced much of the same horror in the mall’s parking garage, CNN reported. As her car pulled up, she and others heard the rattle of gunfire – prompting them to crawl underneath and sneak behind cars before getting into a stairwell. She had company, including two people bleeding from gunshot wounds.

The military asked local media not to televise anything live because the gunmen are watching the screens in the mall, which is popular with expatriates and the wealthy.

The attackers were in black and wearing facemasks and vests loaded with grenades. They sprayed the unsuspecting crowds with bullets from AK-47s.

At one point mall guards used shopping carts to wheel out wounded children.

“The despicable perpetrators of this cowardly act hope to intimidate, divide and cause despondency amongst Kenyans,” Kenyatta said. “We have overcome terrorist attacks before. In fact we have fought courageously and defeated them within and outside our borders. We will defeat them again.”

Shabab, the al-Qaida-affiliated Somali militant group claiming responsibility for the mall attack, has been implicated in a string of attacks in Kenya in recent years.

The group has been issuing threats against Kenya since the country sent troops into southern Somalia in 2011 and helped drive the militants out of the port city of Kismayo, once a key source of Shabab’s revenue. Kenya still has troops in Somalia operating under the banner of the African Union.

The Shabab media office said the attack on the Westgate Shopping Mall was “retributive justice” for Kenya’s actions in Somalia.

“For long we have waged war against the Kenyans in our land, now it’s time to shift the battleground and take the war to their land,” the group said.

According to a U.S. official, eight to 12 gunmen may have initiated their attack by dropping grenades from a second floor balcony of the Westgate Mall before opening fire.

There were 30 American citizens, including embassy personnel, in the mall at the time of the attack, but they have all been evacuated and are accounted for, the official said. The are no reports of deaths among Americans.

Four Americans have been reported injured and were at a local hospital, the official said.

“The gunmen told Muslims to stand up and leave. They were safe, and non-Muslims would be targeted,” said witness Elijah Kamau who was shopping in the mall.

The Westgate Mall is a destination for Kenya’s elite. It bills itself as the city’s premier mall, boasting that it offers customers a “first world interior” and a “safe and serene environment.” It was opened in 2007.

Al-Qaida has long placed America’s shopping malls and other soft targets in its bull’s-eye, WND reported in 2010.

Bruce Hoffman, who authored a study at Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service, said in a report three years ago that al-Qaida continues to be a threat because of its networking ability. Hoffman added that attrition is part of al-Qaida’s strategy, which is where diversifying the targets comes into play.

“Najibullah Zazi, the Afghan-born U.S. resident [was] arrested in New York last September and charged with plotting a ‘Mumbai on the Hudson’ suicide terrorist operation. But while al-Qaida is finding new ways to exploit our weaknesses, we are stuck in a pattern of belated responses, rather than anticipating its moves and developing preemptive strategies,” the report said.

In 2004, Nuradin Abdi was indicted for plotting with al-Qaida to bomb shopping malls in Ohio.

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Revealed: The Obama FBI’s Illicit Partnership with CAIR

Revealed: The Obama FBI’s Illicit Partnership with CAIR

A government watchdog’s new report takes the FBI to task for violating its own policies by continuing to work with the Muslim Brotherhood’s front group in the United States, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

The report came as CAIR issued a new report denouncing the so-called “Islamophobia” of the Fox News Channel, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, David the Horowitz Freedom Center, and others who dare to engage in an honest discussion of Islam and the politics surrounding it. Islamophobia is a concept invented to intimidate critics of Islam and Islamic jihad by implying that any and all criticism of the Muslim religion is animated by bigotry or ethnic animus. CAIR has urged Muslims not to cooperate with the FBI, which it characterizes as corrupt.

The report from the Justice Department’s inspector general faults FBI headquarters for repeatedly providing its field offices with conflicting information and pinpoints five examples in which FBI field office special agents-in-charge ignored or deliberately defied FBI policy.

Five years ago the FBI was directed to end its working partnership with CAIR that was part of the agency’s gooey, politically correct public relations effort in Muslim communities in the United States. The ban on contact with CAIR applies only to outreach efforts. The FBI continues its normal investigatory work, looking into criminal and civil rights complaints involving Muslims and working with any organizations to which they may belong.

FBI field office resistance to the policy goes back to late 2008.

“[W]e will decide how our relationship is operated and maintained with CAIR barring some additional instruction from FBI Headquarters,” wrote the head of the FBI’s field office in Los Angeles. “Please instruct your folks at this time that [we] are not to abide by the … [policy] but that their direction in regards to CAIR will come from the LA Field Office front office.”

