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The Objective of V.A.J. is to encourage Veterans to more actively  respond to challenges threatening our Constitution.  We are going throughout the US and alerting as many as possible to potential  threats and what they could do. At a minimum, we cover five primary goals:

To awaken American citizens to Islam’s Jihadist religious mandate, which dictates the teaching of Shari’ah law, and how Shari’ah law will impact our way of life.

To unify American Veterans under a common effort, to confront and diffuse Islam’s educational, social, economic, political, and spiritual strategy on USA.

To establish public trust and deference by challenging the propriety of political correctness.

To cooperate and or work with all authorities, legally enforcing, and or preserving our nation’s security.

VOTE each and every election for candidates who support and uphold The Constitution of the United States. Subscribe below to receive our most recent posts directly to your email.  Register on our site as a member to receive important private alerts to information that may not be published.  Need more information see “About Us” located under this home page.


Your Americans and Veterans Against Jihad Team

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Turkey Urges Islamic World to Unite Against Israel, Calls OIC Summit

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