Jihadist Mohammad Merah is Dead

…..I have been reading with interest about Mohammad Merah and his murderous rampage in France. I find it amazing that no one in the liberal media even mentioned that this man was an Islamic jihadist terrorist. Why are they purposely omitting this fact?

If this was a conservative or a Christian who committed this atrocity we would have 24 hour news coverage for 2 weeks in a row with protesters rioting in the streets.

Our news media is corrupt and is only interested in pushing an agenda in
which they want us to believe…It was Dr Gobbels Hitler’s minister of
information who said, “If you tell a lie long enough people will believe it.”

I am saddened to hear that two police officers were injured in stopping this murderer. The sad fact is that Mohammad Merah will now be a role model and martyr to other Jihadist’s who will follow in his footsteps!

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