Congressman Frank Wolf (R-Va.). blasted the FBI for its behavior.

These violations of the contact ban with CAIR are “intolerable,” Wolf wrote in a letter to new FBI Director James Comey. He demanded that those responsible be punished and be “separat[ed] from the FBI,” the Investigative Project on Terrorism reports.

When Wolf howls, the FBI listens. He chairs the House Appropriations Committee’s subcommittee in charge of the FBI’s budget. The investigation looked only at incidents in the FBI’s field offices in Chicago, Philadelphia and New Haven, Conn., in 2010, 2011, and 2012, so there may be many more that have yet to be uncovered.

Referring to the Los Angeles incident, Wolf criticized the “unacceptable and insubordinate behavior from a senior leader of the FBI.”

“Despite repeated efforts to communicate the policy to the field,” he wrote, “this was undermined by conflicting guidance being inexplicably offered by the bureau’s Office of Public Affairs as well as outright violations from several field offices.”

The damning report was posted on the website of the Office of the Inspector General for the Department of Justice yesterday and then abruptly taken down. Sources say the OIG’s office said there was a technical problem. A few hours later, the report itself and an executive summary resurfaced on the DoJ Inspector General’s website.

While the FBI downplayed the findings of the report in its official reply to the OIG, the agency acknowledged its offices made mistakes and promised to do better.

“We note that the five incidents you reviewed are but a small fraction of the FBI’s outreach efforts with the Muslim community over the past five years,” Nancy McNamara, assistant director of the FBI’s inspection division, wrote in a Sept. 17 letter to DoJ Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz that was obtained by FrontPage Magazine.

“Outreach to the Muslim community remains critical to the FBI’s mission,” McNamara writes. “Accordingly, we will ensure our guidance on CAIR liaison is quickly updated and clarified. In that regard, the FBI agrees with your recommendations and has already taken steps to implement remedial actions.”

CAIR has been a shady operation from its creation nearly 20 years ago.

CAIR, a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity, is the Islamofascist organization in the United States most favored by leftists, Islamist fellow-travelers, dupes, and useful idiots. It has enjoyed remarkable success in infiltrating the American political establishment.

CAIR applauded CIA director John Brennan and President Obama for following its recommendations by avoiding the perfectly useful word Islamist. “Islamist is a stealth slur,” according to CAIR. “It exists as a piece of coded language.”

CAIR poses as a civil rights organization in order to immunize itself from criticism. “We are similar to a muslim NAACP,” says CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper.

On more than one occasion CAIR has been compared to the German American Bund, a U.S.-based organization created to promote a favorable view of Nazi Germany. The Bund, like CAIR, was created with the assistance of unfriendly foreign powers.

CAIR was founded in 1994 by Nihad Awad and Omar Ahmad, both of whom worked for a pro-Palestine group established by senior Hamas operative Mousa Abu Marzook, and functioned as Hamas’ public relations and recruitment arm in the United States.

“[U]ntil we can resolve whether there continues to be a connection between CAIR or its executives and HAMAS,” wrote an FBI official in 2009, “the FBI does not view CAIR as an appropriate liaison partner.”

This latest development in the CAIR saga comes after a senior Muslim Brotherhood official who is also a member of the Clinton family’s political network was arrested in Egypt in an ongoing roundup of seditious Islamist militants. Charged with inciting violence, Gehad el-Haddad worked for the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation from mid-2007 to mid-2012.

Gehad, incidentally, is the Egyptian version of the Arabic word Jihad.

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Al-Qaida leader called for ‘lone wolf’ attack. Threat came 2 days before shooting killed 13 in Navy Yard violence



Al-Qaida leader called for ‘lone wolf’ attack

Threat came 2 days before shooting killed 13 in Navy Yard violence


Authorities in Washington say their investigation so far gives them no reason to believe Navy Yard shooting suspect Aaron Alexis, 34, with a Fort Worth, Texas, address, is linked to organized terror even though just two days earlier, al-Qaida’s leader had called for a “lone wolf” attack on Washington.

The attack Monday at the Washington Navy Yard left 13 dead, including Alexis, a military contractor, authorities said. The motive for the gun assault on the base was unclear and authorities even still wondered whether the gunman was alone, or whether there were others involved.

At the Debkafile intelligence report, a submission Monday said, “Two days ago al-Qaida leader Ayman Zawahiri issued a videotaped call for an adherent to carry out a ‘lone wolf attack’ inside the United States.”

