Lower Oil Prices

Keep getting all this spam email saying to stop buying gas on certain days or don’t buy gas from certain gas stations to get the big oil companies to lower their gas prices.

This no longer works as if we don’t buy the gas they export it to China and Europe where they make more money than selling it here anyway!

What we need to do is pass a law that oil pumped in the U.S. stays in the U.S.

That would mean a flood of oil and a lowering of prices.

We have more oil in the U.S. than all of the Middle East. It’s a fact we have a glut of oil in the world.

About few years ago the Saudi’s wanted to strike a deal with the oil importers that they would sell them the oil at $80 a barrel and the price would remain fixed. They did this to stablize the world economy and to bring certainty and stability to the oil markets.

But the greedy oil companies and speculators saw this as losing profits and said no to the deal.

As you can see the corporations just want to line their pockets  with overpriced oil. They don’t care about the working stiff trying to put food on the table for his family.

We all know that high energy prices lead to higher food prices and costs of goods. Lets make sure that if the oil they drill comes from the United States that it stays in the United States!

We need to contact our legislators and have them enact such a bill.

This would lower energy prices which in turn will grow our economy!

Vin Bird