And at the Washington Free Beacon, a report from Bill Gertz confirmed that several online jihadists were linking Islamists to the violence.

He reported, “Several jihadists wrote in Arabic on Twitter shortly after the shooting began around 8:20 a.m. ET that it appeared to be motivated by Islamist extremism. Some used the hashtag ‘Al Qaeda’ to report news of the shooting.”

He continued, “Some jihadists said the shooting was part of global jihad but none indicated inside knowledge of the killings, suggesting the comments are probably speculation or propaganda.”

He reported one jihadist on Twitter “said the attacks took place close to the 12th anniversary of the al-Qaida attacks on New York and Washington and thus appeared to be linked to Islamism.”

District of Columbia Mayor Vincent C. Gray said no motive was known, and he affirmed that there is no known reason to link it to Islamist terror, although he did tell the Washington Post he could not exclude that as a possible reason.

“We don’t know what the motive is at this stage,” Gray explained. “We don’t have any reason at this stage to suspect terrorism, but certainly it has not been ruled out.”

But while Gertz concurred that there was no immediate claim of responsibility from known terror groups, “A jihadist named Idaat Amniyah (@abdallahsaker) who claimed to be part of the Middle East group Fatah al-Islam stated that the shooting showed ‘we have moved from the defensive to the offensive stage’ of global jihad.”

And Gertz identified another jihadist, named Abu-Osama al-Muwahhid (@ab_osama1), who Tweeted praise for the attack.

Washington Police Chief Cathy Lanier said for a time police were seeking two others as possible suspects, but one was found and ruled out. The third person still remained of interest to authorities.

She reported “multiple pieces of information” raised the prospect of more than one suspect involved.

The Debkafile further reported that the participation of more than one gunman would point to a coordinated attack.

The target was a base where about 3,000 service members are assigned, and it’s only a couple of miles from the Capitol.

Larry O’Daniel, a member of the 250,000-strong National Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans Coalition’s Counter Terror Committee, said his group concluded that Zawahiri has great influence on al-Qaida’s tactics.

Noting that Gertz had reported as early as January that an al-Qaida website was lobbying for attacks on the U.S., his report explained that warning was “strikingly similar” to Zawahiri’s statements.

“In February, WND reported that CIA asset ‘Reza Kahlili’ alleged Iran was targeting American utilities including cell towers, power utilities, water supplies, high voltage towers, and public transportation,” O’Daniel’s report said.

“Also in January, Mohammad al Zawahiri, younger brother to Ayman, echoed the jihadist call for action against a number of countries, roughly equivalent to those mentioned later in August 2013, who helped France as outlined in the Gertz article. Zawahiri asked for help from ‘all Muslim brothers’ as part of Quranic duty,” he said.

The report noted Zawahiri did give specific instructions.

O’Daniel’s report said while some interpreted Zawahiri’s call for lone wolf attacks as a sign of weakness, his coalition found that al-Qaida’s forte is a decentralized leadership group “providing aid, resources, guidance, and other assets for localized allied groups who carry out reconnaissance and actual attacks.”

“History shows that 19 well trained men killed almost 3000 persons on 9/11/01. A small well trained group came close to killing many times that number in the first WTC attack in early 1993. Al Qaida uses well trained small groups. They are good in putting in place sleeper cells with no prior law enforcement exposure to slip under security radar,” the report said.

Afghan Lawmaker: Christian Converts Must Die

Sunday, 15 Sep 2013 By Newsmax Wires

Afghan Lawmaker: Christian Converts Must Die

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Alert: What Is Your Risk for a Heart Attack? Find Out Now

A prominent lawmaker in Afghanistan is calling for the execution of Afghans who convert from Islam to Christianity.

Mohabat News, an Iranian Christian news agency, reported that Nazir Ahmad Hanafi, head of the Afghan parliament’s Legislative Commission, said: “Afghani citizens continue to convert to Christianity in India. Numerous Afghanis have become Christians in India. This is an offense to Islamic law and according to the Koran, they need to be executed.”

Thousands of Afghan refugees have fled to India, and a small congregation of Christian converts meets in New Delhi, according to CNS News.

Another Afghan lawmaker, Abdul Sattar Khawasi, reportedly has demanded that the Afghan government pressure Indian authorities to provide the names of Afghans who have converted to Christianity so that the Afghan government can arrest and punish them if they return home.

And Afghan lawmaker Abdul Latif Pedram has blamed the increase in conversions on the presence of American forces in the country. According to Mohabat, he said: “The United States’ long-term plan is to attack Afghan culture. Converting Afghan citizens serves that purpose.”

Barnabas Fund, a charity that supports Christians in Islamic nations, reported: “For 10 consecutive nights at the end of August, two TV channels broadcast photos of the leader of the Afghan church in Delhi, calling for him to be executed.”

A U.S. State Department report disclosed that while there are five Hindu temples and 13 Sikh places of worship in Afghanistan, there are no Christian churches or schools.

The report stated: “Under some interpretations of Islamic law, converting from Islam to another religion is deemed apostasy and considered an egregious crime. Male citizens over age 18 or female citizens over age 16 of sound mind who convert from Islam have three days to recant their conversions or possibly face death by stoning.”

Christians are also under fire in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters have begun forcing the 15,000 or so Coptic Christians in the village of Dalga to pay a “jizya” tax, the Washington Times reported.

Jizya is the tribute “that conquered non-Muslims historically have to pay their Islamic overlords,” a source explained.

The tribute ranges from 200 Egyptian pounds a day (about $29) to 500 pounds a day.

And in Syria, Islamist rebels invaded a Christian man’s shop “and gave him three options,” according to the Christian Science Monitor. “Become a Muslim, pay $70,000 as a jizya tax, or be killed along with his family.”

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A word to rioting Muslims

A word to rioting Muslims

Well, once again we see multiple violent tantrums from the religion of permanent offence. Some things never change, do they? Once again we see Islam self-detonate (if you’ll pardon the expression) and show once again why it’s about as welcome on this planet as an asteroid. Once again we see thousands of Islamic nutcases take time out from beating up their wives to show their sensitive side. How? By smashing up the towns they live in, egged on by clerical ignoramuses whose motives are even lower than the literacy level of their followers. And once again we in the civilised world are being urged to censor ourselves out of respect for a religion that violates the human rights of half the people on the planet and that doubles as a political ideology indistinguishable from Nazism. It would be funny if it wasn’t so obscene. Or should that be the other way round? To call these riots infantile and imbecilic is to give them a dignity they don’t deserve. They can only be described as Islamic. Let me get this straight. We’re supposed to show tolerance and respect for a religion that doesn’t know the meaning of either word and goes out of its way to prove it every day? We’re supposed to amend our values to accommodate a religion that accommodates nothing and nobody? Dream on, people. It’s not going to happen, because with Islam it’s always a one way street. We’ve learned that lesson the hard way. We can’t afford any more tolerance and respect. We’ve been sucked dry. And we’ve become weary of manufactured Islamic grievance. It’s such a bore that now when we hear some bearded buffoon or some bag-headed bimbo telling us how offended they are we can’t even be bothered to laugh any more. Not even when the Turkish prime minister hilariously demands that “Islamophobia” now be made a crime against humanity, when, given the evidence, there’s a much stronger case for making Islam a crime against humanity. Besides, Turkey is already hypocritically guilty of one of the worst crimes against humanity in history, the Armenian genocide, a crime it doesn’t even have the balls to admit to. When Muslims start showing the same level of outrage about things that are genuinely offensive, like the thousands of women and girls who are murdered, mutilated and raped every year in their countries then we might take them a bit more seriously. As it is, there is nothing on this planet less deserving of sympathy or respect than Muslim outrage. Indeed, there’s something deeply comical about it. It’s so contrived and so cringeingly un-self aware it’s impossible to take seriously, even if we wanted to, and nobody in their right mind wants to any more. There was a time when Islam was given the benefit of the doubt by many people in the West. Now we think it’s poison and we wish we had never heard of it, because 20 years of baseless grievance mongering and kneejerk offence have shown us this religion for what it really is, and now we don’t like it, we don’t trust it, and we are never going to respect it. And we don’t care how Muslims feel about that. Everything is an insult to this religion. Everything causes offence. Well, nobody gives a damn any more, people. You’ve done it to death. You’ve killed the goose that laid the golden egg. So now, if you’re an offended Muslim, go stick your head in the oven for all we care. And if you think that if you keep up the violence the West will eventually cave in, it’s not going to happen. Even if the politicians want it to, the people won’t allow it. We’ll carry on speaking our minds openly and freely because it’s our birthright, and it can’t be taken away from us. It can only be given away. And we are giving Islam nothing, because Islam gives us nothing. It’s a religion permanently on the take. Gimme gimme gimme is all we ever hear. Give me respect, even though I haven’t earned it. Give me special treatment or I’ll be offended and you’ll be a racist. Well, we’re sick and tired of hearing it, we’re sick and tired of Islam, and we’re sick and tired of the needless conflict and intimidation that comes from this religion at every turn. All week we’ve heard Muslims telling us that we in the West need to understand how important the prophet is to them. We do understand, and we don’t care. That’s the point. We don’t care now, and we are never going to care. Get used to it. We don’t give a damn about your feelings. Our feelings are more important, and our feelings tell us that we’re sick to the back teeth of hearing about your religion, so stick a sock in it. And no amount of violence is going to change a thing. The more you riot and scream and shout, the less we’re going to listen. It will simply stiffen our resolve not to be bullied and pushed around by people whose values we don’t respect because you’ve given us no reason to respect them, and, more to the point, because you are incapable of giving us such a reason. In short, we will not be told what we can and cannot say, not by you, not by anybody, not now, not ever. No matter how many flags you burn, no matter how many embassies you attack, free speech will prevail, and you’ll suck it up and like it. 

Islam needs children who will be ‘slaughterers and fighters’



Boston Marathon suspects role models?

Islam needs children who will be ‘slaughterers and fighters’

author-imageby Bob Unruh Email | Archive

Bob Unruh joined WND in 2006 after nearly three decades with the Associated Press, as well as several Upper Midwest newspapers, where he covered everything from legislative battles and sports to tornadoes and homicidal survivalists. He is also a photographer whose scenic work has been used commercially.More ↓Less ↑



A cleric for al-Qaida’s terrorists says the Tsarnaev brothers who are suspected of the July Boston Marathon bombing that killed three people and injured dozens more are the type of role model Islamic children need.

“Yes, this should be our model. In the very house of unbelief and misguidedness, in the city of Boston, the city of American universities that spread poison around the world – this is where Dzokhar was raised; in an environment that ridicules and denies faith, Dzokhar and his brother carried out an attack that pleases the believers and makes us content. By his act, he said to us: This is what you should do, oh pearls … of Muhammad, and weep not,” said the cleric, Abu Dhar ‘Azzam.

The comments appear in Issue 13 of Turkestan Al-Islamiyya, the Turkestan Islamic Party’s journal, according to a report from the Middle East Media Research Institute.

The organization monitors media throughout the Middle East, and interprets and analyzes it for trends and developments.

MEMRI reports that Azzam starts his article lamenting the “catastrophic situation” of Muslim children, “who … are targets for killing in Afghanistan, Burma, India and elsewhere.”

They are not being given the “proper Islamic upbringing,” he warns.

“If we neglect the jihadi, ideological and spiritual upbringing of the new youngsters and the new generation, history will not forgive us, and the disgrace of this treason will not be erased from our foreheads.

“The ummah is in dire need of children [who will be] slaughterers and fighters of the infidels and the devils – children who will be ascetics by night and knights by day, children who will fight the infidels and the leaders of polytheism,” he continued.

Assam then introduces the Tsarnaev brothers.

“Two Chechen brothers destroyed the infidels’ fortresses on April 16, 2013. During the search, the elder brother died as a martyr in the field of glory and honor, Allah willing. The younger brother Dzokhar, remained, and told his dear nation: ‘We did this operation as revenge for what America does in Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan.’”

Continued Azzam, “I saw Dzokhar’s photo, the photo of a handsome young man in the prime of his youth. I thought to myself: Years ago, he was a child, and he saw the tragedies and catastrophes befall his beloved ummah, one after another. His older brother raised him on jihad and martyrdom-seeking. So, years later, he grew up to be a lion who demolished the fortresses of the infidels and massacred them, rocking the throne of the greatest tyrant on earth.”

Muslims should follow his footsteps, Azzam wrote.

“This is but one pearl, oh infidels. Our sacrificing nation will offer many more pearls, until glory and honor is restored to their rightful people – the Muslims. Peace on Dzokhar and his brother, and on anyone who follows their example – an example from the pearls of an immortal nation.”

Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed during a confrontation with police after the brothers were identified as suspects in the terror attack on innocent people at the Boston Marathon finish line that day. Dzokhar, the younger brother, has pleaded not guilty to 30 federal charges, including using a weapon of mass destruction to kill, and could face the death penalty.

Two of his college friends also have been named in a federal grand jury indictment for allegedly covering up evidence and impeding the bombing investigation.

They were identified as 19-year-olds Dias Kadyrbayev and Azamat Tazhayakov, both from Kazakhstan, and they allegedly conspired to obstruct justice and for obstructing justice.

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